Win Barneys Farm Wedding Cake Auto from KillaBeez SeedBank


We are giving away 2 prizes of Barneys Farm Seeds Wedding Cake Auto 3 Seeds. To enter please Comment below letting us know why Barneys Wedding Cake Auto is so essential for your collection!

Winners to be announced on the >>MAIN BLOG<< post on the Killabeez Seedbank on the 30th October 2020.


I Grow out my “collection” as soon as I get it. Also, my Woman has been wanting to try a strain from the cake line.

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Thanks for the giveaway killabeez! I would love to add these to the stash. Hope to be running quite a few autos in the near future and the wife likes the cake strains.

Wedding cake always tastes the best!

Thanks for the giveaway. Have not been able to try any Cake yet and the Auto would be a good contender for my next outdoor grow. :+1:

lads can you support me and browse the main blog page please


I still haven’t grown an auto . Thanks for a chance to win one !

I’ve only smoked a cake strain once and it was deadly. I want to grow some!

It would be essential to my collection as I do not have it yet!!

The wedding cake is essential for my collection because I am a fat kid


Count me in!!! That bud looks super cool!

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It is essential for my collection because I don’t have a wedding cake auto in the collection. It also looks quite nice!

Yes please! I never got to have a wedding cake. I’ve lived with that misery for more than two decades. Every time we’re served cake at a wedding, I break down sobbing. Sometimes, even the word cake makes me nauseated. Hold on, I’ll be right back.

I’m fearful the only way I can regain my senses is to get some wedding cake. Thanks in advance. I can be reached at the sanitarium. Just ask for the 12 Monkeys ward.


I love autos, and who doesn’t like cake?


Man its totally essential I get some of that wedding cake strain of yours :+1:. My girlfriend kicked me out after 3 1/2 yrs!! I really didnt see it coming , I mean ya she bitched here and there about me smokin but I didnt think it was that bad
Now I could really use those seeds to grow an awesome strain in my own place and finally be able to smoke it in peace … A big THANK YOU if I win in advance!


I’d love to try growing a cake strain, I’ve smoked it a couple times and it’s killer (killa lol). Thanks for the giveaway!


Fat boy wants cake and cake wants fat boy


I’m in

You have to get in to get out

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No wedding for me but that cake im in for!!!
Thanks for the opportunity!!

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Guessing this wedding cake will taste better than my actual wedding cake. Sign me up!!!