Testers, step on up! The Junkyard awaits

OK, so I did a few selections last year and need a few testers. A few have been grown out (or are currently) by others but I have a personal stash that has not.

The reward for the completed test grows is access to the small-batch, personal stash.

Here is what I have available for testing so PM if you are interested.

Bodega Bubblegum #10 x Nigerian Sunshine
Nigerian Sunshine #2 x Goji OG
Nigerian Sunshine #1 x Granny Skunk
Nigerian Sunshine #2 x Granny Skunk

Bodega Bubblegum #10 (Indiana Bubblegum x Stardawg) was the most “gummy” of the phenos but didn’t truly begin expressing until overripe. (10 weeks). Her yield is really good. I got 1.8# in a 30g pot, full term sun.

Goji OG pollen was a gift from a forum member in Oregon who F2’d his Goji’s.

Nigerian Sunshine #1 (BOEL 1976 Nigerian landrace x Blue Moon Rocks BX2) will stay green and is a bit more Sativa than #2 which has calyx that turns Fuschia color and is more sandalwood.

My Granny Skunk #5 (Virginia Beach Afghani x (Skelly Hashplant x SSSC Skunk 1)) male is my fast flower set male. I used him to try and cut down the flowering times of the NS (63-65 days)

Bodega Bubblegum x Nigerian Sunshine:

Papa Nigerian Sunshine:

Mama Bodega Bubblegum:


Would be to long for me to be able to get to them or I would be interested some definite good sounding stuff

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Damn dude, that’s one hell of a sexy color that Nigerian Sunshine is throwing. The mating with the Bodega Bubblegum should be some real lookers.

What was the female NS like?


Bubblegum looks sexy.


I’ll say that bodega bubble looks like something everyone wants in their tent :heart_eyes::yum:

Check pm mr @SCJedi


Nice testers there @SCJedi
I think others are getting their summer grows going now so you’ll maybe find it hard to find peeps who can germinate straight away.
I myself have done a few testers in the past but i have much going on to do one now too.
The Bodega bubblegumy X looks really nice :+1:
I’ll be watching for this one when you have some testers Good luck with this One mate.

Very nice :+1: .! Nigerian Sunshine :arrow_heading_down:


Nigerian Sunshine Outdoors:

Nigerian Sunshine Indoors:


Bodega Bubblegum outdoors. Even though #10 leaned gummy late this were very lemon furniture cleaner leaning outdoors:


They sure do look easy to trim how many are you trying to have grown out? I could probably do 2 outside


Can run Bodega Bubblegum X Nigerian Sunshine this Summer outdoors AND indoors in the Fall. PM if that qualifies. Stay safe and, be well. Appreciate your outreach to the Group, BTW,


That Nigerian Sunshine Papa is the most beautiful looking plant I’ve ever seen!


Those look fantastic! I wish I could test for you but I just started another run and the one after is already booked too… Whoever gets to test these is gonna have a good time ^^


Those are some amazing looking plants!


Those look really nice. The Nigerian sunshine #2 x granny skunk (fastest one maybe?) may be something I could try this year. I’m kinda new to these strains so guidance on them would be appreciated but I will have space outside. Don’t want to pm you without knowing more but feel free to pm me.
Edit: I guess i would ask how you want them tested and what environment do you think they will work in?


those nigerian sunshine look gorgeous, i think my tent is already over full at the moment tho unfortunately :frowning:


Damn, those are some gorgeous plants @SCJedi. There’s bound to be some fire in those seeds, I wish I was in a position to run them. :slight_smile:


I’m good to go anytime. I’ve been looking to try some purple plants again. Let me know.


All of your “selections” look awesome! Especially the Bodega Bubblegum. I haven’t finalized my outdoor/greenhouse strain list yet. I’d be happy to help you out.

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Nice, id be willing to throw down on that Nigerian Sunshine #2 x Granny Skunk, sound right up my alley! The Nigerian Sunshine #2 x Goji OG is also something id be interested in for sure. How many beans did you want the esters to pop to get an accurate spread? Im currently doing the COVID cup but I’m sure I could squeeze in a bit more depending on how many you’re wanting popped…

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What is the flowering time on the Nigerian sunshine and goji ?

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