Win Barneys Farm Mimosa Evo From Gorilla Seeds - 2 Prizes


We are giving away Barneys Farm Mimosa Evo - 3 seeds to each winner. There are 2 Prizes available on this post.

Comment below to enter letting us know why you like Barneys Farm Seeds so much. Please note there are more prizes available on the main blog post . Winners to be announced on 23rd December 2020 or thereabouts!

Good Luck Everyone.
Gorilla Seeds


Haven’t tried anything from barneys farm yet. Thanks for the chance though.

I haven’t tried any Barneys Farm either . But I appreciate the chance to win some seeds .

Great offer I’ve run there lsd and pineapple crush I think it was both took a bit longer then lister but very good weed I ran them a few times if I remember

Barneys farm was the first legit seed I grew from seed to harvest. It was the liberty haze. It took a while ( almost 15 weeks flower ) but the patience was well worth the wait .

Had the pleasure of running Barneys Farm products, purchased from Seedsman. Their Autoflower varieties were spot-on. Continued success, you deserve the acclaim. SS/BW…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray:

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Have not had the chance to run any Barneys Farm seeds yet. Would certainly like the opportunity to.

Thanks @GorillaSeedBank for this great contest.

Really excited to try this new offering from barneys farm. I have Cookies Kush as a mother from them and it’s a trich machine

That’s amazing GorillaSeedBank , the Mimosa Evo from Barney’s Farm seeds looks incredible, thanks for the chance.

I like Barney Farms for their logo, it remi ds me of mine. :grin:


I love Barneys Farm Seeds, nothing I’ve run from them has ever disappointed me, Thanks for the chance Big G

I am just starting out in this world, but I have a bunch of strains to try. Unintentionally, I have collected mostly Barneys Farm seeds, just because of their available strains. My next grow was bound to be a Barneys strain, I just havent picked which yet

I havnt tried anything from barneys farm…yet

Ive run a couple of Barneys farm products, Lsd, and some pineapple something lol. Been a bit
still have some LSD left even.

Barney’s is excellent great seeds

Haven’t tried any Barney’s Farm strains, but I’ve heard decent things about them. Thanks Gorilla Seeds!

Ive run a couple of Barneys farm products. G13Haze and Glookies both were very nice potency wise.

Acapulco gold from barneys has been a keeper in my garden for a few years now. Beautifully sweet and fragrant.


I’ve heard so much good about Barney’s Farm! Can’t wait to try it!

i love barneys farm now i am just growing a gorilla glue auto barneys …

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