Wanted 1997 Neville's haze

Hey guys hope someone can help, im after afew seeds of the 1997 Neville’s haze f1. Im not interested in the ones from mr nice, they must be the original version. In return/trade I have a few special things some of which id like to keep private wich I can discuss over pm. I do also have Durban x mullum haze f1 and seeds of a unreleased private 70’s lowland thai crossed to a 82 highland thai , wich a mother was selected from and bred to a old 90’s release of sams haze. Also available is the naam black x old Neville’s haze. Anyone that can help please do give me a shout or even someone who hold an old cut. Thanks

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Quick question what can you tell me about Mullum?
I ended up getting a handful of crosses with onycd x mullum.

I think its short for mullumbimby madness.

So its an African sativa?

I think so. Ive seen it referred to as old mother sativa/mullum madness

Hey mate hope your having a good day. Do you know by any chance who has made that cross of the mullum x onycd? I do know alot of people claim to have the mullum but very few people actually do. We know thats is a strain from Australia, some say a old thai from the 60-70’s, others think its old world Thai Columbian hybrid which from what ive seen seems closer to the truth. There are some insiders who say that a sativa know as the old mother may be one of the parents. Anyway the seeds ive listed are a mmnh version thats been hybrized to a old dutch durban is the one called the big mullum. To be precise is the cutting called the beast that was put to a male from the old Neville’s haze by nevil but this exact hybrid version was unreleased in f1 form. Hope that helps abit.


I do, it came from spain
Actually know the guy pretty good

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Yeah I know a couple of people who have said they have it in spain. I know about a decade back kanga sent some open pollenated seeds that got mixed up to spain . But I dont know anyone who has the beast big mullum cut now. Do you have any pictures of the mullum in spain. Should be pretty easy to id .

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This is the first time i have ever did any research into it. Ive heard it mentioned many times and it seems there is a lot of mystery surrounding it. And according to shanti the mullum might not bs the same strain im referring to as mullumbimby madness/ old mother sativa.

Shantibaba: “The seed I used was from original seed grown in northern NSW in the late 70s and 80s of which some referred to it as Mullumbimby Madness… what I considered a Thai Columbian inbreed line from a fellow grower who had had it growing and collected the seed himself from those places in his travels. There were other strains similar viewed as Mullum Madness, so it depends who you spoke to at the time.”

“To answer a bit about Mullumbimby Madness, well that was one of my strains that I worked on in the late 70s and early 80s when I lived in a small village called Main Arm, in between Byron Bay and Kyogle/Lizmore. There was a few legends helping out altogether and we hit something incredible. I still have that as one of the seed stocks that we grow for personal use. It basically was a 3/4 sativa, which is a huge tree and perfect to grow in that sub tropical climate of NSW north out doors. To do this strain inside you need height!!”


Yeah shanti seemed to have a different versions, but I remember it wen he first released la nina over at ghs it was very very strong. From what ive seen (nit sure about shantis)pure it grows huge, like 15 foot

No I dont, it came to me known as “mos”.

Mos or mox ? Mox is mullum x oaxacan

Thats it MOX don’t have my rolladex with, lol.


I got 5 different hybrids with mox behind it.

Cool, mox pure is a beautiful strain. Your seeds should be definitely worth checking out. You should try them

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Doesnt @ToddMcC have some ON haze that hes been working. Obviously not gonna be f1s but i would think finding f1s of something that old would be pretty damn impossible.

Yeah I seen the onh from tod, its not really wat im looking for. The 97Neville’s haze could go up to 24 weeks the short flowering indica types were very hard to find in it. Nevil did make some f2’s from his original version but not alot were put out, but if anyone has those I would consider those, the nh21 x nh3 version if possible