Weedseedsexpress Grow by Carty

WSE is a Dutch seed bank who offered me up some beans to test after seeing my win of Bud of the Month on another site…

Weird part is, Ladybug and I were just talking about getting back into Auto’s and it was what WSE wanted me to grow… hopefully a good sign of things to come… pretty cool :sunglasses: and big props to WSE for helping out the little guy.

Wash up the 1.5gal oxy pots

Favorite soil. Mine, roots organics mixed 50/50 with foxfarm strawberry fields

Drop seeds into distilled water

overnight, should sink with a stir

Damp toilet, into baggie, into oven mit… 2 days



4 - ZKITTLEZ Auto’s Feminized by WSE

2 - Kermit’s Finger by Carty & ZeroZero
(Carty’s Miss Piggy x Skunk #1 Auto

2 - Blue Himalayan F3 by Cart & ZeroZero

5 pots total making the last 4 double potted testers… been sitting on these over 5yrs since making them.

Seeds were all germinated with all exposing tails in 2 days cept 1 WSE seed, so it was double potted in #3.

K Finger was super impressive and versatile test grow of regular seeds.

Plants are in the small cool grow tent under 2 40w LED’S I’m really liking.
This will be their home for next 6wks, finishing under the better light…


The Mephisto sticker IS there for a reason
. Miss Piggy was created years ago by myself using a Sour60 Auto from bigsur crossing it to Man Bear Alien Pig by Mephisto Genetics from my pal Burnie RIP

KERMIT’S FINGER aka: Burnies Gift


Nice job! Congrats on the “sponsorship” things are looking great ill be lurking around good luck…not that you need it :herb::seedling:


Overnight 2 babies have pushed up thru the dirt… winner is, Zkittlez #1 and Kermit’s Finger

During the day today, 3 more babies… so far the WSE stock is impressive and I swear one of
the stems were purple above the tap root bottom all the way up… nice.


The more I research this seed bank, the more I feel, THEY are the lucky ones to have me giving them exposure.
Very sure this is a one time test grow.

I feel better about getting involved with
DIGGY Soze of Worcestershire_farms
And his knowledge of this wonderful plant…

So far 3 of 4 Zkittlez are up, both my own creations of Kermit’s Finger are up.

Neither Blue Himalayan have shown…

Maybe I’ll drop one of Diggy’s autos in the mix here…


Hey bro…
I may have clicked the wrong thing trying to quote your post ok. No worries and no complaints… sowwey

I’m seriously rethinking the word sponsor and instead now considering this will just be a test grow for now…


So far here is what is up…

3 of 4 WSE strains of Zkittlez up and green. so 3 feminized seeds all in 1.5gal pots…

2 Kermit’s Finger in same pot up and green, reg seeds… hoping for 1 lady

1 Upzallberry by Diggy Soze just dropped down to add another feminized seed

So there is the final count I hope… 5 pots all 1.5gal oxy pots… I might add another light, an exhaust fan and filter very soon…


Hell yeah they are, dude. You know they were giddy as schoolgirls when you said yes.
I know I was :rofl:


Okay… get this Diggy. I dropped 4 of their Zkittles Auto Fem. One never showed a tail and then never showed up. today, found one stemmed over something that has not happened to
me in 15yrs. I may pluck a baby, but rarely lose one… I was looking at their part # and I swear they sent me seed stock from 2007. diks. I have 2 Zkittles left a going, have put down 2 of my boy Diggy’s Upzallberry. Diggy, am I spelling this correctly??

I also plucked 1 of the 2 Kermit’s Finger, the runt. so 3 are up and greening… and the 2
Upzallberry from Diggy will catch the I’m sure.

In the world of Auto Flowering, I now dedicate my time to Worcestershire_farms, aka: Diggy Soze. I really dig what he stands for, his strains are fun to grow and he has a good eye on what to work with… besides, the guy has my Oger and GG… hahaha.

stay tuned, this might get fun


The 2 Blue Himalayan’s showed up to play … but after talking more and more with Diggy I’ve
decided to cull these, although it did give me a good test on my 5yr old seeds, plus I have over
150… so I plucked them and dropped Diggy’s strain in it’s place making for 2 now…


well. guess I need to play catch up on this thread… few things hace been going on so pay attention campers… hehe.

