Nutrients on a budget?

Hello everyone, Someone gave me there leftover fox farm trio, I have noticed that I’m getting low and I was wondering if anyone out there can guide me to nutrients like fox farm for my grow? or should I stick with the fox farms trio that I have used before? Since I’m a “noob”, I don’t know what would be better than fox farms. $25.00 on ebay seems like a fair deal since it will last quite a long time and can be used in the veg and flower stages… I’m wondering if their is a better product to buy that is in that price range?



Price wise… Megacrop is hard to beat. Amazon even carries sizes down to 250g. (Was 12$cdn for 500g)


Seconding Megacrop, seems to grow robust plants and it’s easy to mix up. Maxi Grow/Bloom and Jack’s are also very cost effective.

If you had good results with Fox Farms there might be some value in sticking with it for a few crops. When you switch nutes it can take a bit of trial and error to figure out the proper dosage.


I got the free megacrop sample (pay shipping) and the advanced nutrients micro/grow/bloom for like 45 canadian free shipping


Megacrop is great. I usually grow with organics but I have some friends who use salts. Jacks 321 is great also if you want more control over what you feed. The link below is for a “Generic Jacks 321” that my friend uses and swears by.

Edit: Looks like Generic Jacks 321 is cheaper than Megacrop? Only $55 for the 25lb kit!


I’m sure the megacrop is good advice. But for me - if you’ve used what you’ve used before and it worked fine I wouldn’t change it to save $8. New variables add risk.


Never used Megacrop. I know everyone on here loves it so I’m sure it works. I’ve used both Jacks 321 and more recently the Generic Jacks and both are very simple and complete. I’ll grow one or two plants a year with a coco and perlite hempy bucket. I enjoy the change and also it’s good to see how plants grow under different conditions. The only reason I mention is I like the various options you have from a three part formula. If you need a little more of this or that…you know what I mean?


sage advice right there


True. I just honestly don’t know if I’m even using it right. Right now. I’m using just 1 cap full of each bottle in a gallon water and feed every 3-4 days.

I know you can add more - I’m just worried that I will burn them or worse. I can’t find many on here that uses fox anymore. That is why I don’t even know if it’s even good to use anymore.
I go into all these topics and read what they are using and It makes me feels like that I’m eating a tuna sandwich and everyone else is eating lobster.

I’m going to search for someone’s feeding schedule with fox farms and see what I come up with. I’m think people are right. Just stick with what I’m using and I will learn how use it better. :smiley:. I’m just impressed with a lot that I see and then I look at my grow and compare photos and I’m so confused.

Thanks for the help!


I haven’t tried Fox Farms nutes but they should work fine. You can follow their feeding schedule at 1/2 strength and work up from there. Use a slurry test or runoff to see if they’re eating it. You may have to research a bit to learn how to adjust feed levels. Also consider whether you’re in soil or hydro.

As far as the dry powder feeds, I haven’t tried masterblend yet but wish I had bought that instead of the Peters Professional Hydroponic Special (same as Jack’s). I grow in soil, so I’m always having to adjust the pH up to 6.4-6.6 because of the pH buffering in the hydroponic fertilizer mix.

If you grow in actual soil I think the masterblend would be preferable.
If you’re in hydro or soilless, Peter’s or Jack’s would help to keep your pH in the preferred hydro range.


I am in soil less and just use jack’s classic dry ferts

veg 20-20-20 flower 10-30-20 I have always used peters since 1984 when I was growing

flowers for the florist trade

for my grows I use it at half strength you can always give them more

can be a bitch to try take it back

truth to that I have ran it in Hempy buckets, soil, soil less

inside,outside, in greenhouses it really is a great product so ez to use

all the best and grow well



Was using OrgaGrow loved it not sure if it can be found anymore. Switching to the FoxFarm trio. I’m gonna go with the recommendation on feeding schedule then tweak as I go.
@Foreigner has the right idea!! Ain’t worth the $8 experiment. I try to maintain the KISS theory it’s less stressfull🤪


That is good to know because I will be trying Jack’s for the 1st time this next up run. Not the 321 system but mixing my own ratios with their 5/12/26 and the 10/30/20 . I have used Peter’s in the past in a regular garden. I feed really low, so at my usage levels I will be fine as long as it is fairly complete. I see it stays suspended and is easy to mix. My last flower powder was not so, and was a pain in the ass to mix. Glad to see you use and like it!


I’d suggest getting a worm bin started and use the worlds most perfect plant food worm casts cheap , won’t experience burning and provide long term nutrient benefits without deficiencies also.


Just wondering… how does that work? How many worms do you keep? Do you put the worms in soil and let them poop for a few months, than use that soil to grow in?


How much worm castings would you suggest? Do you use it as the exclusive feed? I throw a handful on top of my soil as a little insurance.


I run 25 gallon pots 1/2 pound to start when their happy they multiple like mad … good way to get rid of veggi waste I use like 10-20 % by volume usually pretty heavy dense stuff at times use it on all house plants as well

This will get ya started!


They even seem to find their way into the plant pots as well continually aerating you soil along the way

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Almost, it provideS abundant NPK as well as calcium also I top dress with an all purpose organic DTE fert from time to time.


That’s good to know. I use much smaller containers than you but I might just add some castings into the mix.