Will this work for collecting pollen?

I’ve identified this male Mr Nasty from Exotic and I’d like to collect some pollen. I have a little micro tent that is used for photography that has some little LEDs built in.

Will this be enough to collect some pollen? Just poked some cuttings thru a piece of paper and put the stems in a cup of water with a little bit of nutrient diluted into it

Apparently a cpl of weeks under 12/12 i should get some pollen?


take the paper away and use some flat card to collect your polen.
you need about 30 watts of light for the male, maybe less. you can put it in a window with 12/12 hrs of light/dark and still collect pollen


The lights are 30w

The pollen is gonna slide off th3 paper and collect on the white backking card underneath the cup if you look closely


How close to dropping pollen is this plant, I wasnt aware you could cut and separate like this.

This would help me to NOT pollinate a whole room… again.


Nice and clean. I don’t see why not.


Should be ok. How far along are the pollen sacks?

I just put my males sideways and let them drop pollen on newspaper.

Best of luck.


I found preflowers in veg and cut some branches off and took em so theyve just started

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It should work, but I was advised to use a collection surface where the pollen can be easily collected, whatever I used a while back, most of it seemed smudged on the surface


Theres a piece of backing card on the bottom of the tent that will be very easy to collect the pollen from

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Yeh I read that post, I was just remembering all my pollen smoodged around :wink:

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Update: this worked but i didnt get a huge amount of pollen. Enough to play with tho. Will use foil in future as collecting/scraping pollen off paper is a pain

Not sure if you’re familiar with cupcake tech but you just cut a slit, slide it underneath some pollen sacs, and tape it closed. Works awesome.


I’ve never seen that one, but it is brilliant. :+1::seedling:


Definitely not an original idea I’ve seen it done many times. Once all the pollen drops, I cut the stem right above the cupcake cups & just slide them up off the main stem. The ridges on the walls kind of act as a funnel & you can pour pollen straight into centrifuge tubes. :v: