Spill ur' Beans

Do u know anything about snowhigh releasing a BSHW at some point?


Not a pure one, no.
But you can google snowhigh and get a menu of his wares. Most all of snows gear are hybrids.


Kagyu had a hand in this some where’s.


Have you grown White Rhino?


No I haven’t



I was recently given an extraordinarily generous welcome by a local breeder. The guy who set me up with the three strains for my first grow. Almost everything on this list came from his stash.

I don’t know what everything is. I do know some of it is special. If you want to trade for something ask.

What I am most interested in are strains that have specific breeding functions. I think Kevin Jodrey calls them foundation strains. I have Skunks, Purple Kushs. Goji OG sounds like it adds magic, and the G13s are interesting.

I am also strategically interested in acquiring some “Mass Market” strains for trading with people who are into them (GG, Gelato, Trainwreck, White Widow, Alaskan ThunderFuck, Amnesia)

Please have at least one positive trade reference.

F1 Chemdog x Maui Wowie x Purple Haze Malawi
Maui Wowie x Mango Haze
Akurdi Pix
India Berries Landrace x (Blue Mountain x Lamb’s Bread x 72 Colombian Gold)
Black Goji F2 x MWPHM
Blue Microverse x Wizard’s Apprentice (Auto)
Blue Mountain x Lamb’s Bread x 72 Colombian Gold
Bubba Bean
CBD Medihaze
Charlottes Web x Huckl2eEzeberry Hashplant F2
Chocolate Thai x Sour Strawberry Kush #2
Congo Four
Costa Chica
Dragon Tongue (Sebring)
Durban Poison (Immature seeds)
Erdpurt x Durban Poison
F1 Lamb’s Bread Sour Diesel x Southern skwurl x Kalaxian Crystal x (Maui Wowie x Purple Haze Malawi)
F1 Pharoah Kush x (Maui Wowie x Purple Haze Malawi
G13HP88 (in a mixed bag)
Kimbo x Harlequin
Maui Sunshine (Sebring)
Mexican Haze
Northern Lights #5 x Blue Dream
OG Cookies x Mex
Orange Goji
Phone Home x Hawaiian Rhino Haze
Platinum OG x Mex (Oxacan?)
Possiote x Mex (Oxacan?)
Purple Kush (from 666 Genetics)
Purple Kush
Purple Stilton x DLA 10
Sicario F2
Skunk 1 '80s
Skunk 1 x Breathwork
Skunk Thais Uncle Fester #18
Waterstone (Sebring)
WildChild F3 x Jamacan x Satori

I will keep the updated version here:


Unfortunately, many of these were stolen…but I’ve still got maybe 60% of them.
Also recently picked up some old Chimera gear and many of my personal crosses aren’t listed on here either.

Heartbreaking to post and look at as it’s most of my favorites that were stolen

The Strain Vault:

