HeritageFarms strain availability and gen info

Hello everybody I wanted to let you know I’ve decided to make some of my work available here as a sponsor at OG.
The strains I make available will be from my own collection and breeding projects and not related to any of the preservation work i do or have done here on the site.
Thank you to all you have shown interest and those you have already supported my work.
I don’t plant on having more then one or two strains available at a time. I prefer people to get fresh recently created seeds that will give them the highest chance of a strong germination.

USA only , sorry folks

Platinum Pineapple f4
Grow log -Platinum Pineapple f4

Future availability pending successful breeding
All will be regular sex I don’t create fem beans.

Ghost OG Bx1 ( ghost ridge og x ghost cut)

Ghost of SFV (ghost ridge og x SFV og original clone )

Grape Rebbelion v1 - my best found pheno from a 7th gen ibl SFv og male bred to a heirloom mystery skunk . I will be selecting a male to breed to the keeper pheno in the near future. Grape Rebbelion

Auto flower varieties
Red Lebanese auto x Royal purple kush auto
Royal purple kush auto x og kush auto
Royal purple kush auto x blue dream auto
Red Lebanese/royal purple kush auto x mauy Thai super auto

Strains for future projects not including things from seed currently in testing or strains in seed form of which I have to many to list. All are original clone only originals besides the bubba from the strain bank it tastes and smells like bubba but is purple and much more branchy.

Ringo’s gift
Blue dream
Sunset sherbert
Ice cream cake
Jungle Cake
Ghost og ( orgnkid verified )
Bubba kush ( Matt’s cut )
Bubba kush ( The strain Bank of L.A. _ purple bushy pheno )
92 og
Sfv og
Tahoe og
Grape rebbelion
Do si do
Grape pie
Mac 1
Gelato 45
Grand daddy purple
Mystery skunk - old skunk from NorCal kept as clone for many years , it’s earthy and kushy not skunk spray at all , it breeds well and I was told it was a pre cursor to the UK cheese line that had not been contaminated over there


I cant wait to grow out the ones I got in the auction, Platinum Pineapple f4 is going to be awesome. Thanks again, and its also very kind of you to make this and other seeds available.

Stay kind



I apreciate you taking part in the auction and helping raise funds for the site. I’ll still be doing at least one or two preservation projects a year with landraces to help keep things OG and spread the free seed . I will also donate for another auction before next spring to help the site. My sponsorship and breeding work is intended to help others as well beyond our community here. It’s a powerfull plant and it’s effects spread far and wide.


That’s very humble of you. Im glad we all, at least most on og, like to give back and support the community. That is a very good outlook you have on this wonderful plant. As long as we establish a community around growing the herb as we have here, we will preserve this wonderful plant. Whilst doing so, also like many before bestow knowledge and new techniques that can be applied. As well as staying kind to others and sharing experiences.



When you get around to those SFV crosses hit me up


Will do :+1::grin::seedling:


I just got my pack ! Won’t run em til fall, better grow environment for my set up.
Two questions for you :

  1. the platinum pineapple f4, are those the ones in the vial not marked ?
  2. can you give me some rundown on the gopher plant ?
    Looking forward to tasting that ppf4, thanks for your work and all your contributions to the community. I’ll be looking for your future endeavors and support all I can

I would like a pack of the lavender do you have a link to donate?


@Ak49 i do but it changes sometimes so I don’t post it here, send me a message and I’ll provide the link :grin:


That’s very nice labeling. Did you do it yourself?


Yes sir :+1:


Love the 2 monochromatic shots.
Good choice putting them front and center, that sets a unique and distinctive tone for your site.



I hate looking for stuff man, c’mon, tell me where it is. :slight_smile:



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I believe this would be it, some pretty pics up.


Looks really slick! I especially like the part about the donation going to a cause of rebellions choosing, but i can’t help but add in my head “…like my pocket” to the end of that statement. Lol


There will be some edits to the exact wording of the site in the near future, it’s a real pain in the ass to get on and make site edits with my phone, my laptop needs a new battery so I’m a little internet impaired. Next fundraiser might be a new laptop fund but I really want a medical storage fridge first with the built in back up battery :grin::ok_hand: got keep seeds as safe as possible so people get qaulity germination rates .


Just saw your post and wanted to let you know yes those would be them and I posted some info in regards to the gopher plant on the ppf4 auction thread :+1:


You still have that Grape Rebellion in your Inventory? Stay safe/be well.


I most certainly do, its in line for some breeding in the not so far away future.