SSSDH attempt #3 - The Redemption!

I sent out packets of seeds that I thought were SSSDH F1s - but there may have been a mix up in labeling on my end. I’m still running the plants from the seed germ test to see what they actually are. They may be SWT4, which is from Breeder Steve- but it’s not SSSDH.
It also looks like there was another attempt at doing a preservation run that may have been slightly sidetracked…

So here’s my new idea. Someone else posted a link to original Res seeds of SSSDH on the bay.

I don’t have room, but I’d be happy to throw a few bucks to someone that wants to order the seeds. I just don’t want to deal with waiting for the shipping and having to deal with reshipping.
I want to PP like $25 to someone so they can order the seeds directly.

That should get us at least a 10 pack. If the grower (or anyone) wants to match the funds, that will give us a 50 pack! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
We could also pool some funds and buy a 100 pack and either lest 1 grower do the run, or they could split it up and send out packs to other people.

I don’t know the germ rate on the Res seeds, so this is a bit of a hail mary, and if it doesn’t work, I certainly wouldn’t hold it against any of the breeders.

Soooo…if you are interested, let us know. I’d prefer a level 3 member, but if you have a proven track record, you can throw your hat in the ring too.

The breeder will be sent the money, and then they will be responsible for ordering and receiving the seeds, so this might be better for a UK breeder. But I’m open.

Let me know what you think or if anyone is interested in my crazy idea.

I’ll put in the first $25 - who else wants in? :grinning:


Im on the process of trying to do a preservation run on those sssdh f1 and Ix1

Fortunately of 20 seeds I only have 4 that germinated and are growing right now. Even with GA3 non of the others I tried to germinate did make it.

My only hope and wish is that atleast 1 of 4 is a male and the other 3 are nice and beautiful females!! But I do like your idea and if this goes to hell I chip in some $$ for the project no doubt !



i would be more than happy to contribute… you may aswell get that 100 pack…?


Yeah considering the germ rates on those I think we need the 100 pack to get a good chance at getting some good plants and a good enough mix to do another kinda open pollination.

I already have a 10 pack each of those exact sssdh regs and the ix1 I will gladly send to anyone that wants to run them for the community.


I have a 10 pack of the regs I would throw in as well.


I’d throw in $10-20.

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I have f2’s of sssdh but have no plans for them
Don’t know who breed them or what female they selected i bought them at a auction

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I saw your thread too, would you want some of the Rs seeds if we order them?

All we now is a grower/breeder! Surely someone would like a free pack of SSSDH…

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The offer still stands!
I’m going to check with some folks that expressed interest, but I wouldn’t mind if some other folks wanted to get onboard with this project.


I could probably grow out some of those

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No offense but new people aren’t normally picked for seed runs they have a long history of disappearing