My Bubble hash making tech

Meh, I thought I’d post some info on making primal bubble hash. I know, everyone has “their way” and it’s “the best” or whatever. Beats me. Really… it boils down to one single thing is the most important aspect. Hah I will “attempt” to explain it, but I’m not sure most people…or some? people? will get what I’m trying to lay down.Single rule: Garbage in, Garbage out.
I know, after I said that lots of humans shut down…but stick with me! It’s not that your growing garbage weed or your weed is garbage or anything like that. It boils down to the fact each plant is different and also if you toss contaminated weed in there, expect contamination. Still with me? OK
The next thing to note is, not all plants produce full melt hash, so don’t get all gnarled up inside if you can’t seem to pull it off. It’s a simple fact…not all plants produce the same kind of bubble hash and you have to test them. Using the exact same growing tech and hash tech on different kinds of plants, I have produced everything from ultimate bubble hash to crap I wouldn’t slot in a pipe with a gun to my head.
Next startling fact. The plant determines your bubble hash yield as well. Some plants will pump big creamy blobs, and some small blobs. All different smells and colors of the rainbow, the hash produced is as varied as the plant that made it. Alright, all that should come as no surprise to the pros? summary: garbage in, garbage out, and plant strain determines quality and yield.
next up… what am I making this quality hash from? Quality buds :wink:
Imagine growing a room full of cannabis and cutting it all down into bags. Still green, you toss that in the freezer. Frozen buds. No leaves. Any bud sticks are cut into short lengths to avoid getting caught in the machinery. Hah lots of people freak when I said I cut my entire crop into the freezer.
OK! tools: 5 gal bucket, chill out bubble bags and a variable speed drill with the cake mixer in the jacobs chuck. ice cubes-o-plenty. I usually use 12 trays of cubes.
Right, so now… if you’re following the story… you have lots of bags of frozen buds in the freezer! So layer your bags in the bucket, with the fine screen in the bottom and the filter one in the top. Fill with water until you think you have enough to cover the weed. I like to make an ice sandwich with cubes and frozen weed in the water bucket. But, just make sure you add lots of ice, but you can save some for cycle 2. Mix the buds like 15mix, 30 sit, add ice, 15mix, 30 sit.
Extract the filter bag with the buds and either dry for waste extraction, or toss in the compost. The next step is important… take your fine screen bag and wash the green out of that. Like make sure the green is fully washed out because it’s water soluble. No excuses. Anything green left in there is probably some plant materials…for shame!!! Don’t get all crazy on the drill or…whatever was the cause. LOL! Some plants, they get like little bits that float down. Some have larger bits.
Like really, if you can’t do it, consider it could be the plant and try a different kind. I know…in my heart of hearts someone out there is thinking I made that detail up, but I promise, as a human being, using biological research equipment, you can see it with your own eyes. I use darkfield microscope 1600x, and you can dissolve the sample in alcohol and see what is left that is not alcohol soluble. microplastics, plant fibers, and small particles of growing medium. OK, now you know all my secret knowledge, so you better go use it before my friend’s ghost comes back and tells me I should keep that shit to myself. hah hah just kidding but he would be pissed.


Nice technique. By fine screen do you mean the second one after the one that holds the buds? You pull it out and rinse it off?


You’ve revealed MY secret! :exploding_head:

Made a fat layer of washed buds & fresh-chopped clover for a no-till container trial. Following the “law of return” or whatever…




yep the bag containing the hash I refill with water and keep rinsing until all the green is gone. It’s just some chlorophyll. The hash itself stays behind in the bag… anything rinsed out is garbage. The green left in the hash turns brown when the hash dries, naturally. Or stays green if it’s freeze dried. I find people like it freeze dried or dried just by itself on a piece of parchment. If you want to rip it right away I put it in the toaster oven on keep warm with the door open. Just some small yummy bits. I know people like to chop it up and expose more surface for drying. The problem is oxygen exposure. For pure white goodness use freeze dryer or dry ice. Natural drying will change the surface colors. Nothing like producing a pile of hash that looks like sparkly cocaine. As for pressing it…I never do. natural drying I keep it as a cookie. Freeze drying it’s always kind of powdery.

I can’t say I see any solid objects in this sample of hash I melted in alcohol. I’ll show you some bad ones…wait right here.


here’s something I looked at recently for a friend, makes you wonder…WTF is innit.

If you like where’s waldo… can you spot the following:
huge ass fiber
plant material
what I assume is growing medium


I prefer the portable washing machines to a drill myself, but I agree with a lot of your points.

