Tony Green GG4 R.I.L. FEMS - Grow Log

GG4 RIL (GG4 BX6 x reversed Gorilla Bubble Bx5) 20 Feminized Seeds

----DC Seed Exchange.
Just dropped 9 seeds.
-Plan on keeping 6 for the run.
One got away from me. Gosh darnit!!!
Root Riot plugs primed with Azos.
Starter tray with dome, heat mat and thermostat set to “Germinate” zone.
-Old school analog I guess. It was what my local shop had when I powered an oil heater last winter and burned out the Inkbird.
Will be going into 5x5 tent.
Pictures when there is something worth viewing.
Will be Xposting to another site.

Best of fortunes to all the outdoor folks as the 2021 season closes!


Following for posterity

I need practice dealing with seeds. Or need confidence to deal with spendy genetics…
-One of the 10 I was planning on squirted out of my tweezers squirted to points unknown while I was trying to figure out the tip and tail of the seed.
-Gotta figure out a way to not do that again. Grrrrrrr.
I just dropped 'em in the plugs.
I ran clones back in the 90s, and the first seeds I cracked other than the bagseed way back when were the Black Pineapple in my other log.
Second time cracking seed from an old guy…Let’s see how this goes.


I didn’t know the GG4 RiL came feminized? Makes me excited to see what you find. Good luck

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I also didn’t know that feminized existed it must be a new thing that @Tonygreen must be working on but when you look at the description on the site and say this:

“One of the finest Glue lines known to man is about to hit your hand…now in feminized form! Building off the amazing success of last year’s smash hit GG4 RIL, the feminized version allowed for a direct selection of stunning resin-producing mothers to match with the proven Gorilla Bubble BX5 mom. You can check out the selections on my IG, these GG4 Bx6 moms are absolutely ridiculous resin producers. There are not nearly as many of these as last year’s reg version so don’t miss out! …”

now my mouth watered :drooling_face: just imagining how wonderful this one will be. :scream:
anxious to see how it ends
:pray: :om:


Sold out faster almost than the Casey Jones!


Plenty of room in that tent for me to camp out in that far right corner!! Good luck on your mission, stay safe, take special care, and be well…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray: :heart_eyes:

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Link to the listing at DC Seed Exchange:


I have emotional ties to the DC scene.
Good Hope Hydro was running clone tutorials/classes 5 years ago where I was able to pick up some great medicinal strains after being out of the game for over 20 years. I lost a Brazil Amazonia that I picked up there that really helps my wife’s RLS (restless leg syndrome) - EZ Cloner cleaning failure.
All on me.
It is a poor tradesman that blames his tools.
First grow shop I was comfortable talking GROW and not having to talk about Tomatoes…
–Flashing back to that horrible shop on 99 in Seattle that had a sign on the door saying " Do NOT ask about tomatoes" back in the 90s…Although the old Sun Shoppe in the university district seems to be blossoming.
Great folks, great community, great information IRL.
I have no idea if they are affiliated with DC Seed Exchange, but they are the real deal.
Oh yeah, 5 of the 9 seeds have pushed the light blocking cover off the plugs… :8^)
Pics when there is something green…


Well, it’s kinda green, but mostly gold:


9 for 9 or the beans cracking. That’s on Tony Green more than me.
My Bean-Fu basically sucks.
-These are the second round of beans I’ve cracked since the early 90s.
Those babies stretched like crazy; so much so that I was worried they would fall over and crease.
Turns out my Temp under the dome of death was right at 80;
-Dropping down to 74-75 slowed them down. RH @ 99%-92%.
The stretch scared me, so they went into Solos as soon as I saw a tap root.
Of the 9, one is a runt and 2 are fast/strong, so I’ll mark all 3.
Pics when they go into the 1 gallon smart pots; Y’all seen too many “EErz Muh Seedilinz!!!” posts…
Not worth server bandwidth…Now root porn, that’s entirely different :laughing:


Hopping on the bandwagon to follow this one too, I’ve got some regular GG4 RIL beans waiting in cold storage so I’m interested to know how they grow. One of my favorite strains, though I’m sure I’ll come across others… spent far too long dealing with the black market, and it’s not only expensive and dangerous but thoroughly opaque and very limited on options. Never even know whether the strains I’m getting are actually what they’re being called, or whether the street monster I’m getting them from is just too ignorant to know the difference.

I’ve had these in clear solos and just dropped those into opaque red ones.
Pretty much everyone has 3 sets of 3 fingered leaves, and I really want to get them into 1 gal pots.
My problem is that I’m not seeing a lot of roots mid level in the cup, and I am afraid the whole soil mass is just going to crumble when I transplant.
With my experience of clones I am used to seeing a ton of roots b/c they start way up high in the cup.
The tap root on these is at mid cup depth at best for these, so there is a fair root some in the bottom third of the cup, but some have almost nothing showing in the upper potions of the cup.
Putting the clears in the opaque cups should help out.
Been watering sparingly with 6.2 plain old water and trying to keep the water as close to the edge of the cups as possible.

Finally into 1 gal smart pots. Pics later today

Just got them out of the solo cups last night.
I think I fried the lower leaves with a Dr Zymes.
-Part of pest management that works fine on clones, but not so much on the sensitive tissue of newborns; TIL…
No reason to show my fancy :crazy_face: starter light setup.

  • aquarium reflector T5 and dual LED “Agro” bulbs.
    -They should stay there for another 48 hours.

Then they meet the KIND XL750.
-Pretty light use over the last 6 years, and it is looking a little dim these days, but I like having the blues available during the flip.


Maybe this is premature…[Simpsons “Are we there yet?”]

Thanks for the poke. Please repost again in 90 days 8^)

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Figure 1 week from now to take the heads off.
1 week after that up pot to 5 gal.
1 week after that cut the lights to 12/12.
Might be trying out the Fox Farm Strawberry Field for the next up potting
Went with the Ocean Forest on the soil to 1 gal up pot.
Just dosed with Fish Sh!t at 3ml/gal.
Plants are under KIND XL750 running at the default schedule about 36 inches.
Will be dropping to 24 inches tomorrow.
Fan leaves getting wider a day after moving to 1 gal from solos.
Dunno if this is from the bigger pots or the bigger light. Probably both…


Sounds like some resinous goodness I need to try

Really thinking about picking up a Medic Grow Fold 8 for flowering.
I have 2 Mare Hydro TSL 2000 QB lights that I totally dig, but I am looking to move them into breeder tents.
The 2 TSLs are fantastic with 6 plants, but I have a 5x5 tent and they would be spread pretty thin in a 5x5 for 9 plants.

Note to self: next run move them out of the Floro zone to the big lights earlier…just a note the upper fans are blowing up nice.
Kind Xl750 running on auto at 36 inches,

Interesting behavior noted: Sleepy time…
These have the most notable droop I have ever seen when they go to sleep that I’ve ever seen.
Thought they were too dry the first time I saw this happen.
The KIND running auto hits them with red and far red for 10 minutes at the start and end of the day to wake them up and put them to sleep.
Looks like I gotta chop the heads earlier than I thought; there was like zero time acclimating to the new pots.

No nutes yet. Fish Sh!t and a bit of General Organics Diamond Black