Giesel, Tahoe, Irene, Rez ECSD, GMO, seedlings, and more! leetdood's grow struggles, vol 2

Hi guys, I’m back with a new grow journal.

I had several issues going on for a decent while there. PM, HLV, pests, my landlord complaining about the mess in here… I was also off my antidepressants so it was tough to keep up but I preserved… until I had to do a reset anyway because the health of my plants was suspect due to aphids/bottom watering spreading the viroid. Tough lessons learned on many fronts but I read something recently- the master has failed more times than the apprentice has ever tried. I liked that.

Anyway like I said I’m back. I got an AC going in the flower/grow room and a 8x4 flood tray. I have Tahoe and Giesel doing well in medium sized pots. Here’s some pictures.

I got these babies from @Justblazin and will be getting Irene and rez :rat: ECSD also.

Justblazin is an awesome dude and I cannot recommend him more :slight_smile:

I also got GMO from Trichome Orchards!

I have a lot of seedlings going. I popped 30 first round but unfortunately I was doing something wrong and all except a motorbreath bx1 died. So I popped a bunch of mystery skunk seed from my first journal, and some i95 x chimera 3 also from trichome orchards.

Will be keeping you guys updated hopefully.


Hope you are feeling better my friend!!:pray:
And hope your grow gets back on track👊


Can’t wait to see the show @leetdood!


Nice to see your new grow journal. Good luck with your grow.

:green_heart: :seedling:


good to see you back my friend. hoping to see you harvest some fire with those genetics. ill be following closely


tahoe, giesel
rez ecsd, motorbreath bx1 seedling, chem d, irene, GMO on the end with the tag
16 mystery skunk bagseed

big thank you to @Justblazin for the clones!! he gave me tahoe, giesel, rez ecsd, chem d, irene, and corey in total :slight_smile: I definitely recommend him to anybody in Canada who needs elite clones! He is such a pleasure to talk to and order from.

I have more plants in veg, Corey is in the dome for now, she will get moved to the veg tent tomorrow most likely.


@Shevchenko here are the plants i got

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Looking good brother :facepunch:
Hope you enjoy them!!
Can’t wait to see some bud porn…lol


Thank you, my friend, what you marked me!
I will watch with pleasure.
Very, very cool genetics …
I wish the cycle without problems and of course good smoke. Have fun !!!


here is a potato quality picture.

Tahoe and Giesel are now in 1 gallons. they were drinking about 15tbsp water a day so I moved them to bigger pots.

moved more seedlings in.

good growth on the clones I took in. About to transplant Corey into an actual pot.


Water is around 40% strength 10-15-10 with 1.5x dose gypsum and epsom. adjusted to around pH 6.2


hey bud what lights will you be running them under and you going to be doing flood and drain or top feed ?

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400W HPS and 400W CMH. I believe right now it’s the HPS hood that’s on, but I’m not entirely sure. I will be doing top feed because I’ve already started with that and it would be problematic to switch after so long. Future flower runs will possibly be bottom fed with no drain.


I am trying to clean up my apartment and create more working room but it is difficult so I try and deal with a little bit every weekend. I need to get rid of my couch and a mattress that i am not using so I can set up more area to veg out plants in and also dry them in alternatively.


It’s always so nice after cleaning your spot. The garden is more relaxing when it’s not a mess. My garden is currently a mess. Lol


you ever plan on going led or you prefer your hps cmh ?

also i might have to be moving into an apartment myself but not sure how to ask permission to grow … lol might have to just f around and find out


look into ACMPR unless its in the lease or something you dont have to ask.

I do like my current lights but want to get some LEDs for veg and to try out in flower. I always want to run more plants whether its clones or to pheno hunt


good to know that i will have to read the leases before i move .


That’s an allstar line up you got! I hope you stay healthy and I’ll be following along.


interested in seeing how the rez ecsd turns out. i just ran the sour ripper which should have come out of rez. it was very sour…great high. very sativa. i wish it had a little more in the diesel/skunk side. it’s there, but i want a 9/10