The palmar trikoma seeds


My NFT Grow in Homemadebox

Model: The Palmar
Temperature 29*C
Humidity +/- 65% (in Flowering )
Strong Wind
Jungle In Da Box A+M+B+X 4 bottles

Pheno No.1

Pheno No.2

Phase of STOP :frowning:

Lower but bigger

Front View Lights ON

Stopped tops about 2week no changed …

and this one still taking on size :blush:

CATS LOVES CANNABIS … every time i open box

Here another Stoped Top

Front view without Lights

another one

and next

AAAAnd here comes the problem …

Water about 24*C i know its too much so i hope i will finish my round with some buds :smiley:
Ph 5,8
Ec 1,6
about two days before there was and incredible mushroom bulls#it i use about 200 ml H2O2 12%
OxyPlus in 6 liters of water …//in Reservior was 34liters so after adding thre was about 40// wwith pressure pump i slowly apply this right into the root-system and roots now look way better… i know its not that good but can someone Help with this troubles ? :smiley:

some pice of leafs… but its not the tragedy :smiley:

This Was much more in whole system… i dont know where does it comes but i have some ideas… at the beggining ( Rooting into system there was a few days without the top cover desk cuz i was waiting onto the growshop delivery and it never comes… so i start with my homemade ideas and about 3 weeks i must change it cuz my homemade desk was absoultely wet and smells like mushrooms… so i take latexfoil (absolutely NONlightproof ) and make an another inprovisation… :smiley:
this is the phase where i am right now… so if there is some ideas i would be very happy

Soo this is my jungle in box right now … i have a problem cuz my flowers are stopped at same size about one and half week :frowning: i am fighting with a mushrooms in my nft cuz i had bad instaled cover of roots… i bought oxyplus and start cleaning it works well but i think it needs more cycles to get some good results

My growbox is osb desk material diamond foil and some kits around doors etc.

120x60x200 centimetrers
Nft grotank 424 ( 45liters )
Jungle in da box nutrients
Essentials ph -
Ph & Ec meter Millwaulkie
Water pump 1 (original with system )
Water pump 2 ( circulation in reservior)
Air pump with ring-stone
One big tornado fan ( 40 cm ) 3 speed
Spider vero 29- 242w cob-led gen.6 +10 cree red
Vents TT100 187m/3 + Carbon Filter Black OPS340m/3

About 45 days in veg.
Now about 35 days in flower :slight_smile:


Make sure the air pump is making bubbles.

Your temp is a bit warm you should lower it. You can freeze a plastic soda bottle in the freezer and put it in the Rez to cool it down. I keep one in the freezer and one in the Rez and change them daily.


Thanks For the Tips :slight_smile:

Looking pretty good! Those seem to be 100% sativas just by the way they look, im also growing only sativas at the moment and they seem to handle everything pretty good.
IMO I will put some extra side lights maybe some cfls just to compliment that led grow light.

That is some pretty crazy sativa line there :slight_smile:

According to Trikoma website, it should have 60% Sativa and 40% Indica :thinking:

Have you got any experience with yield of this strain? You must really be sativa lover :slight_smile:

I have no experience … i get 2 seeds as free sample with blueberry and supercheeze so i tried them … i love sativa strains cuz they Are makin me very euphoric and i love to smoke weed and stay up … i dont need to be shutdown with a hit from a bong and cant be productive … looks like one pheno is more sativa then the second :slight_smile: we will see at the end of the story what my buds are going to look like :slight_smile:

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Weeey a few informations from past … flowers was turned onto 12/12 period when they had about 25-30cm after 14 days in flower they jumped into 80-90 cm :sunglasses:

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Hello i have some news … 12 litres of old water with nutrients are in toilet :smiley: new fresh water with nutrients is in grotank here is some details :

20ml A
40ml M
60ml B
15 ml X ( just last drops in bottle )
4 ml ph - ( very strong concentrate)
45 litres water ( 24hours staing in open box before filling nft )

Roots doesnt look 100% fresh but its last 2 weeks i hope they keep working …

Buds are not huge but long :smiley: really one pheno is sativa 100% and second pheno is indica 40% so trikoma seed u have to keep workin on fix this mistake :smiley:

But better is to make clones and have same pheno in this technique of growing :slight_smile:

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Yes hydroponics is hard in hot summer times… Have you thought about getting cooler?

How many days are you in flower? These looks like they need 70+ days…
Good luck!

Yeah bro i was thinking bout haleia watercooler ( aqarium cooler for fishes ) it costs about 10000 czk and it can solve my problems in hot summer days

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Here is my ending of this round… i cant wait anymore cuz of mushrooms in my rootsystem :frowning:


160 grams Final Material … :slight_smile: tasty full of euphoria :slight_smile:


I think Bank sais it’s [(Ak47 X WhitheWidow) X Power Plant]

The Palmar / El Palmar: