Stardate 2263 Blue Mystic


Here is my Blue Mystic seedling I grew on my windowsill, she has slight Thrip damage on her leaves. She look’s rather sexy in the 2nd picture don’t you think? :smile:


I ended up topping and fimming her
I potted her head next to her ( I feel quite bad now) :frowning:
I let her grow some more limbs, then I chopped them off, then threw Mom in the bin
I ended up with 4 clones all together


The 4 clones (with @ReikoX’s ) autoflower on the end.
They were being grown with a Philips Led screw- in bulb with the diffuser removed which I got off @Esrgood4u. I’ve been purposely growing them as slow as I could, as I had to wait for new items for my covert operation
I grew them in coco but forgot there were no nutes in it so my plants were Yellow. I’ve also totally forgot about them (more than once)

I gave them some Formulex nutrient solution and they started to look healthy over the next couple of days
I tried to main-line my 1st clone Audrey#1
I fucked it up a bit but I think it’s okay for my first attempt


Here we have Audrey#1 sporting a rather daring Orange number

Whilst Audrey#3 is wearing her leather Pot-pants

@ReikoX’s Auto doesn’t know what the fk’s going on


Audrey#1’s been watching 50 shades of Green


Audrey#1’s at confession


I put Audrey#3 into a 5 litre fabric pot and put her in the tent with Audrey#1 they are both in Batmix.
I had the light quite low at first so moved it higher I don’t know if i’ve burnt the leaves with the light or the batmix is too hot or if it’s cal defficiency or neither?

I’m thinking the light, as the marks seem to be level as to where the light would of shone on them
I thought it might also be where the plants have been transpiring and the light is burning them??




This is Audrey#2 I’ve been experimenting with her that’s why she is on the missing list along with Audrey#4


They have been attacked by Thrips Audrey#2 is ok as she is in batmix but Audrey#4 and @ReikoX’s autoflower are looking a bit done in



Uploading… Uploading… Uploading… Uploading… Uploading…


Auto flowers need as much light as you can give them mate. I’m starting the remaining lowryder x ultraviolet hopefully next weekend under the 120w solstrip I built. Gonna run them 18/6 all the way through. I’m off tomorrow. You should pop up and take a smell of @ReikoX auto creation. I’ve never smelled anything like it before and she’s starting to frost up now also. I’m gonna let her go for as long as possible as she’s only on 12/12 at the minute :+1:


They’re some pretty old plants :smile:

I know mate I’m not growing them the norm I’m just taking it Eaaaaasssy :wink:

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what does it sort of smell like then

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Yes I know but you can’t stall an auto mate like you can a photo. Not really much point growing it :+1:

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Nothing I’ve ever smelled before. Really sweet smelling. I’d not say it was fruity though. I dunno :laughing: it smells nice though

Wey it’s looking all right at the minute like, only time will tell

how do you do that thumb?

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Same way you send a txt

Oh right like a minge :slight_smile:

As in nothing you’ve ever smelled


:laughing: you’ve seen my exes mate. Not one of them were sweet lol

I didn’t mean it that way like but yi kna … hahaha

I know but they stunk in that way also :laughing:


A few of them smelt nice :grin:

Fuck a thrip! :middle_finger:


Not once I’d been in there🤣

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I’ve smelt your farts so I can’t even begin to imagine the stench :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Lowryder x ultraviolet 2


How tall is it. . . .

About 2ft including the pot

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