Pink Chernobyl
Killing Fields F3 (pink pheno)
Jack Berry x Killing Fields
Sour Apple x Killing Fields
Apollo 11 F4 (genius pheno)
Tigers Milk
Tranquil Elephantizer
Goji OG
Jam Rock (Jamaican Lambsbread x Afwreck/ChrystalTrident)
Audubon OG
Jilly Bean F2 (Maroon Melvin pheno)
The Sweat (Potrero Hill Ortega x Clusterfunk)
Q-Dawg (aka grape slush)
Black Knight
OldTimeMoonshine x BubbaKush/Yo Mama
Yo Mama f2 (rusty’s)
Oaxacan Gold (ibl circa 1967)
Dawg’s Waltz Haze
Sexy Mexi
Columbian Redhead
The Tenderloin (Rotten Trash Bud)
Frozen Yogurt x Bubble n Squeak#7
Bubble n Squeak#13 x Space Bomb
Frozen Yogurt x Space Bomb
Pakistani Trainwreck
Mountain View Kush
Cherry AK-47 x Satori/Flav
East Coast Sour Diesel x Deep Chunk
Santa Cruz Blue Dream x Jack Herer
Chem 4 x Sunshine Daydream
Santa Cruz Blue Dream x Sunshine Daydream
Oregon HuckleBerry/SSH x Sunshine Daydream
'98 Aloha WhiteWidow/SourBubble x Sunshine Daydream
Sweet Tooth x Sunshine Daydream
Chem #4 x Malawi Gold
Girl Scout Cookies (forum)x Malawi Gold
Purple Diesel x Malawi Gold
Yesteryear x Cinnamon Gooey
TahoeOG/GojiOG x Blue Lotus
Tranquil Elephantizer x Space Queen
Goji OG x Blue Lotus
Mothers Milk
Clusterfunk Special (Chem91skunk VA x ndnguys '88G13/Hashplant) strayfox
Clusterfunk F2
Clusterfunk VA x Peaceful Warrior
Clusterfunk VA x SR71PK/Instant Karma
Clusterfunk VA x Kandahar Indica
SR-71 Purple Kush x Instant Karma F2
Tranquil Elephantizer Remix (TER)x Kandahar Indica
TER x Peaceful Warrior
TER x SR71Purplekush/InstantKarma
Pineapple Fields
Bruce Banner x TEremix v1
SSDD3 x Tranquil Elephantizer
SSDD1 x Tranquil Elephantizer
Good Medicine F1 x Tranquil Elephantizer
Green Crack x Tranquil Elephantizer
NL#5 '89 x BCSCNorthernLights#5
Elephant Stomper
Pure Kush (suge nite) x Uzbekistani Hash Plant F2
Cougar Piss x PKUH
Lemon Penetration x PKUH
LA Affie x Wookie #15
Vintage Jack Herer x Wookie #15
Road Kill Unicorn F2 x Wookie #15
Pie Face
GDP x Purple Afghan
Blueberry x Ghost Train Haze
Jaeger (Oregon Original Open Pollenation)
Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze
BOG Bubble
Cinderella 99 (gift from MrSoul original)
Bubba Tom Hayes (Bubba Kush x Tom Hill Haze)
Cerebral Haze (Brain OG x Tom Hill Haze)
Kuchi x Tom Hill Haze
Royal Kush x Tom Hill Haze
Hazeman: strawberry cough, Cocoa Puffs, LA pure kush, Monkey Balls, Blowfish, Bubba’s Widow, elephant stomper
ReservaPrivada - Tangie
World of seeds: Afghan Kush, Columbia Gold, Mozambique Madness
Med Man Brand: rock star kush
Emerald triangle : sour lemon og
THSeeds: Dark Star
Next generation: Grapefruit Haze, Island Sweet Skunk
Karma Genetics: Where’s My Bike (aka Amnesia Haze x Biker OG Kush)
Trichome Jungle: Mantis, Shimla Haze, Jungle Kush
Tropical Seed Co: Durban Punch
Dutch Passion: Durban Poison
KC Brains: Leda Uno, KC 36
Bodhi - Apollo 11 (genius) x Wookie
Lebanese x Dank Sinatra
Loran: Asgaurd, Longbottom Leaf
, HONU, Jacks Cleaner f2 (original!)
Girl Scout Cookies (forum cut) x Tranquil Elephantizer Remix

Tropical Dream - SFV OG x Pineapple
Lemon Aire - Lemon Taffy x Pacific Aire
Wessie - 92 Bubba Kush x HONU
Mother Leaf - Mother of Thor x Longbottom Leaf
Fancy - Chem D x HONU
Silver Spur F2
Longbottom Leaf - SFV OG x Jacks Cleaner

TGA/Subcool- Neal Cassady & Queen Anne’s Revenge
Nirvana Seeds: Pure Power Plant

garlic bud, kodiak gold, Big Sur holy bud, cherry bomb
Pink Kush
ECSD x Pink Kush
cherry bomb
Sour pink
Hau Bac (VietnameseSilverBud)
g-sus (g13xGodBud)
kodiak gold
Garlic Bud
Burning Bush
Fraser Valley Blueberry x Pakistani
Jihadi kush
BlueBerry x Jamaican sativa IBL
petrolia head stash
Airborne G13 s1
Accidental Haze
love potion #1 x Nigerian aka Honey Bee

Dynasty strains:
Blue Coffin
Caramel Candy Kush
Crater Lake v5
Lovin’ Cup
Ms. Universe F2
Oregon Huckleberry 2015 IBL
Platinum Huckleberry Cookies
Caramel candy Kush
Moose and lobsta
Birds of Paradise

