Stability of using an intersex male?

I recently ran of some seeds of mine from a small chuck, and decided to take the smelliest male in veg to make some F2’s. Well, that male decided to start throwing hairs after a while.

Grape Pie x Gunslinger (Starfighter x Stardawg)

I know I have heard before that these are special, but I am not sure if it is bro-science or not? I did a bit of googling but I didn’t really get anywhere. I said fuck it, made some F2’s, and used it to BX to the mom, then killed it. Well the seeds are finally done, and I am about to pop a few and see what happens.

Just looking for some info on what to expect?



That sounds highly risky or at least a longshot that the offspring don’t herm or do weird shit… But experiments are the way to go! :thumbsup:



Found what I was thinking about. It was an old DJ short article. Time to pop a few more and find out

(A quick word on “backward” hermaphrodites – declared males that eventually sport female flowers – as opposed to the usual female-to-male hermaphrodites. These are semi-rare occurrences, usually sterile but sometimes viable, that I have found at times to be valuable in their genetic contributions. Some of the most resinous and desirable males I have encountered exhibited this trait. This trait almost seems to guarantee against unwanted hermaphroditism in subsequent generations as it also increases the female to male ratio in its progeny.)


Long ago I had a F3 Genius male display this and I experimented with this theory, and I don’t recommend it unless you are willing to accept the fact that it is hermaphroditism and that it can be a fixed trait. The F4 on my end wounded up becoming bird seed due to this and the rest is history. Outcrossed work with him was less then ideal even though they were all females, but perhaps it was a overlooking by myself as I didn’t like what I saw passing in the outcrossed even though stable.


I will say only than it’s less worse to use a triggered male than a triggered female in this type of scenario. But that’s true, they are rare and sometimes do their magic (rare also).

You will known how you will be cooked pretty quick; if the seedlings shapes are pretty homogenous it’s not a good sign (yes it sound paradoxal). If you are lucky and get a frank segregation with enough seeds launched, you have a lot more chances to find a clean golden ticket.


Thanks for the replies. I keep digging deeper and the info goes one way or another. Just saw a post from Doc D that said he found a keeper male from one of these.

Ill get a picture of the seeds later on when I shuck some out.

Thanks again


One thing is a plant that has a few intersex parts on the whole plant. Your plant is not showing this. It is showing complete hermaphrodite and should not be used.

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I got some pics of the seeds. @Fuel Im guessing the BX are exactly what you are talking about.

@Viva_Mexico I only had 3 flower sites that threw hairs like this. It was the main terminal bud, and 2 side branches.


I always love to see homemade seeds porn ^^ It warm my heart and give me full of hopes each time.

I share the radicalism of Viva_Mexico in the vein, but in another hand the case is enough rare to make a valuable experience. I have a total aversion for everything involving latent herms, no nuancies, no exceptions. And the day i germinate a fem in one lab, just finish me before i’m starting to eat babies at full moon ^^

But i’ve first builded this spirit (than i cherish today) in dealing with a south africaan full of herms, and later refined this spirit to the bone in producing burgers-fems for the wholesalers. I think than in breeding, it’s necessary sometimes to burn his wings a bit to evolve or consolidate. To catch all opportunities than are giving the plants also.

On the whole panel of specimens i’ve pushed, i got naturally only three males like it. One morocco cultivar, one blueberry x mazar F1, and one zamal. Since the middle of the 90 ^^

ps : i’m a fan of the stardawg (uk cut reference in term of weed)


So @GrowHard what became of this experiment. I just had a chance to peek into my male room and there are at least 3 different males (an OG, Jungle Spice and Guava HP I believe) that have female tops so not rare in there and not sure what to do with them or the pollen but looking like I have a big clean up job to do.


I made some seeds using that male, havent cracked any. There were quite a few oddly round seeds that came from them. Someone mentioned that above.


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I am going to find out pretty soon. Definitely seen pistils on males in the JS lines as well – but on the other hand, on the female side, I rarely ever even see a nanner. Some breeders suggest that more feminine leaning males actually increase female occurrence rates and decrease intersex traits on the female side. But I’ve never really seen anybody attempt to prove it…

I’ll hopefully have more info to contribute soon.


@MBVapester and @GrowHard I have a similar situation. 3 male Snow Drifts and one of them had a few pistils form. Still only week 2 of flower. And these aren’t even F2.

My plan was to isolate and preserve the pollen from each male for future projects. Not sure if this one is worth keeping. I’m interested in your results.


also curious to know. I have 4 88g/hp 2 males and only 1 showed pistils …

Hey @lefthandseeds, any news on this?


Nothing to report yet. I’ll probably fill the tents with Jungle Spice again in the fall. I need to check my notes if JS F3 Blue is one that threw pistils.


Easiest way to stabilize is to breed/grow them outdoors for a season. Should drasticly reduce the chances of future hermies. Start in the spring. At the latest plant before June 15th.

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