The Budafly tent


Looks really good. Nice and green and happy. Keep it up!


Thank you the girls as I call them are a lil over 4 weeks old I have been capturing their progress in pics and video more to come soon stay tuned and happy growing🌱


Looking good so far. Soil looks a little wet, try not to over water them roots like oxygen as well as water.


A bit more information about the strain and grow conditions would be greatly welcomed. It will also help us to help you if you run into any problems along the way. They look happy although as @ReikoX mentioned the soil looks a little bit too wet. At this stage you don’t need to water until you see run off and certainly not on a daily basis. If you allow the soil to dry out a little the roots will search for water giving you a larger root zone eventually giving you a bigger stronger plant :v:


Yes i definitely agree about the soil we did change the soil to a 50/50 mix of fox farm ocean forest and happy frog the soil in the pics had a water retaining agent that was keeping them wetter then I liked oddly enough the roots grew like crazy coming out of the solo cup after only a week we did also use great white mycorrhizae


Also the strains are as follows 1 white widow, 2 jack herer f2s and 1 northerlight, blueberry cross the 2 Jack’s aka the twins and the widow are a lil over 4 weeks old and the northern light blueberry mix aka the baby is 3 weeks old they are in a 50/50 mix of foxfarm ocean forest and happy frog these are the most recent pics taken yesterday we also topped the2 Jack’s and the northern light mix this past week thank you for your comments I look forward to learning and sharing w this site happy growing


Looking great! Welcome to OG! Happy growing and magical green thumb juju to ya!


Very pretty girls, I’ll be watching your grow. Welcome aboard!

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Thank you for taking the time to comment n admire the girls. Cant wait to see how they grow n develop over the next several weeks it’s my first time growing all 3 strains so far so good.


Nice work, looking good! I’ll be following along

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Last night we noticed some discoloration on the 2 Jack’s and a tiny bit on the nlxbb the widow looks a lil droopy didnt have time to take pics b4 work gave them all a watering w cal/mg and silica b4 the lights came on this morning hoping that does the trick and they were just a lil hungry the soil was dry giving the roots a chance to search for water will try n post pics after work it almost looks like a burn its only affecting the tips of a few of the fans leaves.

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Nice! The girls are looking real good. I’m also doing my 1st journal. I just flipped the lights yesterday.


Update on the girls the burns on the tips I believe were the beginning stages of chlorine burn from using tap water luckily right around the corner from us there is a spring water fill up station went down last night just to check it out .25 cents a gallon and the ph was around 6.5 just glad we caught this early enough and it was an easy fix happy growing :seedling:


Just a few updated weekly pics the girls are still doing very well going to transplant them into 4 gallon pots tomorrow happy growing :seedling:


Transplanted all 4 girls this morning


Started LST on all 4 girls a cpl of days ago all are responding well. one of the Jack’s top bud sites snapped in the process, she bounced right back and is growing like nothing happened. took the opportunity to try different ways of LST maximizing the limited grow space atm. Happy growing🌱




2 Jh


They are looking great! I’m interested to know what are you using for equipment like tent and lights and fans if you don’t mind sharing.

@rob0781 my tent is by cool grow it’s a 30x30x63 atm I’m using a full spectrum led by sunraise will be upgrading to a marshydro ts1000 in a cpl weeks for fans I haven’t found any I’m totally in love w so I just have some cheap lil clip fans for above and once the canopy fills in more I’ll put another small fan underneath honestly nothing over the top I’ve only been growing a yr now and my best advice is research and experiment we only learn from experience happy growing