🦨 Syn's Intense Intents In Tents (8 year old seed grow)

Finally, after owning a tent and light setup for over 5 years and never using it. I dusted it off and set it up.

I’ve grown quite a few plants outside, but I’m going to try my luck at an indoor grow. What my plan is, I will update my Journal on growdiaries.com and post the link below for insider info on the growth. I will also be adding random shots here and there to the forum as well so stay tuned for that.

This is my first journal, so I hope it turns out to be a good one. The strains I’m growing are White Grapefruit, Sour Diesel, and Harlequin. 9 seeds in all are currently in the process of germing.

A little back info on the grow, where I live, it is legal to possess 6 mature plants (if your medical) and 3 mature plants (if your recreational). In total, because my ol’ lady has a card, we can have 9 mature plants.

The grapefruit is feminized and the other two are regular.

The setup I have is a 600w Solis Tek variable wattage ballast, Sun System Yield Master 6" hood, and a Gorilla tent 4x4x7.

Grow Diary Link

Garden Live Video

Welcome to my Garden of Mayhem!

Grow Setup
Grow Environment
Flower Tent
4 x 4 x 7 Gorilla Grow Tent
Solis Tek 600w Dimmable Digital
Eye Hortilux Blue MH 600w
Eye Hortilux Super HPS 600w
SunSystem Yield Master II 6"
Sun System - Sun Shield For Yield Master II 6"
Hydrofarm Active Air 6" Inline, 400 CFM
3A Variable Transformer AC Power (Fan Speed Controller)
2x Solacure 2’ Flower Power UVB 20w
4x Clamp Lamp
4x ZooMed Reptisun 10.0 UVB Mini CFL 13w

Veg Tent
2 x 2.5 x 5 Gorilla Grow Tent
SonoFarm PRO Series 2000
AC Infinity RAXIAL S6, Inline Booster Duct Fan 6”
AC Infinity SUNCORE A5, Heat Mat 20" x 20"
Temperature Controller 110V Digital Thermostat
Yield Lab 10 x 20 Inch Tray w/ Cover

Grow Tools
VIVOSUN 5-Pack 5 Gallon Grow Bags
Bluelab PENGTB Grower’s Toolbox (Ph & PPM)
Aquarium Air Pump
Wireless Digital Microscope
BN-LINK 8 Outlet Surge Protector with Mechanical Timer
LEVOIT Humidifier (For winter growing)

Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Grow
Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Bloom
Botanicare CNS17 RIPE

Clonex Rooting Gel
Hormex Rooting Hormone Powder #8
Jiffy 7 Peat Pellets 42mm

Pest Control
Harris Neem Oil
7.9% Bifenthrin Concentrate


Some learning curve to overcome growing indoors vs out, but so much more control. Depending on your environment, I’d recommend venting the exhaust into another room if you haven’t already. That way you get to use/share the heat but keep humidity low in the room the tent is in. I didn’t do that my first round and I got bud rot. Also, keep the exhaust going through the night, or have it set to a humidity sensor.


Right now I have a pellet stove going, which is drying out my house, any humidity would be nice. Current reading is 14% humidity.

(edit: when summer hits, I’ll pipe it out the window to the left of the tent)


Ah, yea that would prob work in a room that size too lol.


It works double, adds some lukewarm heat to the room, and circulates the hot air from the pellet stove.


Checked the seeds this morning, looks like a couple have popped.


Sour Diesel

White Grapefruit

I’m surprised I even got one to pop, these seeds have been sitting in drypaks for about 8 years.


I have to ask about your tent - is it entirely lightproof? I just bought the worlds cheapest 4x4 off of Amazon and it sucks


I’d give Gorilla like a 9 out of 10 for light proofing. No tent will ever be 100% light proof, but this company is the Mercedes-Benz of the tent world. I don’t think you can get a better tent on the market.

The only light I see is from my open air flaps on the bottom and a couple pinholes from sewing from the weight of the tent, but it’s very marginal.

(edit: the tent I have is 5+ years old, it’s their old lineup. They have an updated version of the tent now, and I can only assume they fixed any issues people had, which I don’t think was much.)


Went out last night and grabbed some soil, since my HP soil is frozen outside.

I also have some nutes that need further inspection to see if they have gone bad. Got them from a growing expo a couple years back.

(edit: went through it, a lot of it was bad, some of it questionable.)


8 of 9 seeds in soil.
last seed waiting to pop 1x Sour Diesel.


Two white grapefruit sprouted this morning.



All the seeds except sour diesel have sprouted.

Now I’m starting to think it’s the genetics of the Sour Diesel seed that is putting it as a late bloomer.

Also placed the last sour diesel seed in the soil. The seed radicle was exposed about 1/4 inch, and it was given SD#3.


Day 7: Moved to MH 600w 18/6 36" away.


Still waiting on Sour Diesel to sprout. Transfered the others over to solo cups.

(edit: I’m not going to wait for these Sour Diesel seeds to sprout, I have 3x Super Iced Grapefruit (yeah I know, what’s up with the Grapefruit strains. It’s what I had sitting around.)

So I’ll let these babies sit in some water for 24 hours.


I have a wood boiler outside and still the humidity is about the same as yours. I spend half the day filling humidifiers.


Yea and when summer comes I’ll be looking at ways to bring it down.


No new growth for today. Transplanted plants are growing their root system, so top growth is slowed.

2 of the 3 Super Iced Grapefruit has popped out of the seed.


Today looks like growth has started again.

One plant doesnt look like its going to last but ill keep it around to see what will happen.

White Grapefruit #4 isnt taking to the transplant well. It was a late bloomer in the seed germ too.


nothing new to report on the 6 plants in the solo cups.

no sprout on the 3 SIG seeds, and i poped 3 more SIG seeds, once i get a good baseline start, ill cull the smaller plants and stay with the larger ones

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Added a grow cam, link will come soon when I get twitch set up.

And my press came in :stuck_out_tongue:

And my volcano behind it lol (which I’ve had for over 6 years now)

edit: video link is set up and still being worked on.
Garden Live Video


Hi bro I’ll tag along it you don’t mind
Nice clean set up