Tips for growing autos

Hey everyone! Canadian here, and female :slight_smile: I’m more know on rollitup or growdiaries but I figured since someone turned me to another great cannabis community; I thought I’d join in. :smile:

I started growing 3 years ago, and I have a huge passion for cannabis. I smoke it yes, but growing it is relaxing and almost like Yoga for the mind. I had my best plants ripped this summer, and I’m still so touchy on that topic. I hate my backyard now, even more that it was someone I trusted. I started over right away but being in canada, grow season was over. I bought a light and lol cleaned out my 4x4 closet to build a mini grow room for the winter. It works, but I have all my clothes on the floo and baskets lolol

Dark auto 3 gal

I’m a puny person who has been through a lot for someone only 22. Being female, and young… no one takes you seriously and especially if you grow. I have experience but I also have a green thumb, and a love for growing. I may not know much but I know how to grow aha and we never stop learning as human beings.

Wow I should stop talking now, I can hold a conversation for a while so, I’ll stop myself.

Happy growing everyone and feel free to shoot me a message :sunny:


welcome to OG @CannabisQueen i look forward to following along. i hope you’re not injured from the car accident

my grow journal is here if you’d like to check it out :slight_smile:


Welcome and I agree wholeheartedly.

So sorry to hear about your troubles, I don’t like low grade people. That is an awful pretty plant can you tell us about the smells and high.


Welcome @CannabisQueen! Beautiful bud shot. :grin:

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Awe thank you!

This is dark devil auto, from sweet seeds.
She smells like a tropical lemon lol like if sunshine and lemon fruitpunch could be together.

This is my first time growing her but I will for sure update in a month when I harvest and text out a bud :slight_smile:


Thank you! I use a rebel ti canon or my rebel xti5


Welcome @CannabisQueen :wave:


Welcome to all the new friends…, special welcome to @CannabisQueen ,world need more grower girls…


Welcom @CannabisQueen an i am euphoric about your Dark auto grow!! :smiley:


Welcome and Happy Holidays @CannabisQueen.

A green thumb is always welcome here.



do you have tips for growing autos im new to them


Tips I can give;

  • don’t go by the breeding time on the seed pack/site. Those are for exactly their conditions they have in their grow space. Rule of thumb for that, add 2 weeks to all breeding times!

  • patience is key, she may look ready but if you have to second guess yourself, wait a week.

  • even if you’re the best transplanter in the world, don’t. All autos react differently to training, topping, FIM and of course, transplanting. Some may be fine, some may herm or just stop growing. I don’t chance it anymore, I plant in my final pot.

  • 18/6 or higher; lighting is important obviously, but autos don’t need a switch. They flower on their own time. Some take 3 weeks to show pre flowers, some take 5-6. Again, autos beat to their own drum.

  • easy on the nutes, they only need about half from my experience.


I’ve got a few different autoflowering feminised seeds as it’s my first time and they seem to be the beginners option. I’m assuming it’s not too different from working with hemp in the beginning stages? Hot water in a bowl with the seeds till they start bursting then pop into soil? Would it be worth my time getting an incubator for them? Any beginner guides to read would be appreciated.

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welcome @ioik you can check this thread out for a beginners guide to autoflowers, and if you use the searchbar you’ll find lots more, there’s several members who almost exclusively grow autoflowers.

for germination guides you can try this thread or this one - i personally just fill my pot with soil, saturate it, then plant the seed a 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep. i don’t like to risk damaging the fragile taproot sprouting them in a cup or paper towel

welcome to OG i look forward to watching your first harvest :smiley:


Thank you for the heads up @legalcanada. Much appreciated.

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Don’t use hot water for the seeds. Room temp is best. If you have distilled or low ppm tap water that is fine.

Welcome to Overgrow! I love the picture of the kitten.

I wouldn’t use hot water but room temp,
But yes place in a cup of water covered if possible and place in a warm room.
They will pop and you can place them in their final pot. They don’t be like to be transplanted. :slight_smile:

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