2020 Cannabis with Meesh

Hi Guys! Happy New year!

This year I’m gonna take you through my entire process starting with the soil test, preparation and amendments as well as the grow. From start to finish. Dad and I have been plotting and scheming a new trellis system for the cannabis this year as well. We have concocted on paper basically a sort of outdoor SCROG type caging system since the trellising was a nightmare last year and we were unprepared. So, I plan to share the initial prototype build and subsequent trellising system with you as well.

If you journeyed with me last year, you may remember that we had dug out special planters for the cannabis. These planters produced excellent bud, but being against the garage wall held it’s own special challenges. It was hard to get to the back of the plants, a few tried to uproot themselves as the back branches were trimmed off, so they all wanted to fall forward etc… Because of this, I will not be planting any veggies and such in my main vegetable plot in the middle of my yard and instead will grow 9 monster cannabis plants there. Don’t get too excited though, I know some of you really want to see ridiculous Mendo Dope Boys style monster plants. I’m not growing plants that damn big! Too much work for this middle aged broad. lol My 6 and 7 footers were big enough and I’m happy with a pound a plant yield. Anyway, the veggie plot will hold 9 giant plants in 3 rows approximately 5 feet apart if I recall correctly.

In addition to these 9, I will be growing a few Indica dominant hybrids in 10 gallon pots and one container plant specifically to experiment on, hone my pruning skills and try out some supercropping techniques on.

Thanks for tuning in! Here’s to a successful and bountiful growing season!


First order of business… My annual soil test. I did my first test last January and amended all of my soil per the recommendations and the results were amazing!

Tomorrow, I will get my soil samples together and send off to https://aglabs.com/services/soiltesting.html it will take a few weeks to get the results. I will be doing a standard garden soil test and an added boron test. Costs 60 bucks for the test. Once the test is complete, they will send my results to their amendment expert who will go over my test and compile my amendments for me. I’m really hoping the same guy is there as last year, because he was incredible and very knowledgeable. Last year he boosted my amendments of Phosphorous and Potassium so they would reach the highest side of normal levels to boost flowering. I intend to convey this again for this year.

Let’s get this show on the road!


Very nice! I absolutely love following along on stuff like this :smile:


Pulling up the pre planting seat now :badger:


:seedling: Berrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmuuuuuuuuuuuuda Grass :laughing: :imp:

:hugging: LOL



Great! I am interested in getting a soil test done just for my veggie garden. Are you testing a soil that was built for growing weed exclusively initially or is this normal dirt amended from the yard?

Sounds like fun! Wish I could grow in my yard -jealous!


This is the soil from my backyard. Nothing special about it except the amendments per the soil test. This will be the second year I tested it. Good gardens start with good soil!


How exciting!! Can’t wait for your garden again this year!

Have you got what strains your going to run figured out yet?


Awesome Meesh! I’m definitely along for the ride again!


Thanks for opening a new thread :sweat_smile:, it is hard to follow something when you must read 1k posts to be up to date :sweat:. Willing to see your beautiful and healthy plants … :sunglasses:


Step 1… gathered soil from 4 different places in my yard. They wanted soil from 6 inches down. Mixed the soil together. Approx 1 1/2 cups. Got the form filled out and will mail it tomorrow. In 2 or 3 weeks we will see the results. I am amending my entire backyard, veggie plot and the other 300 sq ft of planters lining my yard. Total of 855 sq ft.

As you can see I am having a Soil Analysis with Reccomendations and an added Boron test.


On another note, I just had 5 trees removed from the back yard like 2 or 3 weeks ago. Well Dad and I were digging around in the farthest back corner where the huge trees used to be and found probably 800 feet of pvc pipes buried under massive amounts of black gold (compost) that had been back there for years. We are gonna hose it all off and can use most of it for the trellis builds. We are gonna start building the first prototype in about 2 weeks then build the other 8.


I keep changing my mind. There are a few I am certain of… 1969 Skunk/UFS #18, Cheese, Grand Daddy Purp, Blue Dream, Oregon Huckleberry and Orange Goji… so far that’s 6 I’m certain of. I have a few different strains of kush, Dad needs to go on strainly and tell me which one he wants as I’m not the Kush fan. I have so many choices, it’s really hard to choose. lol


Hey now! No cursing on my thread! :joy:


You going to try and run some early autos this year, or was it not worth the effort compared to the big girls?


I do have a few auto seeds. I may run some just for fun. Dog knows I don’t need the bud. Not sure how early though… they do best june through August outside


I imagine they would be most productive if planted at the first of June. Finish in August is still pretty early. :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


I really noticed the difference when I did that succession auto planting last year with yield the later it got in the summer


I was checking my inventory and found a CBD Critical Mass seed. Is this strain any good? Has anyone grown it out?
Thinking i could always use another CBD plant this year.

EDIT: Strike that… It’s CBD Critical Mass…


Warning a bit of mush forthcoming

Had an early birthday dinner with my sweetie tonight. It was wonderful as always. The best part was the text message after that was simply a statement and I don’t believe was meant to be a compliment… Anyway, It read “We laugh a lot” I’ve received a hell of a lot of compliments from my partner in 6 years, but I think that was the absolute best! We “get” each other. For some reason, that one really got me in the feels. :blush: