Spider mites in flower

I have ‘washed’ some buds before too and when dried - those buds were the nicest to smoke and more compact than the other bud from the same batch. I only rinsed them through luke-warm water coz i had dropped some in soil and never noticed til next day or two, hence why I washed em.

When i have a surplus of weed ( lol ) I’ll definitely have another go ,this time just a wee dip and dry of half a plant and see what’s best.

I heard of water curing ,anyone regularly water curing on here .? I think the taste or smell are affected but potency is better / probably great for smoking in company if no noticeable smell, eh .?!
I’m Rambling lol …!! - ( that’s when you know your weed is good …! )
Happy growing/smoking.


An old timer told me ladybugs will spread them to each plant and not do much to clean up

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They also fly into your light and burn to a crisp. Makes you think your house is on fire.

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Lmaoooo what’s that smell my joints smelling funny :joy::joy:

Same thread different grow. Found a single leaf with a spider mite. Couldnt find any more but im sure they are around. Week 2 of flower. What would y’all do?


Bastards. I hate those things.

I see what is most likely an egg. One, means there are probably more around that area.

Carefully remove and dispose of that leaf. I usually use a paper towel + alcohol to grip the entire leaf so that I’m not just spreading them around. Cut and dispose.

Examine other leaves. Start whatever IPM that you are comfortable with while in flower, if you haven’t already. Examine regularly going forward.


That one was crawling around but i did see eggs on the same leaf. Got rid of it already. Ill be spraying them down frequently.


Just picked up some oils and soap to aid in the eradication of the mites. More to follow.


Avid shudders…Nuke death. VERY effective. I once knew a fellow who sprayed that in t-shirt and shorts, with his entire arms and legs glistening. I often wonder if he is still alive.


This is my preferred method of choice (without spraying/pred bugs) They will always climb to the highest point of the hanging plant, thus, somewhat scrubbing the mites off your product. A shop vack once a day during drying usually does the trick. I do also lite them up with a butane torch from time to time. I just love the sound of hundreds of Spider Mites popping, and cracking…


The shower trick can be really effective if you’re persistent and don’t want to spray chemicals. Really blast them off and be sure to get the undesides too. A friend actually eradicated his pretty bad mite problem doing this, I couldn’t believe it.


Sometimes simple works I’ve only had mites once and I did the shower trick because whatever stuff I bought wasn’t killing them and at that it more kept them at bay rather than killing them or removing them completely.