State specific forums

Any possibility of a state-specific thread for those who want to stay in their own neighborhood? Other sites that separate jurisdictions enjoy more traffic because some users or visitors want state-specific info or legislation, and what happens in Colorado may be different than California etc. I think this would help a lot of the new rec states as well.

Second, I don’t see any distinction between medical and rec. Here in Colorado, there is a strong support of medical cannabis, and recreational, and both. The rules are different and there should be different threads. imo



Huh, interesting. For those inclined they could start there own state specific thread and invite other members from that state to join. The distinction between rec and medical is a state debate in my opinion, If you use it, it is medicine for your mind, body, and for those inclined spirit or soul. You can start a thread to discuss that of course. Welcome and i think you have some interesting thoughts to share. :relaxed:


Let’s use topic tags for states… like #colorado, #california. Then use whatever category you wish - for example #smokers-lounge #trading-post


I guess i should start using tags.


For the brave it also opens up the possibilty of clone exchanges, but growers be warned, pests spread. There is another thread about clone exchanges somewhere.


Currently just start new topic and use tags.

In future there is possibility to use usergroups that member can become member of (each usergroup has its owner to maintain the group). These can be tied to particular forum category. But this is not necessary until community grows a bit.


We shall overgrow the :earth_americas: world!