Weird plant picture thread

This is a LA Confidential with crinkly really long leaves. Some of the leaves have 13 or more blades


Where is this plant at?

Still vegging or already in flip?

Those are old pics. It’s 3 weeks into flower now.

I am sure you posted the flowering plant somewhere else. I’ll check around. Interested to follow up, can’t remember.

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is LA confidential related to chem or whatever? i feel like i remember hearing they frequently have mutations, does that sound correct?

Here is a weird one I found while hunting through an unknown sativa from over here in aus, never grew out of it, still barely alive in my veg tent about 2 months later but still looks the same :wink:



Yes, a not too common mutation

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it looks almost like pistils?? very interesting looking plant! have you smoked this strain before?

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Yeah it kinda does look like pistils but cant be hehe, they showed up as soon as the leaf started growing and are directly coming from the leaf itself :grin: Ive smoked this strain for about 15 years, mate has been growing it 30+ years, he gave me a few thousand to hunt through and use for breeding projects, its some type of haze, really long flowering massive sativa :wink: there are quite a few weird ones in there but this was the only one that didn’t grow out of it :thumbsup:


Don’t be too certain. I have had single pistil-like strutures form directly out of a stem, pre-flower.

Could also be a mutated root.

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Here is some of my old outdoor photos. Beautifull pheno with pink-purple pistils :slight_smile:


oh I’m certain, ive had a look under a loupe :wink: it has also been sitting under a male dropping pollen for quite some time that is revegging and hasn’t affected them at all. Could be right about the mutated root, some funky shit going on with it, not worried just thought id share :thumbsup:


You see the pink haired plant a lot in the fields here. If the hairs stayed pink when they were dry it would be spectacular


So, why is it that most of my crosses related to C99 spin their leaves around, seemingly away from the light?


ha i don’t know, is there a fan right in front of it?? silly plant doesn’t want the light

They didnt :-/ they were Orange like normal

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Grand Daddy Purple Clone

This is the source plant.


Those leaves look a lot like my LAC. Except they point up while mine point straight down.

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Got any leave porn? :imp:


I had a similar color pistol strain from a bagseed .


And i have some weird looking growth on a veging plant.