Vernal's Basement Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

Ain’t much yet but after the dud virus fiasco, here’s 25 Super Silver Cough F2 (Ft. Collins Cough x Super Silver Haze) in the water. Ft. Collins Cough is an old old NL5 x Haze clone, Super Silver Cough was originally by Dynasty but continued by @sankofaherbalist on IG.

My projects prior were going to be broadleaf SSH and Bandaid Haze oriented, now I have to reboot and redirect. Water runs around obstacles or wears them away slowly, so shall I. Threw me for a loop, 100%, but I’ll adapt. Updates to follow.

I still have basically everything I had in seed form, I just have to find them again. I lost a lot of time, but gained insight on many lines. It wasn’t all for naught. I am still planning on having a new seed run by next Fall. An obstacle, but not insurmountable. I am not the first farmer to have a loss. Just need a positive perspective.

I was telling my wife…this is the 3rd worst thing that can happen to a grow…after fire and police lol.


I’m going to pull up a chair…to get my 10 in :rofl:


Sweet flower pictures inbound…in 3.5 months lol.


I’ll be here…haha


To answer people’s questions, if you got Bandaid Haze seeds from me, those were made far prior to this fiasco. If you got questions about the dud virus please let me know. It’s not curable, it’s not fixable.

Do not take in cuts from anyone, ever. We live in a new time. You grow from seed now (preferably old stock). Repeat that until it sticks.

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized cuttings, but the hop viroid cancelled that. Mother Nature is a real bitch sometimes. 2020…coronavirus & hemp virus. What a time to be alive.

Please understand I feel like a shit grower and human garbage possibly passing cuts with this disease, but I’d feel worse not coming clean about it. I am an honest man above all else.


No reason to feel like shit. …shit happens. Being alive and doing things is a risky proposition to begin with. :grin:


Pulling up a chair and along for the ride!


Keep a rockin, through the mist.
I done poppa Vernal proud, Acetamiprid, did its lethal business on whatever those white things in the roots were and a good 4-5 weeks from harvest.
Time to enjoy all the new, maybe you’ll get some jackpots and score superior and fresh moms, time to roll the dice.

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Most excellent! The 'prids annihilate root aphids.

I figure since I don’t have anything else going now I’ll run 9 of the Super Silver Cough females, smaller and quicker to harvest than running my usual 4-5. I know at least one of those SSC females is gonna be insane.