Tinytuttle’s grow chronicles 2021!

Well here we go starting a new year and a new thread . Thanks to all for following my past threads .
Here is just a little left over for some plants I started mid and late November of 2020.

Here’s what’s currently going on, that’s under a new Solstrip light ! Spected out for my little 2x4 bench seat! Great lights from our friend @Baudelaire ! Thanks buddy looking forward To see what “Gloria” can do with these plants


Threw a chemdog hemp CBD bag seed in peat a couple days ago for. Shits and giggles

Have a couple of the CD CBD plants in the top pics as well as some tester beans from @Heritagefarms running some autos started with 5 back in late November some photos as well .
I’ll give a run down hopefully by weeks end which BTW everyone is getting a new light schedule this weekend ! Been on 18 hours for various plants For about two months now for the longest and shortest are in like 6ish Weeks? … I need some @Joker skills about right now! Lol


So to catch some up to date , last late summer I started playing with a wicking sytem type of watering through the bottom of a pot with the pots suspending off the bottom in a reservoir with the wicks pulling water up by capillary action started out in 16 oz cups in one of the competitions ,I did fall out of the competition eventually due to the plants succumbing to to high summer time temps … didn’t have a good light then but now I do! Yippee!

This current grow has morphed into using my version of a supersoil in a 60oz pots with wicks !
Join me as I venture into what I will call my first serious grow indoor !

Please if you can see anything that could make things all better please chime in!

Been really trying to get my RH into optimal ranges along with temps ! Figured I’d have to seal the window off and I eventually did it ,the plants were unhappy with night lows getting in the low 60’sF always battled humidity in the past but it clicking now, a lot better then 15% Around 45-50% 18 hours of light for awhile With temps 68-70 to about the low 80’s … sooo no tent here just on a bench seat in a little 10x10 room … hey I graduated out of the closet at least told the wife I’m going to start getting n serious so now I’m up to a 2x4 bench seat area hope to get some bigger buds that aren’t full of beans! Lol


Well mr. Tuttle I will tag along and watch the magic. Hope all is well with the grow. Can’t wait to see what ya get.


Thanks buddy half the struggle has been RH AND temps but now it’s much better ! A Little what I’d probably consider wind burn and or maybe a light burn with with the occasional splash of H20 the BD Mother is in a reamended ROLS has not be feed anything but worm and or aloe tea and is my oldest plant in a 2 gallon pot (could be 3 not sure) but it’s small


Yeah tell me about it. I live in a desert so rh is always a battle. Lol… seem to do okay tho.


Always an entertaining show!

Grabbing a seat front row and center…
Popcorn… :white_check_mark:
beer… :white_check_mark:
loaded bong… :white_check_mark:

Locked and loaded… let 'er rip!
:sunglasses: :+1:



I’m bring the “green” apple bread. Sooo yummy


Good to see you back posting your grows Tiny, I will be tagging along :+1:


Tagging a long… happy new year bruv


Some chemdog CBD bag seed saw what was a receded pistil the other day


Will be an interesting follow my friend. I am in. Pass the bong @Gpaw…lol


So I have tried a few different strains of cbd herb. Never liked it. Always seemed super harsh, just wasn’t my thing. So know that I know about growing and see the difference between mine and store bought, it makes me wonder if homegrown cbd strains would be better and more enjoyable??


I’ll wager to state yes! Just like those homegrown sun ripen tomatoes!


The hemp these seeds came from is quite enjoyable actually taste pretty good IMO


I don’t like tomatoes but I grow em for the ladies in the family. They love em. Normally grow way to much so I start forcing them on to peeps. Lol


I may have to give some a shot one of these runs.


If you can get any of Sebrings Revenge CBD it’s a great smoke, better to use as an oil though for the health bennifits.


Ohh I have one of his in there that’s for sure need the CBD also!


I have some cbg plants going right know. I’m doing a reversal making seed for this summer outdoors. I grew Apricot Auto last fall. It is a 63 day cbd strain. It smokes great after a cure. It’s the last thing I smoke at night and I sleep like a rock. I’m going to pull up my recliner and get the rolling tray for this and enjoy the show. I’ll most likely learn a thing or two. Us organic dirt farmers got to stick together