  • Garbage in garbage out
  • Every cultivar is different
  • Lots of ice
  • Rinse your hash

I like the washing machine Frenchy idea but did not want to spend the money. I use one of these hydro buckets that I made a filter for the bottom hose on the inside. Stir it with a piece of PVC pipe. Almost as good.
Man powered baby! Making hash during the Apocalypse!

images - Copy


I agree with trash in trash out for the most part.

That said I once ran a bunch of loose, leafy, powdery mildew infested schwag (wicked light pollution.)

The only thing good about it was I let them finish rather than killing them early.

It yielded some excellent hash. The only thing that suffered was yield.

But I mostly agree.


What’s a rough yield return when running bubble with close trim or bud…like 10%?

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each plant I crank produces 25-30grams of primal bubble. Approximately 100-120 grams per light.


I have used moldy weed to make hash before, but I don’t recommend it. In that case I will use isopropyl, because I know it kills the spores. Nowadays, life is too short to smoke some crap that’s potentially contaminated. Now…as for the mildew. It can be killed with a sulphur solution sprayed on the plants in veg. As a parasite, it thrives on the microclimate of the plant, so if the plant is growing hard, the mildew is as well. lower humidity and higher plant transpiration equals more mildew. Crystallized sulphur compound on the leaf and stem mean there is nowhere for spores to grow and replicate.


That is a very impressive yield. I’d be stoked for half that.

Given that this is your bubble thread I won’t get into powdery mildew with you. I’ll just say I’ve done it, and it was fine.


That raises a question: What plants have you found that give superior results (also, which ones to avoid)?



@Gpaw that’s a really good question! The only brand-name I can recommend at this point is big bud. In an extremely painful episode, my mass producer which was an AK47-grapefruit cross, was wiped out in the floods. uuuugggh it STILL pains me when I think about what I lost. So many…years… of productivity… all flushed down the toilet in one huge natural disaster. crys a tear the…trees… the hash! AGH! Anyways I just tell myself…this is how things move forward, is with change. So I have started my 5 year quest to bring hash productivity back to max levels.
As for plants to avoid… well, the king tut isn’t a good producer and the bobs burgers hybrid isn’t either. I would definitely take the lilac-tasting kingtut over lemony BobsB though. Kingtut is a nice shade of dark red… YUM! big bud produces lots of tan and fruity hash. Don’t use blue cheese either, that doesn’t produce lots of hash. Soon, I will be testing sugar black rose, followed by meat breath. I look forward to testing as many plants as I can.


what I’m going to do, is show you some microscopic photos. We can take Vegas odds on if it’s a good producer :wink:

This is a fresh-bud version of sugar black rose. I will capture dried bud photos of big bud, the current production champ.


heh heh thanks @Gpaw for igniting the process with a question! Here’s the data I have so far:

first photo is sugar black rose, second photo is big bud and third photo is bobs. Based on the observation, sugar black rose won’t be a super hash yield-er. So the next part comes the test! I will make the SBR hash and see if the prediction based on the quick observation is false! You notice how I never say the prediction is “true” because reality isn’t like that. It needs to be a thorough process before a conclusion is made.
“no amount of experimenting can prove I’m right, but a single experiment can prove I’m wrong”


All right my man!! :sunglasses:
You are truly rocking it!! :star_struck:
That is first rate work. I know what a B*ch it is to set those shots up, well done.
You can do higher mag than I can. Wow

That surprised me

(Edit: the quality of your work surprised me - not the magnification)


ok, I am going to start that test run. My entire freezer is jam-packed with goodies. High-yield goodies! And…two experimental batches. One experimental batch will determine if the growing medium particles and micro-fibers wind up in the hash. But the one I am doing today is the SBR yield test! Excitement! The contamination study is one I have been working on for a long ass time. Govn’t cut the funding for sure hah hah not sure anyone wants to know the answers. fucksakes now it’s illegal to do cannabis research unless you play by the rules they have set out in legalization. I don’t even know if under the legal regime hah hah I can legally complete the research lol! It’s a crazy world out there, but as a human with eyes… I am determined to reach a conclusion. Probably that project will require a few more years. ok! back to the main theme!

Tools of the Trade! Chill bags, drill with cake mixer and timer! not pictured: mp3 player, buds and ice!
I think the mp3 player is the most important part… or else how are you going to rock out!!! :smiley:


Do you prefer the egg beater head over the paint stirrer one? That seems to be what most people use…I always found it a bit too big and worried about ripping the bags.


I do prefer the cake mixer over the paint mixer…hhmmm guess I’m more of a baker. I didn’t like the vortex created by the paint mixer. I prefer a gentle mixing with the variable speed drill. I just hit the speed that generates bubbles on the surface without going overboard.

I’m on my way to some gnarly bubble!