Weedseedsexpress Grow by Carty

And we are off to the races…

I gotta admit, these 4 Gelato Auto’s by WSE seeds look amazing… and I got 100% germ on them… and not just germ, but in a matter of 2.5 days they had inch long tails and were ready for cups…

I’m breaking my own rule here by starting them in my small orchid pots, but because they will only be there a week it will be fine.

So here is how I did these 4…
Roots Organics soil,

and ya gotta grind it up really well for babies or clones as it’s a bit chunkified with all the guano balls, gotta break all that stuff up… I fill cups halfway, water lightly and fill cup remainder of the way…

I use a piece of stem off an old plant to make the holes, about an inch deep…

drop seedling in and place a pinch of dirt over her head to tuck her in…


Lets see how things are going

Both of the Zkittlez sexed right at 3wks… for me this is perfect for an auto… gives them time
to get a bit of size to them before beginning the transition to full on flowering…

I also tied these down to one side to expose the bottom part of the plant for better growth

Kermit’s Finger is a tester strain of a cross we made over 5yrs ago… so far no sexing under
18/6 yet… kinda worried the auto trait may not of found it’s way into the offspring… making auto’s can be tricky early on and picking the right females is a must… if she doesn’t show sex
in another week, off to Atilla’s place to flower out under 12/12 because she is a lovely plant…

next up is Upzalberry by Diggy Soze… about a week behind the others


A few were recently up potted to 3gal felt pots…


I’ve also started a few of their Auto Gelato feminized seeds from WSE… and these were so impressive with how fast they got up and going… 3 days from water to green… wowza

a few days old and doing great.

Gomer’s Su Prise

Upzalberry by Diggy Soze


Awesome work Carty, watching with interest as I use WSE👍


Time for an update…

Assorted mix of things, but most noticeable here is the Zkittlez up front by WSE seeds
spider farmer light
Just released from her bondage, Z1 is coming along nicely…

Zkittlez #2 is as lovely as all my #2 plants, always has been and have no idea why…

The next group up is Gelato Auto fem’s by WSE… in the smaller tent, smaller light, but doing great all the same… 30 days here, 30+ days in larger tent to finish… hoping to keep this rotation going for a while…

small tent

Waiting to see if WSE is going to keep their word and sponsor my next grow of their Bruce Banner Auto Fem’s… so far been very generous …


Those are free seeds they send to growdiaries.com growers.
From 10 ag, and gth, i have one AG healthy.
Rest was dead seeds or slow n week i culled.
Probably they send from an old stash becuase my bruce banner autos i tried 2 and they were ok. Puttem outside where they belong and they looked like shit so i chucked them lol

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hahaha… I even asked them that, if it was old stock. first batch I dropped was 4 beans, only half are going… out of the 2. Only 1 looks excellent. The 2nd batch if Gelato auto, one is going thru a weird defeciency even though on same foods, watering etc…
Getting ready to drop a bunch of my own gear yet again… it’s time I broke out the oooh baby
stuff from years ago…


I hope they dont ship old bulk seeds for 10$/seed with minimum orders to their paying customers or since seeds are so cheap they can just send them out. They seemed nice enough to offer to send me more but i don’t have the time or space anymore.

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Oh no doubt… I did have better luck with the Gelato so I said I’m in for another strain to test…

without hesitation they have their Bruce Banner on the way to me and I have pots waiting for
them… hoping to get some nice size to them and the fact they are Sativa dominant should
give me the 3 to 4 footer I’m looking for…

Bruce Banner if all works out well, will be getting hit with some pollen off a Wild Thailand Ryder hoping the Thai influence will again add to size and overall harvests…

should be fun eh? and yeah bro, big Kudos to WSE for being so generous… I’m hoping to give them some good exposure here, but all I can do is post honesty ya know…



My goal is to achieve Auto’s the size I used to back when I was really running them and breeding with them…

check out these beasts from about 6yrs ago

Trans Siberian #3 auto
and her sister, the short pheno but what a freaken bush eh?
TS1 bushy pheno

List item


Yea the banners looked good indoors.
Ive always had luck with dutch genetics when they grew out.
I just put this AG photoperiod in the bigger tent which is gonna veg a while longer b4 i flip and fed it 2 days ago after some lst too but it don’t look like AG or a Sativa at all?! Lets say i mistakenly dropped a gth but thats even more narrow and stretchy from the actual grow pics i dont know probably gotta wait till week 2 to see the final physiology to compare but it’s pretty and lush:

One gal…needs a hempy soon

You not doin photos? Their chiquita banana is the best new strain ive read about but they were all out from paying customers so i have to try that one for sure if u like fruity sativas. BB photo i ran had a fruity sour tart hint too probably from the strawbery side.


Well, here we are just short of the plants being a month old… the Zkittlez anyway.

Looking pretty good, I forget how Autos will grow a little slow in flower development early on after sexing… then in a few weeks, don’t recognize them… hoping for the same here.

Zkittlez #1

Zk 1 d (3)

Zkittlez #2

Baby Gelato’s are struggling a bit… finicky as heck, not sure if it’s the foods I’ve switched to but not liking the looks of the plants health and plants look like they are not getting all they need… grrrrr


Sweet tooth/caramel auto strain I made

image image has a bit of caramel taste to it…

I have this thing with autos small seeds small plants big seeds nice plants I’ve grown autos straight for over 2 years ,and it’s always them little pin head black auto seeds you get end up tiny ass plants or maybe it’s just me

Just starting another auto grow myself once this grow I have going is over,


Funny you mention that because I tested this side by side just to see for myself a few years ago… Big Seeds do make for bigger plants… I just harvested seeds off my photo period,
Oger Ghost cut clone… it was hit by a Starfighter x Vietnamese Black that was light stressed
into reversing… not on purpose but a timer issue… the SF x VB was just loaded with seeds while the Oger near by only had 12 beans on her…

beans on roids

Testing a big arse seed now…


I forget how different Autos can be in growth… 1st growing them years ago I was disappointed because at day 30, even 40 they looked sparse… what’s amazing with these is just how fast
they begin to develop buds and by day 60 your amazed…

Zkittlez by WSE is doing that to me now… and I’m seeing a lot of traits in her I like…

and a few weeks behind them is their Gelato Auto fem’s…


5 day Update…

I know it’s only been 5 days, but man are these plants by Weedseedsexpress starting to impress me a bit. I forget being away from Autos so long how different a beast they are… they tend to start off slow in flower and a few weeks in finally, buds begin… and your like, ok. looking a bit better. then day by day your like, dayum… look at her go… the last 30 days is just flat out fun watching them mature so fast …

Zkittlez Fem

Gelato isn’t quite as big as the Zkittlez but is flowering a little faster… so. lol


Had to bend the big Zkittlez girl over a bit before she hits the light… need to redesign how it’s

hung as I’m losing another foot in height easily…

things are looking pretty good since adding the one extra 2ft strip light LED to the mix… this

inexpensive HLUX light is pretty cool and probably why I have 4 now…

Gelato Auto by WSE


new babies a wee kild almost


The more I grow WSE gear the more I like it… check out the 4 days of growth…