To all the Flower Vapers Vape users Unit

OK I am not new to my Vape , I have a Solo 1 and Solo 2 as well as the Extreme Q. I have been trying to find the sweet spot on how dry weed should be when Vaped.
I have found my weed stores well at 62% Boveda pks in mason jar (long time) I have had different flower vape better than others, am I missing the trick? I get a few hits at 340F not bad and then boom nothing.
Raise heat up to 370 and get 2 more good hits and done.
How humid should my herb be to get the most out of my buck (grow)
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I don’t know about humidity but I have all sorts of vapes and I find if I start at a higher temp I get more hits. I have a Mighty and I start at 410F.

I find also you have to pack the flower a little tighter than you might otherwise normally do, then I’ll get some nice hits vs. the looser packed bowls.


410 wow I would be choking my lungs out
That is very close to combustion temps No?


@pufferfishfiend Puffer are you finding at higher temps it becomes more sleepy as opposed to lower temps more heady high (like Sativa do)
I guess my weed is sativa dom


I recently harvested and left away all the popcorn but then thought I could use them as a “light” vape. I vaped some and as it was still fresh I made big clouds, so I was wondering the same: as vaping you dehidrate the bud (no combustion) wouldn’t be curing differently and shorter than if you were going to smoke it?

High temperatures are worse for your lungs, I also had a Mighty but were coughing, so I bought a sort of water filter, water went down to the battery and it was coitus, no warranty about that …

So I finally bought an Hidrology9 and never had a cough since, cold water brings down the temperature and smoothes the vapour, will test that popcorn tonight … :sunglasses:


Some cannabinoids wont even vaporize at 410…you have to have your vape pumped up to 428 for the elusive THCV…:slight_smile:

Lower temp better to preserve terps…Higher temp extracts a greater diversity of cannabinoids…



For the budget minded out there AFOAF can fully recommend the Pulsar Flow, has excellent vapor production and cooling channels, still a bit warm but gets the job done!


I too am leaning away from the higher temps myself
@MrToast was not aware of this, I make a lot of tinctures and have never seen trying to obtain THCV , need to look into That. Thks


Nice Read Thank You George
I like this chart too
Going to up the Vape tonight I what the highest vape LOL

Anyone have any good ideas to reduce the throat burn other then water cooler vape George showed?


Aaaaaah, that will leam you to throat ache and you won’t be able to vape again for some time … stretcher|nullxnull

Have a glass of cold water aside and sip some before and after each shot, that helps too.

I will vape tonight in red (higher) level and find out how much truth hides behind that stoner science … :sweat_smile:


It will be funny if we burn our throats and end up not being able to talk tomorrow, Report back , Im going Higher tonight myself.


I see the solo can use a Micro Bubbler has anyone used something like this to cool the vape?
I think George showed something similar


For sure. Lower temps make pretty much any strain more buzzy and the higher temps more narcotic.

And I also regularly smoke joints and hit bongs so my throat/lungs are used to the punishment. I’ll sometimes run either the Mighty or my Dynavap M through my glass to cool it.


This looks fine, at least water won’t fall inside as it was my case … :sweat:


OK Morning Report @George1961 attn
I loaded my tubes a lil heavy and slight pack down firm
pushed temps right up to 395 and vaped away .
Nice plumes of hot almost smoke , hard hits on my lungs but burn to back
of throat was the worst part (used the cool drink in between trick) thks George.
I ran the temp to 428 degs F highest my solo would go and got a nice heavy high more than the 365F was doing.
So all in all I am going to see how the higher temps for for night time use now
Anyone else?


Vaped at the top red temperature and it was like a direct punch box|nullxnull pelea|nullxnull , perhaps too high and coutch-lock fumaoo|nullxnull , didn’t notice high temperature or coughing thanks to the water filtering, bigger clouds but fewer shots and almost complete loss of flavour. I enjoy more the lower step, I suppose it is like sipping slowly a whiskey or drinking all in one shot new_all_coholic|nullxnull , I think I prefer a downshift experience, was fun experimenting doh … :sunglasses:


I have the extreme q and rigged this up, really smooth and works well.


To do this I need a 14mm adapt to 18mm correct

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A bong that is 18mm female and everything else is what came with the extreme q.