Tent clean up

I just finished my first complete grow. I know to take the fan apart and clean it. Can you machine wash the pre-filter? Hand wash? Any other pointers to get ready for the next grow? Thanks for the help!!


Why take the fan apart? Blades on mine are still pretty clean even after a year. Prefilter I just wring out in warm water to get the loose dust and toss in the wash every few cycles when it starts to get dark colored.


My current tent has been in service for a full year.

I have cleaned the mesh on the intake, replaced the carbon filter (it was used previously), and done a half assed wipe down of the floor after each grow.

Oh and I used a sulphur spray on all surfaces because of an outbreak of PM.

All the best


You guys clean your tents?

Just kidding… kind of. I give mine a sweep/vacuum and a quick bleachy wipe down lol


I will wipe the walls, frame and floor with LABS to prepare for, next candidates


Not sure how well a filter will wash. But you can get replacement sleeves fairly cheap. (So you could try washing it and if all else fails just get a new one.)

I wipe down ALL surfaces with a disinfectant. (Tent, Poles, Tray Liner, Light Hangers, Light top and bottom)… literally any and every surface. Open up your fan safety cover and wipe that, wipe your fan blades front and back.

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agree with vernal, just wring out the prefilter, there not that strong, i ruined one in the washing machine.

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Yall dirty growers.

I may do a dusting and vacuum every 6 months or so. But RDWC is pretty clean. No salt deposits everywhere. No dirt on the floor from run off

I give everything a wipe with vinegar solution, clean both sides of screens with vacuum, vacuum my light, wipe the fan and ducting and put my prefilter in a lingerie or bra bag and chuck it in the washer by itself. Cold/delicate, with more vinegar. After cleaning pots, I let a listerine/baking soda mixture dry in them before giving them another rinse.

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