Thseeds A-train

Hey guys was thinking of buying dome A-train seeds from a freind. He bought them maybe 2 years ago. He has lambo too.

Are these strains to old to play with?


That’s not really too old depending on how old they were when your friend purchased them. In the end, much of it depends on how the seeds were packaged and stored over time. Stored in the containers in the fridge vs stored in the trunk of a car in Arizona.


Is he asking retail price? Or is he being reasonable since they are a bit older?


Im sure whst he paid for them. Cant buy atrain on seedsherenow or any wheres else.

He slso has x18 pure Pakistani from dna seeds. Regulars hes had for five plus years…

I understand thats tom hills x18 but at 1 to 1 with little to no variation…

These are all in freezer for preservation…


I say, why not? I’m even interested in the Pakistani. It being the Tom Hill, would that make it the Pine Tar Kush? I’m really into pine terps so I hope you have good luck with them.

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As @Northern_Loki said it depends on how they were stored . I have plants growing now from seeds over 15 yrs old .

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I have toms hills pine tar kush and his original haze . I was given the pine tar kush as a freebie from csi humboldt.

2 years isnt anything for seeds . Most time you buy seeds new they will be two years old.


Well if i fo choose to start i will most likely go with the paki. I only read about it being tom hills x18. Who knows if thats true? I sure would!
Old paki blue would be really nice too


Nice! I saw they were available on strainly as a landrace from The Landrace Team for $100, but I would rather have the Tom Hill version that was so popular in the Bay area. Let me know if you’re up for a trade or if you might have some I could purchase from you. I’m on a hunt to collect pine terps and bring them together for some creations. So far I’m working with: Valley Chem, GG#4, Romulan xSkywalkerOG, Jungle Spice F2, Hell Raiser OG, LowDak, KosherKushxSourChem and I’m working on the Bodhi Soul Food and one of the Snow Lotus crosses. GLG is buy one, get one on Bodhi!

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They are dna genetics seeds x18. Supposedly a tom hill genetics 1 to 1. Not sure if the story is true. Read it online.

I got them from my friend im itching to grow them and just say fuggit

Nice! I hope it yields you some fire. Share pictures for sure. I still have that Pine Tar Kush on my list too. Crazy to think the X-18 you have is such a classic it’s been around for decades.