Virus - probs TMV. Not the rona

A KC Brains choice that slipped under the radar. Is possible it had it from seed although I suspect I had it on some Eggplants I had so not sure exactly where infection came in. Hoping it hasn’t spread to other plants. Guess we’ll see.


Well, that is a new one on me.
How has the growth rate been?



On the slow side. Other plants started at the same time are further ahead apart from another runt which was also trashed. I think the virus was in the seed. Hope it’s not gonna make a nuisance.


Clean your clothes and tools and toss everything infected to avoid spreading. Thanks for the head up and hope you will manage to get rid of A.S.A.P., useful info … beer3|nullxnull


If I had a flamethrower… :sweat_smile:

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Yeah not sure what that is. If it is TMV then maybe that strain reacts to it differently. It looks similar but not the same as any other case of TMV I have seen. I currently have TMV in my grow space and I am doing a complete genetic dump and reset of the space after the current grow. It came in on one clone then spread to the other mothers over a period of a month before I noticed. If my plants are growing strong you cant even tell it has the virus. If it gets weak then the virus will show in the growth tip and then the plant growth slows. If I treat it right then it can still push through it and get strong again and it will stop growing leaves with the deformity. The main thing that I have noticed with TMV is that the deformity in all cases I have seen only affects one side of each leaf. ie: only the fingers on the one side of the leaf. I will see if I can get a photo of one my leaves as an example.


Ok, so i could only find this one. Its only slightly affected as the plant is fairly healthy. You can see the finger on the right is affected. If it was to be affected more then the finger to the right of that one will also show it. But none of the fingers on the left side or the center finger will ever show the deformity for me no matter how much the virus takes hold and no matter which strain it is. The deformity only forms as the shoot forms the leaves, they just become more noticeable as the leaf grows larger:

Having done and said all this it makes absolutely no difference if you are sure it is a virus of any kind. You need to discard all affected plants and nuke the entire facility including all cloths, tools and equipment. Heavy duty cleansing. If you by chance dont have other plants then I would do a full room clean out followed by leaving the room for 2 weeks with air circulation/ventilation to allow any left over RNA or whatever a virus is on any surfaces to perish before you start. You have to discard all dirt you have running at the moment and that you may have handled within your stock as viruses can live in the soil for quite a while. If it is still sealed in the bag then you could maybe risk wiping the bags down with bleached water when you are cleaning the room and use that.


Appreciate the advice. Is a shame these virus’ - if that’s what it is, can’t just make pretty colours like in Tulips.

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Hahaha, yeah, some of the leaf formations with TMV look cool. They can get very high contrast of light and dark greens in tight patterns. But yeah. A shame indeed.

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