2nd Grow: berry theme

Hello again growers! Back from vacation and ready to get back to happy fun time! My only happy fun time, because well, I’m married. You know how it goes.
Growing 2 strains this time, from GLG, Strawberry Diesel and Frostberry. 3 of 3 SD germinated, 2 of 4 FB germinated. No making seeds this time because that was too much stress and work. Keeping it simple.
Soil is homemade, 1 part compost, 1 part cow manure/decomposed wood, 2 parts dirt from the garden beds. Mixed a little blood meal, bone meal and magnesium, with some perlite to aerate.
Nothing’s changed with the setup so everything’s the same. Weathers cooler so heat and humidity should be a minimal factor to fight with. Still haven’t figured out if I should try any training or techniques this go around. Happy growing!


Your first grow went well, I’m sure your second will be even better!


Pulling up a stump to park on :sunglasses: :+1:



I hope you do well.

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Good luck! off to a great start!
lets get high

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Im interested to see how your soil mix performs and your grow develops👍

Strawberry diesel sounds tasty.