Switching a 220v outlet to a 110v outlets

Anyone that can tell me of a specific adapter to turn this into a safe multi outlet connection for standard grounded 3 prong 20amp outlets/plugs?

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Regular Australian/NZ plug won’t fit?

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RV & Generator NEMA 10-30P 125/250V, Dryer Power Plug


as far as an adapter you will more than likely need to build something

get a plug, wire and a couple gang box

install the outlets you need and you are in business

be safe and be well


yours is a 10-30R


Is there nothing like this but for standard wall outlets and not 6-50?

Check this out at Amazon.com
AC WORKS 6-50 Welder Adapter (10-30 30A 3-Prong Dryer to 6-50) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0748NBCGH/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_i_Fg6-EbTF8NBK5

In other words turn this

Into this without electrical work?

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that looks as if it would work

I just build what I need as I am cheap

all the best



Ummmm you can’t just go switching a 220v outlet to a 110v outlets. The breaker would be 220v and would probably catch whatever you plugged into it on fire.
You can’t run 220 into a 110 voltage appliance without destroying it.

You need to properly size the wire to breaker and load. People doing electrical that don’t know what they are doing are a danger. If you don’t size the breaker to wire size you could burn down your damn house.

Let’s say you have an outlet with too small of wire for the breaker you’re using. Then you have a fan plugged in there and the motor locks up now your wire is getting really hot :fire: instead of tripping the oversized breaker.

I have been doing plumbing and electrical for about 25 years and it sounds like your looking for trouble to me.

If you want a standard 110 outlet in that location your going to have to run new wire and move to another breaker


no you can not :frowning:

my bad I may have missed that I thought he was looking to go from a dryer plug

to some type of outlet to use a 220 device

from amazon

This is a 3-Prong Dryer Outlet to 6-50 Welder Adapter. 30Amp 125/250Volt NEMA 10-30P Dryer plug to NEMA 6-50R 50Amp 250Volt Welder Adapter. Male is NEMA 10-30P 30A 125/250Volt 3Prong Dryer Plug to NEMA 6-50R 50A 250V Female Connector. 1.5FT STW 10/3 Heavy Duty 600V Outdoor Anti-Cold weather Jacket Cord MAX Power is 7500W.

OP needs to tell us what he is looking to do

be safe


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dryers are all 220v…oh I see what you were saying. You thought he wanted plug in a 220 appliance. I think he wants to use that 220v plug to power 110 grow equipment. :fire: :name_badge: :man_firefighter: :fire_engine: :fire_extinguisher:

Yes but safely. Can i not split the power up or is switching to another breaker and setting up a gfi box my only option?

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Designed that way for a reason bro. A standard outlet isn’t equipped to handle that kind of amperage. The standard is a 15 or 20 amp.

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Can’t answer a loaded question if you don’t have other equipment that’s on. Tell us how it separated. You want to do your load calc

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you could be right from the link OP gave us they maybe in a country

that is 220 no 110

and wants a simple way to turn a dryer outlet into an outlet he can use

A 220 uses a double breaker and has 2 hot wires…a 110 has a single breaker and 1 hot, 1 neutral, 1 ground. You would have to disconnect 1 hot lead from the breaker and move it to neutral.
However you would still be left with severally oversized wire and a major fire hazzard.

Just trust me on this and find another way.


Are there any other standard outlets near the location you want? If so it would be really easy to jump off of that outlet to install another. It would also be helpful to know what else is run of of said breaker.

Are you looking to power all of your grow equipment? If so it would be a good idea to know what type of light you plan on using so we could know the amperage draw.

For my grow room I simply figure my max amps from all of my equipment which was under 10amps. Then I decided a 20amp breaker was more than enough.

If you tie into a breaker that it being used for say window ac units, microwave, hair dryers or anything with high draw it could constantly trip the breaker to your grow room everything someone dries their hair.

I hope thus makes sense


The issue is, the breaker box is not labeled at all. I have a general idea as to what outlet goes to what breaker but not 100%. Seeing as how I have this 220 just wide open, I wanted to make use of it. HOWEVER I do have a 220 ballast for an HPS setup that I dont use (currently only run HLG 550). Any reason i can’t just hook it up?

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dryers use a lot of power so there is no reason that wouldnt power an hps light. I have a 550 watt led that has a max of i believe 5 amps everything else in you grow room will require much less power

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I mean it won’t be too much power for it?

From the breaker to the light, not vice versa

Better question;

How do I determine what switches run what outlets?

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If you dont have a test light an easy way to tell is plug in a radio and crank it up. Start flipping breakers until the music stops


You dont have to worry about too much power from the panel the concern is not enough as long as they are both 220 your good