Greenpoint Seeds

Okay I hope I’m posting this in the right place but myself and some of the other OG’s thought it would be a good idea to have a thread dedicated for greenpoint seeds. They are a nice small scale seed bank with great genetics. Their females are usually bred with purple punch and their regular seeds are bred with stardawg. I personally have only grown out two strains with then but have made a few purchases with them. First thing they are fast to get your order to you…if you are inside the united states we are talking one week in most cases. The genetics are on point and we all know ask anyone a good harvest always starts with good genetics. So anyways guys and gals in asking for anyone that has grown out or planning to grow out anything from greenpoint this is the place to post it!! Happy growing!! Here are a couple of pics from the ones I’m fi ishing from greenpoint


Awesome bro, thank you! Now anybody with Greenpoint news, drops, pics, and brags, this is where they can do it. Once people see your grow they’ll start checking it more, heh.


Lol anything I can do to help. Like insaid I’m always up to date on sales and drops and all that good stuff so I’ll keep it updated with anything like that


nice here are my two beat up Greenpoint ladies

one is an Oil Slick and the other is Purple Diesel

which is which beats me just glad they are still with me

all the best



I’m here with you bro. Greenpoint Purple Crash (purple punch x sundae driver) little babies.


I hear mixed reviews on Greenpoint seeds… shit with those low prices and sales I went ahead and bought a few to see for myself. I got pig whistle (red headed stranger x stardawg), night rider (I-95 x stardawg) and doc holiday (Kurple fantasy x stardawg) all three for about $80. I see the docs getting popped in the near near future.


Brotha there was a rough patch with greenpoint about 2 years ago. There were management issues just your regular run at the mill issues but since then they have been back on point. The two in my picture was greenpoint and I abused the hell out of them and no issues…I have two packs I haven’t tried but probably will here in the next couple of cycles

Abused or whatever they still look like they could turn into something. I was really rough with mine and they pulled through. At one point in was considering even ditching one of em but didnt

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Mmmmm agree to disagree

But on a sidenote Purple Badlands F2

Now if only ghost town would sell out so this pack can be ran for the seed run

I like the gear I’ve had zero luck with the service


I bet that Pig Whistle is gonna boogie woogie on your brain! I like that their crosses are pretty straight forward dank on dank. Like Joboo said, they are mostly based on the Stardawg male or Purple Punch. So if those aren’t your cup o’ tea it might not be first choice.


had a bit of an S1 problem I recall

but all seedbanks have problems from time to

all the best


that they will along with the 199 plus plants I have going

thank god for outside

peace and be safe



I also have a really nice Azad Kashmir x Purple Badlands going right now I’m calling it purple Kashmir extremely vigorous plant so far


I’m excited to get these next ones going from seedsman. I’m also changing up my nutrient line to remo nutrients out of bc, Canada. Hoping to have some continued success but even better :joy:


From a 1 gallon grow bag


nice :slight_smile: mine will not be grown out until I get back inside

more than likely over the winter

be safe


One gallon? Woooooooooooooo!



I’m pretty wet behind the ears but man that’s what I like about this community…I can tell already there’s a lot to be learned from folks. @Solowolf glad you invited me to the group brotha


Uppotted from a solo while in flower lol it was part of my thunderdome grow I have a couple more F2s I’m saving to run with the ones coming in the preservation box to either find my keeper or F3 this one was nice It cured berry and gassy it wasn’t overly potent but was also harvested mostly cloudy it might have been a different animal all together with a extra week

The Azad Kashmir x seeds I made were from this plant

the one I have going is very similar in structure but with more branching and vigor from the Azad but with the thicker branches of the purple Badlands it’s in a 5 gallon bucket and has a 1/4 of a 4x4 to grow in so hopefully it’s dank :joy: if not it sure did get a legit shot


You’re missing out if you don’t name it “B-azad-lands”. Just sayin’… :wink:


A Star (Dawg) is Born

The father to all of our Wild West Series is a powerhouse strain known as Stardawg. A puritan blend of the best of the Chemdog family. Greenpoint’s breeding stud, the Star Dawg (Chem 4 x Chem D bx3) is the most recent patriarch of the Chemdog family. With it’s pure Chem bloodline only partially outcrossed with Afghanistan landrace genetics. Breeding Stardawg, JJ Edwards from old era Top Dawg Genetics, was able to pull the Chemdog purity out of three backcrosses to the Chem D cut and create the extinct Chemdog D Bx3 male. That male would pollenate Chemdog 4 and a star (dawg) is born.

Royal Bloodline

Our vintage Stardawg breeding male is something truly extraordinary with the collision of the two historically elite Chem variations. This incredibly stable male has been renowned as a breeding juggernaut for his ability to produce extremely desirable top quality plants. I have come across many males that I hoped would out perform the Star Dawg male, but he still stands as the king of the hill
From the website forum, just so we have it here.