4 Way Genetics (Canada)

A thought crossed my mind last night (they still happen occasionally)… maybe there is some cool shit that we Canuks could get up to. (Not to exclude our Southern brothers, just avoiding borders).
I’m wondering about some sort of ‘group project’. Maybe something simple like banging a couple ‘cousins’ together and chase down some phenos. Maybe something long term like building an IBL.
or… something completely different!

I think the question is:
What sort of project would spark your interest enough to throw in with some “internet acquaintances”?




I would definitely be in to helping out, I have some space to help out some fellow canuks. Seed preservation run of a hallowed Canadian cultivar? If I had a spare million I’d get an overgrow member run craft cannabis collective goin’. But…I’m poor…and high. Yeah man, I’m hopin that seed train thing happens too…


I’d be interested in a good ol canuck collaboration. It would be easier to move cuts around as well if need be. Let me know.


What sorts of Canadian cultivars are you thinking about?

I was looking around a couple months back and tripped over Dr Greenthumb web site: https://drgreenthumb.com/cannabis_seeds_GreenthumbSeedsEntrance.htm

They have some interesting old gear (and some pricing that slightly sucks your breath away…) :flushed:
Only problem I see is most are feminized and they want a premium for regular seeds.
Crossing into their gear with an outside male should be doable.



I dont have all the details of my long term plan yet but Im working on a new ‘kush’ if anyone has anything to add in.
Here is all of what I have to possibly work with.
Death Bubba (supposed BC clone, fowering soon to prove legitimacy)

Seed stock
Golden triangle (tk x appy) *plants in testing now both males n females
Black Triangle (tk x 88g13hp) *same as GT

Spirit HP (ghost og x 88g13hp)
OGers Kush (either f2s from Mongo or f2s and clones of originals)

  • Love Triangle (Tk x snowlotus)
  • TK x Iraq
  • Old school Hindu (80s hindu x LA hindu)
  • Nikah (tk x omg)
  • Wedding Cake f4
  • Secret chief (sfv og x 88g13hp)
  • suge pure kush x uzbeki f2
  • Thousand Oaks (joseph og x oaktree?)
  • Hindu kush
  • Tigers milk (bubba kush x appy)
  • Narkush
  • Hazeman LA Pure kush
  • Reserva Kosher Kush fems

Then also have Goji Og and Ancient OG if they fit in as ‘kush’

Edit- current step is to select GT and/or BT keeper female(s) and male(s) then cross to Death Bubba if its legit DB.

Then pop a cpl more packs n find keeers n breed. N just kee searching packs for rhe best and most potent kush. So def coukd use some testers if nothing else along the way.


There you guys go making me wish I lived in Canada


No worries, we’ll make you an honorary Hoser!

@Craigson15 has some serious gear to work with…
How he managed to collect that while living in ‘Bearbreath Saskatchewan’ might be an interesting story in its own right! He obviously has a ‘thing’ going with Kush and that would be a great project for starters.
@Cannasaurusrex & @ubcchemo has great skills and creative ideas too. Good potential for some interesting fun!



What in the hell is ‘Bearbreath Sask’? Lol


Is that your Canadian landrace… or is it an heirloom?


LOL, that would be an interesting name to use :laughing:
So strong it rips your lips off!



This looks real interesting!

Not sure I have much to contribute - have a few DJ short varietals I was running this fall that I can contribute with and starting some work with some C99 x NL stuff…

But really I don’t have much space - just a small garden. But happy to get involved where I can!


Kool @man-bot! Any ideas of what might be a fun project?



I’m not sure! I’m always partial to fruity stuff so I have a bunch of regular (GF x BB) x C99 seeds I was going to start running. I’ll have to check how many I made but I have maybe 50?

If people want to do a fruity run of something there I could put those out there?

The Mom was a very candy smelling purple girl (mostly blueberry leaning) and the C99 dad was resinous with a strong tropical fruit smell.

Is that of any interest?

Again I would have to see how many seeds I have kicking about - but if people want to run them to develop something I’m happy to donate.


I should state - I’m sure @Craigson15‘s gear will be incredible so in no way am I trying to step on his toes.

I was just putting forth what I had to contribute - I won’t be sore at all if there is no interest!!

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Nah man go nuts.
Its just kind of a little project I was already doing.
So thought id Throw it out there if anyone had any other kush to add to it we can swap clones and pollen or whatever.

I think the more little projects the better


Culling through The Big Book of Buds (2001)
The following are listed as Canadian…

Americano = Skunk x NL
Atomic Northern Lights = (Dr. atomic brand)
BC Big Bud = a BB x sativa cross
Betazoid = Grapefruit x NL x African sativa
Blueberry = Purple Thai x Highland Thai x Afghani indica
BB x Mr. Nice
BB x NL (75% NL, 25% BB)
Blue Moonshine = Highland Thai x Afghani indica
Blue Skunk Special = bb#1 x NL#5
Blue Velvet = Purple Thai x Afghani indica
Flo = Purple Thai x Afghani indica
Hashmaster = back crossed Doc Bush
Hawaiian Sativa (really?)
Huron = Niagara x WW (Dr Greenthumb)
Island Sweet Skunk = (Van island version of Skunk#1)
Max 49
Millennium = (Iranian indica) x (Niagara x Shiva)
Niagara = Mexican sativa x Afghani indica (updated version = Jazz)
Niagara x Shiva
NL x Bubblebum
Ultra Skunk = BB x skunk
Willy Jack Brainer = Brainchild x Brain Storm

Casting the “Hawaiian sativa” aside for the moment :wink:

The blueberry group stands out as significant as well as Dr. Greenthumb’s various contributions.

A lot of these cultivars are using Northern lights (which ties in nicely with a certain ongoing breeding project).

Food for thought



Certainly the Romulan stands out as something I would call Canadian - at least adopted by Canadians… bred throughout the US I believe. One of the Canadians is doing a small seed run on it now I believe.

The GF x BB I have is Canadian - you likely know it better as SweetTooth 1.1 - the same sweet Pink Grapefruit mom (famous in Van) x DJ Shorts B130 Blueberry dad and was a spice of life release… so that portion does qualify as Canadian :slight_smile:

Island Sweet Skunk has to be a Canadian fav I would say too?

All the blueberry stuff on there is DJ related which is more Michigan/Oregon… there was some mis-info out there before that he was Canadian.


God bud
Island Pink kush
Hmmm what else


Wasn’t there a Manitoba poison or something like that. Some ruderalis as well I think…


no Canadian specific strains here, and typically running autos, but i’ll throw up my hand to help in any way if i can.

Also have some (1100 or so) c99 crossed seeds i have no plan for they are c99 x darkdevil’s that are crossed in 2 generations making them 1/4 autos, but not Canadian and i rather see something else done.