Vertebrata's No-Till Cabinet #1

Hi everyone, this is my first indoor growing and i’m going to use and abuse of organics techniques (including no-till, cover crops, mulchs, nice amendments, compost, teas and knf). I have a cabinet with 3,33 sqft and 134W of X2 Sol Strips :sun_with_face:. I set up a 70 liters bed. I germinated 10 seeds that a friend give to me, and i got it 7 successfull but they have 3 with 23 days and 4 with 20 days. I think they are growing slowly, leave your opinions. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also germinated 2 orange goji from Mr. 50state (forever grateful with his kindness :pray:).

My soil is a mix os Peat moss, coco, my home compost, perlite and rice husk. In this mix, i add basalt, gypsum, a phosphate powder, wood ash, fish, shrimp and kelp meal and bokashi.

In my top dress list i have neem meal, azomite and malted barley.

I used for cover crop oats, millet, chia, black sesame and black beans. I’m looking for alfafa now.

I want to post here at least once a week with photos. Fell free to give opinions and tips. :green_heart: :four_leaf_clover:

This is how the cabinet is looking today, i’m trying to turn all this space into green xD

Two Orange Goji on their third days.

This is the bigger with 23 days. I made a top pruning hoping to two tops to come.

I really enjoy this mess.

Very pleased to participate in this community! May beautiful plants come!! :blush:


Looks like you are off to a good start. Reminds me of my old 2x3 no-till cabinet. :+1::seedling:


Hey @ReikoX thanks for the words. I hope everything goes well. :four_leaf_clover: :pray:

“And as the years go by,
Our friendship will never die
You’re gonna see it’s our destiny
You’ve got a friend in me” :musical_note:


Today was watering day, i made a mix of 500ML of Aloe barbadensis and 2L of water. And something like 2Ml of FAA. I hope they enjoy the juice :rofl:

From the outdoor garden to the indoor garden!

Shake yeah!

Dinner is served :green_heart:

I started to train this one to see where i can get with it.

Nice parameters, i thought.

Great week to all. :green_heart: :four_leaf_clover: :sun_with_face:


Good friday night to all!! Passing quickly to update the situation.

All the plants are growing well, imo. We have a nice cover crop together with Cannabis.

In sequence, mystery seeds 1,2,3 and 4. With exactly 30 days.

Here are the two Orange Goji in their 7 complete days. Replanted from the jiffy to 400ml pots. They look a little sad, i hope they fell better tomorrow.

In general, i always put the leafs that i remove on the soil to add organic matter.

Aleatory photo :slight_smile:

Since we are in vega time, i decided to start using the vega inputs. They are: FAA, a humic acids solution and FPJ from alfafa, aloe, equisetum and ginger. In the box i have 55L of compost ready to be top dressed on the bed and the others house plants. A mix of earthworms, BSF larvaes, cockroaches and another friends :rofl:

Thanks for your attention, keep safe at home!! :green_heart: :four_leaf_clover: :musical_note:


Every last one of them are really Happy!!
You are treating them RIGHT!


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I’m not liking the face of the two orange gojis, and i had believe that i not watered so much. They are looking like if i overwatered, right people? Somebody to give me a little of light? :joy::joy:

Thanks!!! :v::yum:


Wow, thanks for the words bro, i’m really enjoying take care of them. Peace! :v::smile:

My last water day i used a spoon of FAA. I hope the aminoacids help the girls growth for more 2-3 week until i turn the lighst to 12/12 regime.

Some aleatory shots :smile::v:

Always working with them :green_heart:

This Orange Goji was very bad with overwatering, i transplanted it to the bed, and one day after it looking much better.

A nice and safe weekend to everybody! :relaxed:


They are looking great and i admire your voyage into organics still hesitant to make the move to no till great job sir grow on


Thanks for the words man, i like the way that organic flows :yum:

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Updating some photos of today :smiley:

The plants have 39 days, 35 days and 20 days. One of the Orange Goji didn’t survive and turn into mulch, but the other received a “topping” some days ago and start to response very good. I hope it forms 2 top buds until i turn to 12/12 regime. The other plants are doing great, i’m watering them with FAA, Humic solutions, and for this week i have some FPJs to try.


End of Vega and first day of 12/12. I made a nice defoliation to ensure all tops are receiving light. And of course, the leafs turn into mulch :innocent:

Now let’s wait for the male/female rate. :green_heart:

Nice weekend for all! :v:


Good friday night to everybody! After 2 weeks of flower, i get 1 male and 2 hermies. I cut them off, and they turn mulch for the soil.

That’s it for now!!! Stay safe!!! :smiley: :green_heart:


Hello everyone! I good time has passed since the last update, sorry for this, this first indoor was a good hobby to me, and i’m very proud with the results! 113 days of life for 6 plants and i got 65 grams in the final result!

I didn’t take many pictures, not so many surprises in this cicle, i thought. :smiley:

That’s all for now!!! Backing with more updates tomorrow :smiley:


I really like the idea to bring health to the soil, so today we trop dresses the pots with biochar and bokashi! A nice mulch and watered with aloe juice plus humic and fulvic acids. We have 2 blacyberry kush from Sebring and a “bag seed”. They have 90 days from sprout, the ambiental conditions are no helping so much :hot_face: :hot_face: :hot_face: :hot_face: Sometimes the closet get to 32ºC and below to 40% Ru :sleepy:



Mulch check :grinning:

I think we are ready to flipping :grimacing:


Is your biochar loaded or plain?


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@Gpaw Sorry the delay! I really didn’t the notification of your question!! Sorry sorry :sweat_smile:

The biochar is loaded with FAA :slight_smile:

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LOL No problem, I figured you were busy and missed it. :+1: :sunglasses:
I have looked seriously at biochar, to me it seemed ideal for large bed no-till. Might even work as an organic super-soil additive for me.


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