Washing before dry ice hash?

I definitely am gonna want to wash my harvest, grown outdoors with some Spinosad on it…

I also want to do some dry ice hash…

What I am wondering is if any of you have done those two in some sort of conjunction as they both happen pretty much around the same time…

Here is what I was roughly thinking, let me know if there is a better way to do it:

Harvest, then wash, then shake/hang dry (fans circulating area but not directly on the hanging buds), after about an hour (two?) grind, then proceed with the dry ice hash process?

Also, I know some people put their bud in the freezer before doing bubble hash, do they do that as well when doing dry ice hash? If so how would you fit that part into the equation?



I wouldn’t wash before dry-ice tumbling, but after, & re-sift to 75-125micron(personally).

And I’d never grind the material. Ever. Break up the big dense if needed buds- yes. :+1: Grinding will just make silty green shit & ruin it.

Freezing material when it’s fresh(like produce) preserves a lot of flavor/terps but also clorophyll & plant funk, so the initial washes should be short & just used for fertilizer on the lawn or whatever(IMO).

I haven’t tried dry ice yet but intend to. I’ll tumble it by hand in a bucket with a lid & break up the dry-ice into smaller bits. Then sift with larger 160/180 micron… into ice-water for final rinse & 75-125 separation. I reject <75 for edibles-only hash.

Hashmaking is highly variable & I recommend checking out French Cannoli & Bubbleman on you-tube.




Hmm, I will def have to check them out cause I am a lil confused by some of what you said…

So, you wouldn’t wash before and you’re saying you make the hash and then put the hash in the wash and put that through the sifts?

Wouldn’t this kind of ruin one of the points of dry ice hash imo, being that it comes out dry vs (wet bubble hash) and no longer sort of be ready to go?

Also, since with dry ice hash you are capturing what comes out the sift vs what remains behind, I take it you would wash with a 25 micron underneath?

From the videos I’ve watched it looked liked the did grind it and I wonder why you say that because would the sifting take about the silty green shit?

When you say break up the big dense buds, are you saying pull them apart with hands/gloves?

The initial washes? Are you now talking about washing before ice hashing or are you still talking about washing the actual hash here?

What are you saying to use as fertilizer, the waste water?

Not sure if you actually addressed if/when I should freeze at some point in this whole process…

So yeah, once again, are you talking about the rinse for what’s already be separated or for the source bud?

Just looking for clarification and maybe some reasoning, thanks :pray:t2:

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My recommendation would be to make bubblehash. This will “wash” your buds at the same time.

That being said, I’m partial to bubblehash.

All my sifting has ended up fair/poor.

All the best.


Your dry ice sifting ended up poor?

I am def considering it, but one of the major things holding me back is it appears the dry ice process yields significantly more?

Yes poor. It’s a function of sifting for too long I think.

When it comes to making hash, quality is far more important than yield (I think).

When I do a bubble run I end up with a 5-7% yield but it is of the finest quality. Better than you can buy, anywhere.

I haven’t weighed my dry sift (only did a few times and not with dry ice) but if it does yield more I’d bet it’s because you sifted too long and ended up with too much green material in it.

Quality over yield all day.

All the best


You’ll want your buds dry for the dry ice process. Almost over dry is better because it will break down better. I use the 160 bag and shake soft for the first couple shakes and then go all out til it’s green and separate grades.

Dry ice is easy but bubble hash is a lot better quality. If you just want a topper for joints and bowls do dry ice if you want a dab almost do bubble.



No matter how you go about it, if you wash you will have to deal with the water content.

Never grind for washing. If the bud is dried a 30 minute presoak to rehydrate the bud is all you need. If it’s fresh frozen no presoak is required. If you grind you are going to expose more contaminants.

Just take a pointy pair of scissors and snip the stem to pop them into quarter to half-dollar sized chunks.

Fresh frozen should be done early after the harvest. I dry half the time (5-7 days) before I buck and bag the buds for the freezer. At this point there’s no real use since you’ll need to presoak dried buds anyways. (I mean you could freeze the bud before you wash, but your bud shouldn’t be affecting the water temp that much anyways, so it’s going to get nice and cold no matter what.)

I think the issue here is you’re trying to combine two different methods of the same process, thinking you’ll get better results. That’s not going to be the case here, unfortunately.

