WiFi OG / White Fire OG

Not a really good pheno IHMO, but still good plant.
Same setup as here Great effective low cost design. yield about 770g. Quality is top, bud structure not so good, they are very lightweight. Wifi should be more indica, but this pheno is more like sativa.

Same grow technique as i am desribing here How to get up to 1,5 GPW with basic system and 600w HPS


Very impressive! You don’t like this phenotype? What you don’t like on it? Which one do you prefer more…? it looks really amazing! Resinous and compact…

Do you use net for training? Or just pure Sea of Green? Am I right that you don’t cut off bottom leaves?

Congratulations on your growing skills, it is very inspiring…!

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No i hate nets! I prefer small height of plants, there are no bottom buds and you dont need net, plant will hold itself in position.

It is not SOG, there are only 12 plant…so it is more like cutivated bush.

Yes you are right, during whole grow i dont cut off a single healty leaf. I am only “harvesting” bottom leaves which plant reject.

Pheno was very fragile, buds arent so compact and it is generaly more like sativa. But the high is very energic!


this look beautiful!! ill have 1290 watts in a room soon. cant wait for my shit to look this good

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I’m also growing White Fire OG but under 250 watts. Looking forward for a high full of energy as you said :smiley:


Mmmm yummy! :strawberry: … stuff like this reminds me why I am so much into growing and love this stuff… thanks guys for sharing! There is still something to reach for!

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Nice crop :slight_smile: what a uniformity!

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Some of these Kush types and hybrids are most sat like and I don’t think it is always due to the modern world of breeding - especially when the plants are just fem seeds like this WIFI and are subject to a wide range of phenotypic expressions… Some of this “Sativa” in the world of the Afghani and its narrow leaf types is directly proportional to the Moroccan lines being mixed in long before the first seed stocks were brought to America and elsewhere.

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It’s a really nice setup for a small production setup kind of jealous.

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Very nice work Kvakos… That is some nice looking smoke Mang.