Vernal's Basement Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

Ain’t much yet but after the dud virus fiasco, here’s 25 Super Silver Cough F2 (Ft. Collins Cough x Super Silver Haze F3) in the water. I also have a bunch of the “hazier” F2 selection from the same pollination. Ft. Collins Cough is purportedly an old NL5 x Haze clone from the mid 90’s. Popular in Colorado until the modern stuff took over. Super Silver Cough was originally by Dynasty Genetics but continued by @sankofaherbalist on IG. These will probably take 10-12 weeks to finish.

My projects prior were going to be broadleaf SSH and Bandaid Haze oriented, now I have to reboot and redirect. Water runs around obstacles or wears them away slowly, so shall I. Threw me for a loop, 100%, but I’ll adapt. Updates to follow.

I still have basically everything I had in seed form, I just have to find them again. I lost a lot of time, but gained insight on many lines. It wasn’t all for naught. I am still planning on having a new seed run by next Fall. An obstacle, but not insurmountable. I am not the first farmer to have a loss. Just need a positive perspective.

I was telling my wife…this is the 3rd worst thing that can happen to a grow…after fire and police lol.


I’m going to pull up a chair…to get my 10 in :rofl:


Sweet flower pictures inbound…in 3.5 months lol.


I’ll be here…haha


To answer people’s questions, if you got Bandaid Haze seeds from me, those were made far prior to this fiasco. If you got questions about the dud virus please let me know. It’s not curable, it’s not fixable.

Do not take in cuts from anyone, ever. We live in a new time. You grow from seed now (preferably old stock). Repeat that until it sticks.

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized cuttings, but the hop viroid cancelled that. Mother Nature is a real bitch sometimes. 2020…coronavirus & hemp virus. What a time to be alive.

Please understand I feel like a shit grower and human garbage possibly passing cuts with this disease, but I’d feel worse not coming clean about it. I am an honest man above all else.


No reason to feel like shit. …shit happens. Being alive and doing things is a risky proposition to begin with. :grin:


Pulling up a chair and along for the ride!


Keep a rockin, through the mist.
I done poppa Vernal proud, Acetamiprid, did its lethal business on whatever those white things in the roots were and a good 4-5 weeks from harvest.
Time to enjoy all the new, maybe you’ll get some jackpots and score superior and fresh moms, time to roll the dice.


Most excellent! The 'prids annihilate root aphids.

I figure since I don’t have anything else going now I’ll run 9 of the Super Silver Cough females, smaller and quicker to harvest than running my usual 4-5. I know at least one of those SSC females is gonna be insane.


Not much to ogle at yet but here’s 20 Super Silver Cough F2 babies.

I actually threw down 34 seeds, but I lost 6 to damp off, had 3 no-germs, culled 5 weirdos and slowpokes.

So here are the strongest left. The smaller ones are replacements for the 6 I lost to damp-off.

There’s a half dozen big aggressive broadleafs, 2 obvious narrowleafs (light lime green, taller, sharper leaf blades), and the rest in the middle. I am hoping to narrow this down to 18 plants, then repot into 2 gallon pots, then flip all 18-ish around the 15th. I’ll just re-veg the winner 2 females, and I might keep a male if he is impressive. This should give me 7-11 smaller flowering plants done by early February and shaves off a few weeks of waiting for a new harvest, also freeing plenty of space for new seed germination.

I am planning on germing a couple dozen Christmas Bud x Bandaid Haze next. I am looking for a taller more hazy expression in the line.

I also started 10 of Lefty’s Cherry Queen F2, those are a week behind the SSC F2, I’ll update those when they’re bigger. I will say this, they are the beefiest seedlings I’ve ever grown. Woody stems already, roots in the bottom the 3" RW cube and they were an inch tall. Afghans like to lay down big roots before they start growing upwards it seems.


I found the male of that lot to be pretty impressive. It’s a good, vigorous ghani for sure.


Y’all wanna see some Lefty beans?

Cherry Queen F2:

Soaked 10, 9 came up. These are the 5 strongest and most aggressive in 2 gallon pots. Top right is my favorite. These are 6" tall tip to rockwool cube and about a foot wide haha. Very branchy. Enormous woody stalks for being 20 days old from shedding their shells. This is exactly what I wanted to see. Of the 5, looking for 2-3 females. These should show sex within 2 weeks and I’ll clone & flip after. It’s nice cool and dry in the basement during winter so these will remain untopped.

Think these are about 9-10 weeks bloom, @lefthandseeds ?

20 Super Silver Cough F2 are now 15. Knowing my love of culling, it may even be as low as 12 before sexing. I’ll update those in a week or so when they’re all up-potted.


Those definitely look familiar. My recollection is somewhere around 65 days. There’s a pheno that goes 8 weeks, but the ones I gave you I think should trend to the longer time.


What sort of stretch am I in for? My thinking is that this stock vegges like hedges currently, which usually translates to less than 100% stretch, but the pictures you posted (lovely btw) look like they really jumped once they hit flower, and ph patrol over on icmag said they were ~200% stretch.


I think if you flowered now, they would be about the height when I flowered. They did stay short-ish, I’d say about 3ft, 3.5 at most. Very easy to manage.


3ft!? They’re 6" tall right now lol oh man I’m gonna be struggling if I get a good female ratio I should probably flower these soonish.


I’d have to check, but I think I started flowering mine while they were still pretty short.


Three of @lefthandseeds’ Cherry Queen F2 females day 1 of flower in the little pollination/overflow tent.

I was gonna veg these longer but Lefty and PH Patrol seem to indicate they’ll stretch more than they look like they will. These are about 30 days old from germination and began showing sex around day 25. I took cuttings from each. Glad they sexed quickly; plants need to get flowered quick or may run out of hash in 2 months if I don’t ration!

You can see my feline companion in bottom right. She’s very “helpful” (at eating leaves).

Little Marchantia liverwort that appeared spontaneously on a Cherry Queen F2 rockwool block. This is probably a good omen.

12 Super Silver Cough plants. 3 confirmed females so far, waiting for everything else to sex to select 1-2 males. These are the 12 most robust plants from 34 seeds (28 if you figure the 6 that got damp-off). Some smell incredible already, one in particular, #12 I’m hoping for 5-7 females to select 1-2 winners from.

Depending on just how dank these are, hell the SSC F2 might be the next male for pollination. Shit’s so up my alley it ain’t funny.

Got some new babies too, 5 Bandaid Haze IX 3.0 F2 and 7 more SSC F2 (hazey selection) behind them as well now.


Alrighty 1 week flower for @lefthandseeds Cherry Queen (Fat Cherry Afghani x Old Mother Afghani) F2.

Here’s the 3 females:

I have been seriously impressed by these so far. All look similar, all smell powerfully skunky already. The vigor of this line is superb, moreso than the SSC F2 I started. It may get a bit too crowded with 3 plants in that little 2x3 pollination tent but I’ll cut 'em to fit. The cuts I took from the females look like they’ll root in short order. I’ve had to remove a lot of the giant fan leaves already to let light into the lowers. Only 8 weeks to fruition! If you got any of these from Lefty, I’d suggest germing them ASAP.


Those skunky smells are pretty characteristic, and they did pass on in a cross I made as well.