Free Seeds & Free Clones Thread

I got the blessing from Joe to do a Seeds Exchange Thread.

:warning: Rules:

  • Overgrow is no way responsible for the exchange, if you dont get your seeds, or you didn’t like what you got. Do not come to forum complaining about the exchange. It is between members.
  • Do not post users addresses on here ever. It will be deleted. Security is a big deal, If there is a bad exchange, I do not want to see retaliation, Giving user feedback is ok, but dont compromise address, please exchange personal information with a PM. Moderators have zero tolerance with that kind of behavior, Expect to be banned.
  • If you ask for seeds, expect to give as well as receive.
  • When taking part in exchange, the party who has less reputation sends first.

Thanks!.. And enjoy.

May 2017*

Please be careful of users with low post counts or if they seem overly excited. Some have literally just make few posts and disappear after freebies are sent.

There are some seed sluts out there. Takes just a few to wreck it for all of us.


Awesome thanks so much @GrowerGoneWild for creating this thread after speaking with me. It has been a tough year and uncle Sam kept my tax return so any OGers out there that would like to help a long time grower down on his luck I’d much appreciate it. I assure everyone I am not LEO or anything and can show proof that I’m a weed nerd!

Looking for anything that’ll finish outdoors @ 40°. Anything I receive I will ve sure to pay it forward with making crosses or giving cuts.

Thanks again to @GrowerGoneWild and @LemonadeJoe for approving this thread.


What a great idea! Can really help some out who have a hard time accessing newer or different genetics. as well as expanding the seed library ! I’ve done this before and will forsure again!

Cheers !


I am glad this is added. Should be fun.


Great idea i have none to exchange but will request some.


I have a small handful of seeds from my small collection I’d be willing to give away, but swap also sounds cool too. I have true Thai Landrace seeds - I know it’s probably of no interest to anyone, but the offer is there. I live in Scotland, UK. I’m not sure on the legalities of shipping seeds to US or Canada.


@GrowEasy landrace Thai sounds amazing, I remember reading about the electric buzz it gives. About 10 years ago these was all kinds of stuff about Thais over on the Mr nice forum. I’d love e to grow it out, just not sure if it’s get anywhere near ripe before the weather gets to sure many others would loev to run as well.


Nice. Well if anyone wants some I’d love to give some out. I have no problem shipping to US as long as my ass is covered legally, I don’t want to get on the wrong side of the Fed Gov.:anguished:


Absolutely not. In my experience, I’ve never had my orders seized in the past just gotta be a little smart and you can get by customs.

The worst case scenario is the seeds get seized…


Any of these bags seeds seem popable?



They look underdone…

But I have been wrong before


if anyone could inform me as to if these seem good at all I’d like to help and send and receive but definitely don’t wanna burn anyone


@El95124 from the looks of it I’d say from the first picture the one on the bottom left and the one in the middle look viable to me, no way to really know till you try. I’ve had some shit white seeds pop, I’ve also had some that wouldn’t.

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Thanks @Eddie.saw I’ll just use them as an experiment then no harm in that


That last pic @El95124 they all lookike they have a fighting chance.

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Were those all the same seeds, just different pictures?

Yes @Eddie.saw my camera sucks so tried to get a couple pictures maybe the Angel and light would help to view them better but ya those are all my seeds found from the local clubs from sacks of Super sour D, Tangie a cross from tangerine dream and gran daddy purple, other then that could be anything

Nice, after looking closer at the last pic is be willing to say they’d all pop, maybe not the group of three at the top of the last pic but I’d give a go for sure!