Upcoming Canadian hemp/cannabis festivals/events

I had a great time at last years Hempfest (winnipeg). I’ve been keeping my eyes open for Winnipeg’s next event but I don’t see anything on the cannabis event calandar for 2020.
With that being said I’ve expanded my search and I’m asking my fellow Canadian OGers…
Which (Canadian) cannabis events are on your calandar 2020?


Little cold for a festival in Winnipeg although today wasn’t bad but tagging along to catch updates.

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Isn’t it about time that High Times recognize Canada (and all the legalization success) with a Cannabis Cup. Med=man and Remo need some real competitors that they don’t invite, LOL Seems any expos’ I’m finding are for the LP’s, y’know fucking suits trying weed for the first time, figuring out how to eliminate the black market, with legislation. LIFT can fuck a hat, treat yourself is gone… Small legal local rec festivals is what would get me out…grow and smoke competitions. Good things grow-oh-oh in Ontario. Kingston 420 had an invitational a cpl years ago, but Kingston police put a stop to that one. Corporate vs. med home growing would be an epic competition. Tweed and DNA genetics team would have their asses handed to them and get a ‘most honest grower’ booby prize.


Karma cup toronto sept12 and don’t forget the Mohawk Cup in Shannonville July 17-19. I’m sure non-natives are welcome, just bring your own barricade! Looking for MB ones.


We manitoba boy’s ought to thow our own local cup )and do it like an ole school rave announce the location night of. I’m pretty sure I could get a old bowling trophy from the MCC and modify it to read valley invitational karate champion🏆 or make it cannabis themed would be cool too. Food for thought. Helped host a fishing derby once can’t be a lot harder than that was


A rec. invitational…we need a sponsor…High Times? LOL sure won’t be Tweed, but they can enter…ooooh wouldn’t that be fun. Cdn rec. growers vs. the lp’s can you say stock devaluation…OK lets get a bunch of hoser OG members to challenge the LPs in a smoke off with lab testing. A put out or shut up throwdown, hell I’d even run one of their precious argyle fem seeds, just for the show!!!


Oh - I am SO on for that!!