The Legends of OG

Anyone have a legend they want to remember?
I think everyone recalls BushyOlderGrower (BOG) his seeds and strains are still being used.
My favourite was a guerrilla grower named Ortsa. Just before OG was taken down he had a thread where he’d planted thousands of plants on some islands. The pics were breathtaking.


sure do! misterito was the man! he shared what he knew, and he knew a lot. ph issues, notably growing at a lower ph and his fertilizer regimen is still being used today. i grow tomatoes too and i use those exact ferts to start my seeds indoors in rockwool before they go into earthboxes outside. shout out to the late mota23 too.


BushyOlderGrower is the legend! I had a chance to meet him in person and shake his hand. He has inspired me a lot, and also we have tested his beans. Really great strains with very unique traits. I loved them (Sour Bubble #3, Sweet Cindy). Actually do you know that he has written great Grow Guide? I’m not sure if it has been available in stores, but I’ve got pretty limited pre-release version signed :)… Very good reading!

It is called BOG’s Bonanza of Green

It is great that BOG can grow legally under Proposition 215 now without any fear of DEA and go on camera publicly :slight_smile:


I remember… KRUSTY… He got me going on running recirculating DWC systems… He called them “Freedom Buckets”… And they do grow massive Trees… LOL


Krusty was the man! I’m still in contact with him on facebook.
Ortsa rings a bell, but I can’t remember what his grows were. So sad that so many photos were lost. I would love to check out my old gallery again, and those of many others.


OMg! I’m glad I found you guys again. I remember Krusty and BOG. What about Hurtback? I use to be Dambugz way back before OG was shut down. I am so glad to have found this place again.


Anyone remember “Acry4help”? The funniest bastard on OG.
He was an Ozzie grower who liked to troll Krusty and “noone”. He made for some hilarious reading.


Anybody remember Tokeahontas? She had some really nice indoor setups and great advice! I learned so much from her about DIY setups and tech!


I was just thinking about BOG! Man, his strains and pics looked tasty! You can definitely still order his seeds on Seed Boutique. He was always one of my favorites though. I hope a lot of the old members find out the site is back up and running and join back. It was such a great community back in the day.


BOG da man … last harvest was some Biogglegum yum !!! Great man that Bushy Old Grower


Tokeahontas … Goddess Grower mentor …love


Yea reaper, I think I remember your bunker…


When i first became a member of og back in the day i used to love following a member called reaper or the reaper, he used to do some huge hydro grows.


BOG was the man true OG of OG. Subcool is also another master grower.


Anybody remember the guy in Oz who grew the huge Mullimbilly Madness sativa plants?

Was Krusty the grower from the “BC Buds…to the max” thread? I always remember Dr. Jay from the medical forum, he was a great asset for patients and always helpful. RIP Dr. Jay Cavanaugh.


Hey gang…remember me.? :sunglasses:.

I had my own forum and I was the only Grower of the Year at OG ever! Funny thing is that I’m not the best grower really, just the best breeder! Lol…



Welcome! I remember your slogan “no fear, death lays it icy hands on kings”, etc,etc. Now I’m attending cannabis business conventions where seeds are openly sold! Congrats to you, glad you made it. We’ve come a long way.


We do events often and have done many from Denver to the West Coast. This coming weekend we have the Mecca Cup in Eureka, Ca.

You may have seen us in GreenLeaf mag.

The Bogs :sunglasses::sunglasses:


I saw the Greenleaf article, I’m in Massachusetts. Hopefully we’ll see you at NECANN next April, it was huge this year, it’s in Boston March 23-25 next year. People in Boston have a lot of money! You should come.

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We love Boston but it’s a long ways from the West Coast so I doubt we can make it. We will be at the biggest outdoor growers event of the year though. The Emerald Cup in Santa Rosa, CA in early December as we do every year.

Mostly small events locally but anyone can email us and find out where the best deals on our seeds are found. :money_mouth_face: Bog