Pirates of the Mediterranean

This year I have a lot of plans to try out various plants from countries around the Mediterranean. This will (of course) heavily feature strains from RSC.

On the list of plants featured here will be:

  • Lebanese (RSC)
  • Lebanese (Blue Hemp)
  • Black Lebanese (Geneseeds)
  • Leb27 (Derg Corra)
  • Syrian (RSC)
  • Turkish (RSC)
  • Turkish (Derg Corra)
  • Sinai (RSC)

Later on, I may also include some Moroccan strains in this thread as well.

Up first is Lebanese, with Syrian following closely behind!


I had never had any real interest in Lebanese until I started reading your posts about it, now I’m quite interested indeed.

I’ll be following along. Sounds like an interesting journey!



Here we have a mix of Lebanese varieties. About half (pink tags) are the RSC Lebanese, and the other half are a Blue Hemp / Black hybrid I made a little earlier.

Syrian + Leb27

The babies here are Syrians. They’re just getting started. The freaky looking one (with the LAC tag that I was too lazy to remove) is the one Leb27 that I was able to germinate. It was germinated at the same time as the other Lebanese that are big now. It’s been limping along with the other pink tag Lebanese, which is also of RSC stock. I’m hoping they recover into normal plants. This past week, they seemed to finally spring up a bit after several weeks of TLC.

Syrians were all fast to pop and push up out of the rooters. Root development seems much slower than most other strains I’ve grown, however as none of them had pushed roots out the bottom by the time I transplanted.


They’re quite special plants! I think they would not be appreciated by the average dispensary buyer, but they have some very attractive qualities for daytime consumption. As an anti-anxiety strain, they’re top notch. You can find high CBD expressions, both sativa and indica characteristics, and impressively short flowering times in many cases.

I see them as strains that do well to complement daily life, not escape it. They won’t get you super baked, but from what I’ve had, they are excellent medicinal strains without having a high that’s too invasive for productivity. Summer is coming up, and I wanted to grow a bunch to have for hiking, camping and outdoor recreation.


That description right there is why I’ve become interested. I definitely need more stuff like that in my life :wink:


The Lebanese are good for hash, aren’t they?


With all this wuflu nightmare I don’t know if that is a valid option :sweat:, hope you will be able to go hiking this summer, those would be better news coming on the way.

Anyway, they still look like some very interesting strains, will be following with interest, always good to seek for different things, thanks for sharing and good luck with them … :sunglasses:


Yessir, they’re cultivated to produce hash. I smoked the blue hemp Lebanese as flower, and it has a pleasant hashy taste with a little sugary sweetness.

I’m thinking that backpacking might be a good option depending on how things go. Backpacking is pretty well suited to distancing and isolation.


I’ve had enough backpacking and tent under the stars while my military service :sweat_smile:. At least know here in Spain you cannot go to the wild, I haven’t heard today a single :car: as it is Sunday, everything’s closed and you cannot even go to mess (not my choice :innocent:). You can finish in jail if they catch you backpacking anywhere.

People are going crazy, there’s an app that warns you where the popo’s put their controls (drugs, alcohol …), now warnings are “women on a horse in the beach” “three people walking on the road” “people drinking on a bank in the park”. There’s even a new word: “balconazis”, for people in the cities that insult you or call the police when they see you walking in the streets from their balconies.

Sorry for the rant, I smoked Lebanese and afghan hash some decades ago and I remember you could just warm it with your fingers and bend it, great flavour and resinous. It’s one of the cons for having quitted tobacco, no more hash, hope one day I will try them as buds … :sunglasses:


I used to love to go to Spain. I used to represent a company in Castellon and would go to there and Valencia at least once a year.


Here’s a question. How does the Lebanese compare to Mazar?


Well the Lebanese will have both indica and sativa expressions in the same line. I think the potency is very rarely as high as a Mazar, but you are more likely to find high cbd phenos. Lebanese will usually finish faster. Yield per plant probably goes to the mazar.


Sounds really good. I like the idea of having the possibility of a higher CBD content. Had a buddy of mine brought back some mazar seeds from the area in the 80’s. He was a “consultant” sent there to help the locals with some “cyrrilc pests”. It was amazing, but these days looking more for therapeutic value than relaxation.




Update time – These Syrians are crazy slow. It’s been a week and a half and they’re only now just pushing out their 2nd set. They seem happy otherwise, just slooooow.

The Lebanese are getting big. I topped a few of the Blue/Blacks. There are 2 phenos I’m seeing - one has a very nice branchy structure from one of the Black Lebs. The Red Lebs are more squatty. I have both sexes from each line. There’s a runt Leb27 in the tent with the Syrians. It’s the only one I could get to grow. MEH.



Lebanese Runts


RSC Lebanese

Taking Suggestions… (RSC)

Update time on the Lebanese. For the most part still doing ok in small cups. The Black/Blue Lebanese are growing like gangbusters now. Some are quite tall. So far, I’ve got 5 females and 3 males (not including runts). The branchy phenos of the Black/Blue Lebs are quite interesting.

My one surviving Leb27 runt has just gotten an up-pot and is in flower. Decent root system, but I had to bury the bean pole to the bottom of the new pot.

Anybody have any ideas wtf this RSC Leb in the last picture wants? I’d peg it as a dead ringer for N overdose, but it’s yellowing at the bottom… I gave it a good flush with a low N mix. Hopefully that helps, but I’m not feeling confident that will do it.



Just a couple closeups of the Syrian seedlings. They’re growing, albeit very slowly. That’s all fine by me, for now. Still have a few weeks for the male Lebs to produce pollen.


Just use a pipe


Nice lines ! Happy to see Blue Hemp Nepalese genes :sun_with_face:

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Thanks for the suggestion, my boss also didn’t smoke tobacco, but he rolled joints mixing hash and weed, too much for me! :sweat_smile:

I haven’t seen my dealer since more than a year, as I don’t know how to make hash I will keep “social distance” also with him, love my homemade grass … Pirata|nullxnull :sunglasses:


RSC Lebanese was great medicine after my triple heart bypass in 2017. I replaced the hydrocodone pain prescription with coconut oil infused with several RSC Lebanese plants. Here is a photo of a female used in the oil. Plants were not big but they were greasy with resin.

Thanks for this post and will be following your amazing assortment of Lebanese.