Bodhi Strains:
Goji Daydream (Goji OG x Sunshine Daydream)
Magenta Hashplant (RoadKillUnicornF2 X 88 G13/Hashplant)
the fuzz (chem 91 jb x appalachia)
prayer tower sativa (lemon thai sat x appalachia)
strange brew (bc sweet skunk x snow lotus)
black lotus (86 uw black hashplant x snow lotus)
super silver hashplant (ssh x 88g13/hp)
granola funk (gsc forum x wookie 15)
soraya (afkansastan x snow lotus)
neroli 91 (chem91 skunk va x wookie15)
purple wookie (purple unicorn f2 x wookie 15)
old school hash plant (pnw hashplant x 88g13hp
black raspberry (goji raspberry f2 x wookie 15)
lazy lightning (headband loompa x 88g13/hp)
blue sunshine (blue dream x sunshine daydream)
Heavenly hashplant (bubba katsu x 88g13/hp)
terpenado (strawberry milk x wookie 15)
lemon wookie (lemon diesel x wookie)
pinball wizard (ssh x wookie 15)
forest queen (strawberry milk x 88g13/hp)
field trip (gsc forum x sunshine daydream)
sakura (bubba kush x wookie)
lavender aura (urkle x wookie)
Hells Angel og x Sunshine Daydream (ssdd)
strawberry sunshine (strawberry milk x sunshine daydream)
raspberry sunshine (goji raz f2 x ssdd)
mountain temple (temple x appalachia) (low)
clusterfunk (chem 91 jb x 88g13hp)
space cake (gsc forum x snow lotus)
dream lotus (Santa Cruz blue dream x snow lotus
Lavender Jack (vintage Jack Herer x Wookie)
drunken Parrot (NL#5 noof cut x Snow Lotus)


sorry for your loss bro
don’t know what I’d do if I lost my stash
would be hard to get over


Sorry about your loss I’d be devastated if I lost so many seeds. Do you still have the vietnamese silver leaf tried to get those my self but gave up long ago


I got some seeds Only one pack left from

Thc devolepment = lemon alien dawg f2
Cabin fevers = blue geez
Super strains = amnesia
Medical seeds = Y griega and Y griega cbd
Tga = the flav and agent orange
Dirty water = Tangalien
Alot of greenpointseeds first seeds = monster cookies crosses… gsc×mc venom og×mc and some more… even got some of the stardawg crosses. Purple mountain -blizzard bush- night rider - golden nugget- pig whistle- hickok haze- and couple more…

Then i got the Ones i got from traveling… seeds from asia-caribien- european ones- and Scandinavian auto crosses… if someone would like to do some f2 on them i would be glad


Sweden correct…?

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Correct 20202002 and some more

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Sweden’s pretty small huh?
Probably the size of what texas?

I have a friend from over there, he’s kinda Leary about letting that out cuz everybody knows everybody.


Big in size “landwise” but population is as Manhattan around 10 million people… so the biggest city is stockholm and has around 1 million people

But yea you should be carefull here in sweden… cuz the laws are harsh and crazy and your neighbour is your worst enemy…


That’s a shame, he did say something to that effect.


Its sad but true… im allways careful thou. Thats the shame cuz i dont have anyone to speak too about growing and exchanging tips or what not… and the most sad part is that everyones smokes but they keep it in the quiet


I feel your pain bro, same thing happened to me.
My collection was not as impressive as yours but the whole lot was taken.
Karma will take care of it!


I know the feeling well - no one knows I do this except my wife and my daughter
and the guys at the growshop which is not in the city where I live.
I would love to be able to talk and share with like minded people but impossible because one slip to the wrong person and it’s over.
Legalization now please.


Im glad we both have the OG family to speak with and hopefully one day we all be free to join the community outside the web…

Sadly is good to know im not alone with the feeling of hiding and lonelyness…

But once again im glad we got all the guys and girls here in OG…

But keep up the good work mr and do what you do best !!


Recent eBay purchases anyone every try eBay seeds
Seems like a pollen chucker who had a pineapple kush male lol