GingerSnap's Bonsai Cannabis Garden

Hello to everyone on OG!

Thanks to everyone who said hey to me for my intro. I’m slow at figuring out how this board works. I’m a solitary smoker and grower even before covid. I’m also not used to talking about growing or smoking with anyone. So I’m kinda geeking on how to say well, everything. Lol

My plant. Damn.

When in doubt go clinical. Just the facts ma’am, just the facts.

Tent 2x4x6
2 Viparspectra 450 led
I power 6" 442 cfm w/ carbon filter
5 gal fabric pots
Roots organics, Just Natural organic soil with perlite
Go box used twice during flowering week 3 & 4 of flowering.

Gelato #33
It started the taco shit on Sep 27 (week 11, flowering 6) but not the leaves at the bottom underneath.

Been fighting balance of heat and humidity. Mid 60’s lowes and mid 80’s high. Ultra lemon haze hermied and was castrated on Aug 14. I agonized over her removal but the Gelato was 4 weeks old. So lemon in her 13" became a trim practice before being tossed in compost.

Skipping to today. Most of the leaves are tacoed (is that even a word?) And kinda crunchy feeling!! Wtf is that!?

I pull this plant out of the tent every day. I loupe it. To me the tricombs are glassy not milky. But I have noticed some amber as well. But still glassy. I don’t get glassy and amber. I thought glassy, milky, amber. Wtf

Oh!! When I’m louping and I see a pet hair or fuzz I kinda loose my shit. Just me? What to help filter intake?

Shutting up. Posting pic. (Deep sigh. I hope this works)
I took it yesterday.


Looking good just a thought could the plant have too much light and heat to deform the leaves ? By the looks of things your still going to get some tasty smoke.


Well hello ShiskaberrySavior

Yes. Totally. Heat most likely. I just got that worked out on Monday. Now highs are 78 and lower.

There is a learning curve here that thrills me one day and pisses me off the next.


I had the same issue I switched from a 400 watt HPS to a SF 2000 and it took a bit to get the heighth figured out still got some nic chinky buds there though good luck friend

and that constant challenge I think is what keeps me at it

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hey what did you come up with for height ?


@GingerSnap I was in same boat, solo don’t talk to no other growers, secrets, was on other forums, but really until I got here, was just lurking , and its awesome here, good people. I am learning and just being able to talk to so many different people with different ideas and techniques .


Heya cannabliss

Who! she is 15 1/2" . Could be worse. Lol

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a bansai! I have never done that its on my list lol that and a tree


Lol I didn’t do it on purpose. I did it with cold, heat, light and maybe lack of ferts. I think. I’m waiting for confirmation.


That’s a beautiful little plant. I use to flower in a cab that was only 30” tall, but using CFL my plants never came out that nice lol

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How often were you watering was it drinking a gallon every couple days in flower? Did it get root bound before transplanting to final pot
did it have time to veg in your big pot before you flipped to flower?
What was it on in veg 18 or 24 hr light cycle?

Sorry for all the questions just trying to figure out why your plant didn’t get taller


Oh thanks SeaMonkey

2 plants before this I killed using led because the way I was doing it was like my first grow in 2016 with CFL .

DAMN I totally forgot to mention that this is an auto!
(I’m stoned)


Ah totally different then disregard my previous post.

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the proof is in the smoking or other preferred method, looks good to me


well there shorter and I thought fussier, autos there are people here that run autos though i can think of @JBow918


Shiska no sorrys. lol you know more than I do.

Fussier? Lol I don’t know about that as this is my second plant. This one took some abuse.

But I do believe that the fact that its an auto flower. Changes some of the questions.

When I read transplanting I though geez nope final pot. Then flipped! holy fuck photoperiod shit no not yet.

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I run photo, when I tried auto they were fussier to feed, and no control on when they flower to me was a disadvantage, they grew out ok, not great,but almost no potency. I just didnt see the sense lol. but that was a while back,sounds like autos have changed alot. But i dont know. all my autos were short. like 20 inches

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Talk with some auto experts @ReikoX or @Mr.Sparkle on auto flower tricks .


Hey @GingerSnap, you did all right by her!
She has a load of bud for you. Looks like some heat stress, no worries.
Keep an eye on here water requirements, a lot of them suddenly cut back on transpiration in late flower.


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Oh! Yea autos are good for compact and stealth, that’s all I know about them. Back in the day before I stopped growing, lowryder was about the only auto that was mentioned lol. I grew my plants from clone, sea of green style. Once they were rooted and planted, just one week of veg then into flower in 6” square pots in a 12”x24”x30” cabinet in my computer desk, the part where the PC tower would of sat. I packed 8 plants in there and they finished about 16-18”, but only dried to about 4g each lol.