What is the Best Digital Ballasts Available for the Money?

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By far the HLG’s I have always perform brilliantly. Not cheap, but they’re classy for sure.


Best bet from the sound of it’s(high ceiling, tall plant?) top light style leds. ie:Gavita 1930, phantom photobio. If I were setting up a commercial facility, I’d look at Alibaba, and filter my search results for UL, ETL listings. Leds are getting cheaper everyday too

Good luck!

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Lots to factor in…

When growing vert trees, you’ll save on reflectors but if ran as is your yield will blow. Vert hps burns rh right out the air… so you’d need something to offset that, can be expensive/offset what you saved…

You’d want to run trees/vert trees if your plant count was low and you had a lot of/too much space for your count…

No plant count you say? Any ballast and vertizontal hood combo on 5x5 sog tables to get you started, so initial cost is low while you build momentum. Once you’re comfortable, get leds.

If you got deep pockets, led/sog/4lb a light right off the bat

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The need for higher Temps helps offset it pretty good… as blackdogled stated best is 85° f is best for no co2 and 88°f is best for co2 supplementation… seems high but … is so very needed due to lack of ir heat on leaf surface… venting for heat and humidity is easy… they both help each other kind of

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“When growing vert trees, you’ll save on reflectors but if ran as is your yield will blow. Vert hps burns rh right out the air… so you’d need something to offset that, can be expensive/offset what you saved…”

That is something to consider, but for a different reason. I will actually need some HPS to dry out the grow the humidity is so high here. In the winter time we wont need it, but the rest of the year the humidity is insanely high. Outdoors indica doms pretty much rot on the bush before harvest if they have tight nugs. All this is why i am asking questions and trying to get as much input as possible about the new tech. I truly would prefer LED’s over the HID lighting any day as far as savings on electricity. The A/C bill alone is going to crush many of these growers if they do large grows. I’m doing all my figuring very conservatively, as in im only figuring half a gram/ watt, i know more than a gram/watt is possible with 1000W HID’s, and the most ive pulled with a 400W and compact flourescents hanging bear where needed, was almost .75 grams/ watt. i knew with the strains i was running i could get that over a gram/watt with 1000W HPS since it is more efficient than the 400W, so that is part of why i was thinking vert trees bare bulb.
And of course Indican, a moderator on opengrow, did all his grows tree style bare bulb with 1000W HID’s and he always had high yields. But believe me i am open to suggestions. I have been thinking of doing a SOG with 1 plant /square foot and believe i could pull realistically 1.5 ounce per plant, probably 2 if all dialed in right, but all my figures are based on 1 ounce per plant if doing SOG and a half a gram/ watt if not… and SOG may be what we do based on what the costs of everything are to start. I’m intentionally figuring on the low side because i would rather know that im going to yield more than what we figured out to make it all work, than less and we are then in a lurch not able to meet expectations. i very much intend to sell all the product and have a little wait time between grows rather than a glut of weed that cost a fortune to grow but cant sell it. that’s my thoughts. i have a lot of homework to do with researching lights. thanks for all input.


If your switching to led you can easily attain 1.5gpw and very little heat on top of it. Costs more to start but will be a huge savings in the long run.

Check out SoQuick for 1plant per foot madness

DJM for coco trees

Coco sog, 4plant per foot is the most productive but noone does them proper that I could find.

One thing I will add is : try to adapt your method to your strain, not force your strain to a method. :ok_hand:


when you say that you are referring to actual watts used right, not the equivalent watts?

Correct actual watt draw from wall i switched from a 1000se hps to a 600w x6 chilled led wow no comparison, no bulbs to replace twice a year, ballasts every 3yrs. I’m no pro but getting 1.8 pretty easy depending on strain. I grow in 3gal rockwool, 4 in a 4x4 or 2 In a 3x3. The yield from the 1000se hortilux to 600w led was identical if not better under the led! With maybe 1/4 of the heat.

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wow, that sounds awesome! That’s kind of what i was thinking as far as efficiency wise, that 600W LED was about equivalent to 1000W HID. how does it penetrate the canopy as compared to a 1000W HID light?

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i have found light penetration to be better. if you watch a few videos on light penetration it seems to have to do with more points on lights compared to intensity of light. so yes that 1000w hps has a stronger penetration right below it, just off to the side the intensity/penetration drops off big time. with the bar style led lights that doesnt happen since they are spaced out. the ppfd stays pretty similar over the entire canopy.

i actually dont use the full 600w in the 4x4 all the time unless the light is at least 20" or higher

Also what genetics are you growing for that yield?, i intend to grow sativa dominant hybrids and sativas like Jamaican Lambsbreath. that’s also why i am figuring lower on yields. My yields before where i was almost at .75 grams/watt, was with a Love Potion#1XHaze/Kush poly hybrid that was very very sativa dominant with average bud density, about 50/50 hybrid in the density department.


got some space queen crosses, also some golden triangle from bodhi. one thing i notice also is the plants seem to finish up a little faster under led as well. i got a marionberry kush from subcool i can pull at day 47 or even earlier. day 55 shes way past done.
grab a small led and do a side by side run!! you wont regret it and you can get a decent bar style led(300w) for a 3x3 tent for under 300$

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those seem to be similar in density to my Lover Girl, the love potionXHaze/Kush hybrid. that’s good news to here i can get 1.5 grams/ watt average with 9 week flowering strains. Lover Girl’s preferred pheno flowers in exactly 63 days to the point of mostly cloudy trichs… thanks for the help. that clears up some other questions i had.


those are some beautiful sativas, those huge buds look like jack herer or something like it.

I’ve been looking at these on amazon. We cant do the minimum order on alibaba to get a real price break on shipping. before shipping the 1000W ones are cheaper than these on amazon, but after shipping they are quite a bit more expensive. Not worth the difference. So just for now we are leaning towards these unless a seller on alibaba gives us a better deal.

welcome back. i just got back the other day and am also (hopefully, 3d interview today) getting back into growing, legally this time also. i’ll have more info tomorrow, but from the interview, dude told me about his humidifier setup, how they take the humidity out, and i don’t think it would be cost effective to use hps over led lights when the solution may be a de-humidifier. i get a tour of the place today so even if i don’t get the job i’ll have more info for you.

i’ve helped a few folks start guerilla grow ops and wish i’d had this place to keep up so i wouldn’t have started 1000w hps grows in closets with killer vent setups. i did buy an led a couple of years ago and helped set up one with those kind, but she’s having trouble getting seeds popped. if i get the job i’ll have all kinds of professional help to give you, they have a good team up there now. wish me luck.

wow, hey guys a lot has happened to delay everything but it is still going to happen from the looks of it. hopefully within the next few months. id appreciate any help anyone wants to give. we are going to start with peat moss/compost/[erlite mixture for the 1st grow just becausethat’s what i know the best. eventually we will have an aquaponic system with prawn and possibly tilapia to feed the girls. the trick and work will be to get the system balanced so the fish are staying healthy and the plants are being fed what they need. i think sativas and sat doms will work well in a system like this. Hopefully we can go to jamaica and source the lambs breath seeds there with contacts i already have. the jamaican red would be nice too especially to make my own hybrids. so im getting excited thinking about it all, i have some of escobar’s genetics, the chocolate rain, and the CR crossed to a brazilian indica and also the CR crossed to amnesia haze. so i have a lot to play with on the sativa side IF these beans pop, they are old and for a few months were not being stored properly due to an oversight when we moved. when the time is right i will know and i’m praying for babies at that time! My strain Lover Girl was with those beans too, so i’m really praying they pop.

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Hey ChiefRunningbud, sounds like a great project. Wish you all the best!!