I put down 4 of the WSE seeds Zkittlez Auto Feminized… 1 failed to germinate at all, but I planted it anyway, never showed up… 3 popped up and then in 2 days, 1 of them just stemmed over… not had that happen in 15yrs or more… 2 however are going strong.

So, after rethinking things I plucked the Blue Himalayan, non fem’d autos and I have over
150 more… good test germination though… 2 for 2.

I replaced them with 2 of Diggy’s Upzalberry Autos Feminized seeds, no germination at all, directly into dirt, water daily to keep moist… 3 days they are up and running… WOWZA

My own strain of Kermit’s Finger (My Miss Piggy x Skunk #1 Auto)
Miss Piggy - Man Bear Alien Pig from Mephisto x Sour60

I culled the smaller runt K. Finger and kept this lovely… this will need to be sexed… all others are fem’d…


why I love autos so much and will be making a move back to them… this is 1 days growth.


Carty! Taking a seat in the front row for this one, just wake me up and tell me to go if I nod off…another year on this planet. I know seedling and early veg images are boring, but love images of all phases! Keep up the good work Carty!


Thanks man… nice to know my efforts are appreciated.

I must say guys, weedseedsexpress has some of the best customer service… you need anything, contact “Simon” and tell him Carty Sent ya, he’ll hook ya up.

Also… cruise their site, see if there is anything in the Auto’s you want to see grown. Weedseedsexpress.com



Some one owed me some seeds gave me these maybe these are from the same seed company,looks like the same packaging

Haven’t tried any of these their all autos females


Yes sir… those are from weedseedsexpress

Left to right they are…
Zkittlez, Gelato & Wedding Cake… should
Be 5ea feminized. I have the Gelato too plus these Zkittlez I just started.


Just dropped my Gelato… only 4 of the 5 as I love to keep one back for inventory… just in case you loved it so much you’d want to drop a wad of pollen all over her face… ooops, sorry, got
a bit personal there… hehe.

photo periods have just kind of lost it for me, not sure why… the more I get back into the Auto’s the more I recall how much I enjoyed it and how my jars were always full… 2 tents
30 days apart, 5 in ea… no brainer.

This morning I put into water…
4 - Gelato by Weedseedsexpress , thank you Marc feminized seeds of a strain I love…
we’ll see how the germination goes on these seeds to see if we reach out to WSE for more stock… last ones were 50% and they guarantee 90%… so hoping for better results so I can give them some good feedback… but I gotta be honest.

2 - Blue Himalayan F2 by Short Stuff Seeds, F2 by Dos Amigos Seeds… (me and ZZ)
is a Nepal Kush x Blueberry. the pheno I worked with was the slower sexing

2 - Upzalberry by Diggy Soze…


And since the new phone takes such beautiful photos, thought I’d share a 5 day update…

As I say goodbye to photo periods again for a while, I’ll flower out this last Oger and GG I had started… of course, this causes me to keep the lights on 12/12 the next few weeks… cool part is, Auto’s don’t care about light schedules… and I have a theory that it causes autos to stretch… lets see.

Oger clone just up potted into a 3gal felt pot last night…

Gorilla Glue clone… up potted last week into 3gal felt pot

All Auto’s from now on baby… Zkittlez Auto Fem by WSE

2 very distinct pheno’s… matter of fact, I’d swear the one plant shows both Indica dom leaf structure and directly opposite it is a different leaf showing more Sativa influence… weird &
a possible sign of instability and lack of uniformity… hmm?

20211026_085827 (3)

Removing the round cotyledon leaf and the single blade leaf promotes upward growth IMHO

Look at the leaf structure here… Right side indica dom, left side more elongated…


Since I’m going to all Autos in 2 small tents… maybe I can keep them a few weeks away from each other regarding harvest windows…

So, decided to go ahead and put down the other strain WSE gifted me of my choices…

Gelato Auto Feminized (4)

Rarely straying from my starting methods, into water 24hrs, give a stir… good seed stock should sink or soon after.
Into damp paper towel, baggie and I shove them into an oven mit to warmth and darkness…

2 days later one should have split open shells with tails…

Today is day 1… so be checking on them tomorrow, guess I’d better wash up some pots…