Sure, you could run dry ice hash and then wash it to separate it but then all you’re doing is introducing another problem (the water). I don’t even know how’d you’d use dry ice after you made bubble, that just sounds like a mess and a waste of hash.

I think you need to just pick a method and stick with it, you’ll be happy either way. :slight_smile:

You can see my full bubble hash setup including cold-room for processing here…


I’m a bit yawning myself so I’ll let all the others’ info stand as it answers a bunch of it.

The idea/my way o thinkin’ is: dry ice dry sift because it eliminates the issue of potentially many washes, then a quick water rinse to eliminate the undesireable green material & >125 micron mat’l., getting the “best of both”-- one quick & clean pass.

I’ve had superb buds that yielded a lot of great hash & didn’t really drop off yielding until 10-12 30-minute washes. :astonished: (IIRC, Frenchy’s seen a 40x plant) .

Some stuff though, trim especially, might yield weak(2 batches) & it wouldn’t be worth the effort.

…because you’re just destroying the resin glands that you are trying to rinse off the plant material, and just mixing in leaf powder with whatever else. The water DOES take away a lot of the bad(maybe even some of the good-- dry sift is superior), but not enough to undo grinding.


:evergreen_tree: i’m stoned

I have to go thro what all you said later, but something I quickly saw that I was curious about, you can’t do dry ice as a sort of live resin?

Bubble hash all day. It’s seldom a poor choice unless you’re trying to sell your crop.

You can wash wet weed, but you can’t sift wet weed. You’d have to re-dry it.

That being said, spinosad is essentially non-toxic to people, I wouldn’t sweat it either way.

Hi @vernal do you know if this also applies to it being smoked/vaped?

Well, after taking most of everyone’s points in, I am leaning towards just doing the bubble hash (and I don’t think I ever mentioned doing dry ice after bubble hash)…

I am trying to figure out the fresh frozen aspect of it though and another part of the washing…

You said you dry it for 5 days and then freeze it?

You can’t just cut it and throw it in the freezer right away? I thought I heard that is what you are supposed to do and that you actually only have 2 hrs to do it after you cut it? (Maybe that’s only for the cryo freezing tho)

Which brings me to my next question, can this just go into a normal freezer and what are some practices for this? Vacuum sealed then throw it in?

When you go from freezer to bubble hash washing, do you let it thaw at all? If not, will you lose a bunch of trichomes to the vacuum sealed bag when opening?

And last question, which bring me back to general bud washing practices (not bubble washing tutorials) that will use a bucket of h202 and then lemon juice/baking soda, do people ever incorporate these into the bubble washing process?

Like maybe h202 in the washing machine, then maybe after sifting (while hash is still in the 25/75/160 bags) rinse with the lemon/baking soda then another rinse of RO water?

Also finally, I saw a Frenchy video where he has the buds in the washing machine straight up but also have seen people put the bud inside a zipped up 220 bag in the machine, are there pros and cons to both methods vs each other?

Anyways, thanks for all the replies everyone, I do try to research this stuff but sometimes it’s hard to find details.

I had no problem doing this



I always toss it in the freezer right away. Depending on the plant you grow, you can get a 25% conversion to bubble hash if you are talking wet it’s 23 to one. Dry at 4 to one, you don’t get additional yield, it just seems like it due to the weight of dried weed.


I’m maybe not the best guy to ask lol; I don’t much concern myself with potential residues. It does have a really short half life so…yeah man do it up.

Plenty of other people probably have opinions on it though haha.


Any more details on tossing it in the freezer? You vacuum seal it?

You do anything to avoid losing trichs when going from freezer to wash?

I cut the bud off the plant and put it in a plastic bag then boom into the freezer. I will do that with an entire crop, if I want to just make hash. I can make around 125 grams from a single light.

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I tried this once and ended up with mush in the washer and very little hash. I trimmed the bud lightly and then froze it. When I washed it, the buds got beaten into a wet pulp. Is that typical or did I fuck up? I think it was cold enough.

The hash yield is dependent on the cannabis strain you grow. The more trichomes per square micrometer, the better the hash yield. In the end there is pulpy buds and ice cubes left over. You don’t need to trim the buds, just get rid of the larger fan leaves. Bud leaves are ok.