Starting a NEW chapter

So I have decided to post a grow journal seeing how it will be my last grow in a tent …for now …

I will be popping two dosi cut autos from @TestOfOath
Also will be popping two grcd autos from @Mr.Sparkle

The tent will be a 3x3x6


One of the original two GRCD had popped …put another one in water just in case the other fails

Both dosi cuts have popped …

Shall be interesting


The light I am gonna be using is a Marshydro fce3000

Mr sparkle on the left waiting for her partner …dosidos successfully have a pair … notice the white tip devil horns …oh boy

I know this is not the best soil for a seedling but it grew potatoes tomatoes and celery pretty well lmao


**Feel free to chime in anytime **

I know seedling is boring should pick up in about a week ! but would be cool to know people r following :crazy_face:

Removed plastic wrap all the girls were reaching out

Little update of day one in soil
Grcd :
The ghost rose cookie devil looks like it’s gonna have a partner within a day !

Dosi cut :

the white tips have now turned purple on one and looks like a sad girl that being said …

Ended up moving the light about 18 inches above them and have the light dimmed down to 25%

So this Hindu skunk I planted about a week ina half ago and with weather reaching 50 degrees i wasn’t expecting anything mainly a experiment well one of the two ended up popping

So I rescued her and brought it into hang out with the gang .planted her in some soil I created but don’t know if it’s to hot ( been about three months)even though I grew one plant out in it already with no feeding required
Hence the early yellowing of the cotyledons !?


I’ve pushed my limits with three autos almost filled the tent last time :crazy_face:


it will be interesting to see how all the plants handle that sandy soil on the start hmmm…


Nice job growing those autos mate, I’d get those sprouts in some good quality seedling mix, it can be tricky giving them fert that young.


@Mr.Sparkle they seem to be handling it well!

for a little under day two in soil little bit of stretch turn up the intensity or lower light !?

Grcd : has a new friend well kind of she’s getting there had to unbury her went a little heavy on water

Dosi cut : they just hanging out doing their thing

Gonna fill the rest of the cup up with some dirt tonight

Oh yeah that Hindu skunk …my super soils killed it !! not enough established roots to even think about handling a soil at 7.8 :expressionless:


Yeah there looking fine, why it’s interesting.


Thanks man ! only soil I had atm from the potatoe garden !
the clear cups let me see root progress along with a little heads up when to repot …… yes repotting a auto lmao


Thanks man ! I usually just hold off on nutes till I see the cotyledon dying off …trying to find some good dry amendments for my soil when I up pot them


I bought some “black gold” seedling potting mix last run and I got the best seedling growth ever.


You know it that’s awesome ! I have some six foot compost piles at the new property I’m gonna investigate !
The horse manure and some fox farm nutrients do okay but I’m looking to change it up at some point


I use black gold soil natural and organic one. stopped using ocean forest soil long time ago just add nutes as I go


Yeah I remember reading on one of your posts that you used it when I bought it, I’m learning☺

Apparently good compost is amazing stuff, those plants of yours look healthy though.:+1:


Well folks

It’s seems two be 2v2
@TestOfOath the dosi cuts r plugging along just fine ! Glad to have more company

@Mr.Sparkle both grcd’s are up and running !
Continuing to do well in the sandy soil !since you made that comment it has me nervous !

Seems to dry out a little faster I must say !

Temp 82•f


No exhaust yet just a small fan in the corner

I just can’t wait to start tying these ladies down if I’m correct around the two week mark I can start depending on how they take off today marks day four of breaking soil


Nothing wrong with it just interesting to see


Well I hope it’s giving you something to think about then haha .
Thanks for poppin in !


Little update :

Mainly on water practice this is why I’m all for the clear solo cups literally just look and see what you’re roots are doing obviously these guys are exploring …hopefully not out through the drain holes🤪

The soil is funky once it fully dries out hard to rehydrate but once it does it’s good for a day or two

Clear cups also make it easier to tell you when your ladies could use a drink



Not much action going on in here but this is it …should get interesting in a week or so :crazy_face:

Deff helps to have record of what consequences occur due to this or that
Something that works well could be noted otherwise forgotten

Thanks for dropping in !