Will trade small child for one original GG4 cut

Ok, so the child isn’t mine, so pfft! :man_shrugging: I’ll pay for you to ship the cut to me if you pay for the kid’s shipping to you.

If you don’t want a little kid, just let me know what you want.

Although I very much want to grow out this strain, I’m also interested in crossing her with some other killer strains. I’ll gladly send you seeds when they’re available.

I’m only looking for the genuine, real deal Gorilla Glue #4 JW cut.
EDIT: No hermies, please!

Location: USA


:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::laughing: !! I could provide some kids too if there’s a chance to get the real gg4 clone !! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Ah shit I thought u were looking for a kid. I have a few I would part with


Describe the overall quality of the child. I’ve been burned before. One time it was a Cabbage Patch kid.

Fool me once…


Hmm very self centered. Very loud. Very smart. Very smart mouthed. Very expensive. Very entitled. Very demanding. Very time consuming.


“Has literally never chipped in for beer, ever”

Terrible work ethic. Sleeps on the job, can barely hold a shovel.


Tony Green is on here sometimes. He’d be the one to have a guaranteed legitimate cut.


Maybe if the kid is an auto flower. Getting a kid to sleep 12 hours a night consistently is above my pay grade.
Also, at a certain point they start costing tens of thousands of $.

Plus, I have a kid and I don’t have a JW cut of GG4.


You think he’d want a child, @vernal ? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I swear if I send a cut and get an old dwarf instead of a small child again we’re gonna tangle, mister.


Trouble getting your kids to sleep for extended periods of time? SNL has your solution:


One way to find out. He’s a super cool dude, but nothing talks like frogskins either.

Guy like that is probably swimming in kids. Basically a Chuck-E-Cheese over there.


I have a single gg4 fem.:man_shrugging:t5: best I could do.


All set on kids and grand kids, but I do have this little beauty that a few friends have mothered for 15 years. They had to close up (quick) and let her bush out at a second location. I was gifted to save her…no such luck, riddled with the BORG!! Took over 100 cuts and had 20 viable. Gave him back 6 vegged and trained at around 30” for a dozen Hortilux bulbs. Here is last harvest on 3-

smallish 4-5’ plants.


:clap: :+1: :ok_hand:

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I have it in Canada for those who are interested.
Reset my mother recently so just starting to take more cuts this wknd.
Ill pass it out to anyone who pays shipping. Can either send fresh cuttings and you root them or rooted clones in clone shippers (receiver pays for clone shipper too)

I cant 100% say its the legit cut but it matches all traits and both Josey and Tony Green looked at my pics and said they ‘think its the legit cut’. Looks exactly like all the pics going around recently. Id say Im about 97% sure its legit.

If not then its as good of an S1 as there is.


Oh, that does look like the typical GG4 wild branching!

Thanks for the generous offer, @Craigson15! Although I’d be thrilled to give her a shot, I wouldn’t want to waste a good cut. My concern is how quickly it would make it through customs - if it makes it at all! From what I’ve read, an unrooted clone is the safest to ship, but it obviously wouldn’t last very long in the mail.

What part of Canada are you in?


Ya sorry Im not up for shipping cuttings or clones over the border yet. I know people do it but I dont feel comfortable.

Mail within Canada has been very fast lately but I sent some folks in the USA seeds recently and they took 2-3wks to get em.


For me Original Glue will always be the accidental crossing between Chem’s Sister x Sour Dubb. A good cross of hermie genetics.

I have Platinum Gorilla


OK, but I’m specifically looking for a cut from the original Gorilla Glue #4, which is Chocolate Diesel x Sour Dub x Chem Sister.

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