Who actually wants to talk? Right now?

Sooo I’m sorta high right now but I have somewhat of a hair brain idea? Don’t think this has ever been done but maybe let’s give it a shot! This is really off the cuff here so here it is !

Wouldn’t ya maybe like to meet someone new and just talk about cannabis? I’m mean just a 10-15 minute chat or hell turn in into 1-2 hours maybe it doesn’t matter , make a new phone friend or a new tele- buddy! Lol

Say I want to meet @ReikoX and just shoot the shit! I’d make a post and ask if he’d be down then he could respond … you can take it to a Pm then and exchange info and such and start a new and beautiful relationship or two?

What ya’ll think?

Of course it would be best if you could keep it to local or the states and such cause as much as I’d like to chat with @Sunvalley i dont think I could afford it! Yo know what I mean?


If this type of topic is against some sorta of site rules or something similar go ahead and axe this fucker right now and put it out of its misery!


@Tinytuttle lives in Colorado (US)


Whatsapp messenger works good… its how i chat with my friends in UK, EU, US and Aus… its free calls and texts as long as you have internet… anybody got the app can send me a pvt message and we can exchange phone numbers


Yea I hear ya but it not the same besides I can’t type as fast as I can talk! At least sometimes?


I’m in AZ. I don’t know how to stop making jokes and I think I know everything, but I can be a good listener too.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: i get you :joy::joy:


I will certainly do that brotha!

Dude I was like 50 miles from you last week!


I know! You talked me through the Clarion Inn and I didn’t lose my shit that night. :joy:


ROFLMAO! Plus 20

@Meesh im calling on you babe?

I was by myself with 3/4 of a pound in my room at a stank ass hotel with fiends all over.

The only picture I took for documentation.


You Rannng?

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@Solowolf you want to chew some fat? Lol getting tired now not sure how much longer I can last but tomorrow if your down!

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Wow! Surprised there aren’t bars in the windows and doors!

Hmmmm dint follow?

Pm me if ya want!

Tomorrow is good! I loved the drive through CO and I want to get up to Denver. I did some coral shows with ReefKoi who has a shop there and a friend who worked for me was supposed to start her shop too.


I’m high af and getting ready for bed. Have a client in the morning. We can bs another time though :smile: