Tony Green GG4 R.I.L. FEMS - Grow Log

I noticed a slight increase in growth moving from 60 watts to 430 watts.
Light at 28 inches or so.
Yeah I know they’re crowded, but it is really tight in that 5’x5’ tent…
Plants would have been topped, but there is stuff laying where I do cuttings.
Fans are blowing up and looking very Indica leaning.
Branchination, for lack of a better word, is looking good even beofor3 topping.
Some are kinda left or right handed, but giving them some more space should fix that.
A couple really lift/pray really well
Fish Sh!t, Diamond Black, Budswell. PH 6.2-6.4. light dose. PPM: didn’t check…

Oh yeah, you think these pics stink? You shoulda seen the ones I took in full blurple mode.


Won’t be doing any mainline. Won’t be doing any SCROG-ing.
Pinch the lowest #1 branches and top at A?
Leave all branching ad top at B?
Pinch the tip and go full on BUSH mode?
----not gonna make that mistake again. There’s only so much space here, and only so much wattage I can land on them.


Sorry for the blurple.
Hair cut. a couple of these I almost cut them in half to get a homogenous height.
On one I noticed obscene roots blowing out of the smart pot; it was the biggest one.
-I also probably got the Azos & Mycos right on that one.
-I tried to coat the “root ball” that came out of the solo cup and dumped a bunch right at the bottom.
Could not help myself and made clones out of all the tops.
It could be the overcrowding, but I am noticing some handedness on these.
-Probably the crowding.


Feeding at this stage:
Fish Sh!t, RapidStart, and Budswell-One feed
Cal Mag, Diamond Black - Next Feed. Adding General Organics Bio Root to this, probably the Bio Marine too.
Tempted to be jamming toothpicks into the 1/8th inch hole in the “stubs” after cutting their heads off.
-Not gonna do it, who knows what preservative, bleach, chemicals that would introduce.
-Just gonna pour more water on them and hope the channel fills up.

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Really starting to wonder if it is even possible to do 9 of these in a 5x5.
I am using the XL750 for veg and flip to minimize stretch with the heavy blues.
Once we are a couple of weeks into flower, there is the 2 TSL 2000 lights that will go in.
i don’t know if 3 rows of 3 of 3 of these beasts will fit this space…


I’m looking forward to watching you try! Good stuff man :+1:t2:

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I am seeing the Medic Grow Fold-8 in my near future.
I know I should cut it down to 5 or 6, but I just can’t choose…
The 2 Mars Hydro TSL 2000s won’t cover the space and would probably cause lanky larf.
I’ll start with them because I have them.

Thoughts on a new light.
I was gonna make a post in the Indoor growing area, and in the process I think I talked myself out of the Medic Grow Fold-8.
Looking back at the Mars Hydro FCE-6500.
The Medic Grow is a hundred bucks more, draws a hundred watts more juice, and it is a huge folding array.
The Medic Grow has a better PAR map, hands down, and efficiency is really amazing.
But I do not run CO2, so can I even take advantage of the divine symmetry of this fixture?
CFCC Review on Medic Grow Fold-8

Or do I save some bucks on the FCE-6500?
CFCC Updated review on the FCE-6500

The good thing is I should have a month to make up my mind…well at least 2 weeks.
Edit: Just saw a price change that might make the whole musing moot.

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Cruise control for a couple of weeks.
That old XL750 just isn’t cutting it anymore; it just looked dim, and the plants are getting leggy.
Swapped in the 2 TSL2000s.
Spread the plants out.
You can see the long internodals on the right hand of the plant #1.
–a bunch of these are doing this. Not enough photons, and not enough space.
—I have the photons - blasting these from about 18 inches at 75% on the TSL2000


Quick one
Tony’s GG4 R.I.L. seriously deplete soil. Not a bad thing.
Opened the tent and there is a full run of every deficiency known to man; this is all on me.
Fox Farm OF is usually hot enough to last a couple of weeks, but these girls are hungry…
Dosed with the General Organics Go Box set of nutes at 75% box dose.


9 plants 3 phenos.
Stretching-most common, shorty - less common, and man spreading - only one of these.
Average plant is 18 inches.



Man spread:


I can see it starting in the last post - Magnesium deficiencies.
-I think it is a low PH lockout…
Lesson learned here…leave the water in the bucket for at least 1 beer or half a J.
-Then adjust ph.
-In my case I get high 7s to low 8s out of the tap. It settles down to low 7s after a half an hour or so.
Flushed with 6.5 until runoff was 6.0-6.2. Goes pretty quick in these 1 gal pots.
-Initial runoff was in high 5s
-The General Organics say not to ph after mixing; won’t be doing that anymore either…
Up potting this weekend that I should have done last weekend.
The clones that the fungus gnat larvae didn’t eat are rooting MFers.
-18 days since cutting and ready to move out of the solo cups.
-Guess I should actually clean those clone trays :crazy_face:
Procrastination is a common problem/theme with all my grows, C’est la vie…
Lights around 16 inches at 70%.
Only have work phone handy, so like no pictures today.


Hey bro… good to see you update.

That 1 gal smart pot was a pita to remove, 1st i had ever removed a smartie for up potting. Thought i was in trouble… but the gift you gave me rebounded very quickly into a 3 gal smart pot… and it’s taking off.

Went right to 550ppm and she’s looking great. Thank You…

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A certain amount of brutality is required to get plants out of those things. Glad to hear she’s up and running.
Related note-the clone/top I took off that one is the strongest of the bunch. It was the first to show roots out of the riot plug and has a bunch of pure white roots hanging out of the solo cup.
Thanks for the update; looks like you’re on schedule.


Finally flipping to 12/12. Gonna up pot on Saturday; gonna be brutal getting them out. Moar torture for Tony Green’s Tortured Beans…
One month to the day that they came out of the solo cups…how fast they grow up.
Thinking about getting the Medic Grow EZ-8.
-They tell me that they will do 20% off on black friday.


I’ll be flipping tonight on the gift you gave me.

These rooted in my cloner faster than the Apple Fritter and Guerilla Fume’ that were beside them. By FAR faster…

These go into the 3x3 in about a week after I pull the Chocolate Diesel.


Clones look super healthy!
I am anxious to see how they go when flowered at the proper time instead of me waiting too long.
Thanks for the update.
Have a good Turkey day!

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F7 -ish
Enjoy Turkey Day everyone!
This is what happens when you top Tony’s gear once at the 5th node and let them just go.
Glad I picket the right day to buy a 2x4 tent…
Also picked up a big fancy high tech bar light.
-The wife will have something to say when that shows up in the next few days.
There’s always one that goes two and a half times taller than average. Ugh.
As an example of cosmic jokes:
-The shorty in front left was the first to pop.
-The monster in the back left was the runt of the litter.
Two and a half months to go, and we are completely Overgrown.

Wow…just looking back at the pics from 13 days ago; these things filled out in a big way.


Got my eye on these beans so hard… plants look amazing. Might have to make a Black Friday purchase!

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Thanks for the compliment NNNugs.
These were the R.I.L. GG4 Fem gold foil pack.
I picked them up from DC Seed Exchange shortly after they dropped.
-Been sold out for a while, but I’m sure Tony has more in his pipeline.