UPDATED Trading 2x4x5 SpiderFarmer Grow Tent for Photoperiod Seeds or Pollen

Hello OG,

I’m looking to trade a 2x4x5 Spider Farmer grow tent for photoperiod seeds or pollen.

The link to the exact tent is below. The tent was used exactly one time. I bought this for my last run and you can refer to my grow journal for both photos of the tent and documentation of how it was used. The tent is in as mint condition as it could be for roughly 13 weeks use. No tears or rips of any kind, zippers are perfect and smooth, all bars and accessories are included and I’ll include four straps just so you have extras for fans and filters.

I posted before about having heat problems with this tent due to 400watts of lighting. I am solely getting rid of this so I can purchase a @VIVOSUN 2x4 with a side port hole which I think will better facilitate an intake fan.

I keep a very clean grow and you can refer to my journal to confirm there were no pests or other concerns. At any rate the inside will be sanitized with peroxide. The vents and exterior will be thoroughly wiped down. That’ll happen whether it goes into storage or gets traded. Mentioning storage, my wife will only let me have the grow space I have now so realistically it will sit in an attic for years if it doesn’t find a good home.

Crosses or varieties of any of the following would be considered. The tent is about $100 and I’m figuring $20ish for shipping (standard with tracking). Looking for a trade equitable to that. Pretty open on offers


Banana OG
Larry OG
Berry White
Girl Scout Cookies
Green Crack
Old Time Moonshine
Blue Dream
Sensi Star

Some of these are out there so willing to consider crosses or other offerings as well.
Not opposed at all to OGer seeds if you got a journal or info on the stain.


I love my Spider Farmer tent and if I could make room for one more tent I’d be all over this. Best of luck with your trade.


Thanks thinking the “feminized” part is where I’ll run into issues


Dmed and ten characters

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Nothing wrong with fems. Some of my best grows have been fems.


Same I like to run a mix of Fem and regs each run, need better fems lol

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Try something from Anesia seeds are Barney farms.

Probably. I’ve got 3 or 4 of those I’d trade you, but unfortunately they’re all regulars.
Good luck, I hope you find some.

I’ll keep you in mind, if I can’t find what I’m looking for I’ll default to regs

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What I have on that list is some banana og crosses from plants that hermed from extreme stress last season and would be a “grow at ur own risk”, I was just gonna burn em

What isn’t from shit show grows is I got a fem gdp, didnt pueple but wss fat and smelled like juicy fruit of the one i grew out and I MIGHT have 1 green crack seed left thats Fem. If u wanna message me I can let u know some others not listed I might have in my Fem stash when I get home from work :wink:


I updated the list above and am expanding it to pretty much anything including pollen but no autos. Just wanna make sure it’s close to one of the strains above, pollen would be cool if you got info on it.

So haven’t received any acceptable offers, I get the new tent Thursday so it’ll go into storage by then.

At this point any reasonable offer considered, just trying to avoid more grow attic litter

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No trades made, attic bound

@moderators please close post

Damn, just seeing this. I might have something your looking for

Edit: just seen your in the USA, I think shipping across to Canada would be too much.

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Yeah I had someone else from Canada that was interested but the cost of shipping was such that you’re better off just buying the tent lol. Sitting in the attic till the next friend wants to get going.

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