400watts 60x60x160 cm aeroponic og

High guys i will start with my micro aeroponic garden : 60x60 cm so 0.6 square meter perfect for put it above ur dishwasher or washing machine
This setup allow you to grow your own in very smalll flat

I used this system since several year and have added some modification for reliability
(remember aero deserve RELIABILITY especially if the plant grow in separate chamber : sprayer clogged and your plant die in few hour )

This system with proper growing method (SOG and good clone ) can handle 6 plants ( i have only 4 atm )and allow you to harvest every 65 days :smiling_imp:
( i only do 1 to 5 days of 18/6 :slight_smile:)
less light = lighter bill

Ok guys its just a teaser i hope you liked it and stay tuned for the next update with picture this time :wink:

Feel free to ask anything or any advice you can have

And dont forget to overgrow the world :smile:


Wow, squeezing 400W into 60x60cm… I’m looking forward to it… Aero rocks…


I wanna see it too!!!


I’m pulling up a chair.


Sounds like you’ve got your grows refined to perfection :smile: Can’t wait to see the setup!


Let me try to upload a picture

This is my nutz :wink:


and this is my ec lets try a game :smile: : try to guess how much day in flower iam :smile:

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EC 1.22… Are you starting yet…? Day 20 of flowering?


I’ll say 5 days … :blush:


Ok guys i will told you now :smiley:
Those clone is og and they got 5 day of 18/6
And 35 day of flowering it seem the ec is a bit low but its my first grow with those clone and i dont want to overfert them
But im agree with you is too low today i noticed some leave (new one) curling up i will post a picture and wish u tell me what kind of deficience is it … me im thinking about a lack of zinc (Zn)

here is my ph meter

here is the manifold and the filter (the system come without)

the roots

here is what i talking about curlingup leaves

And here the plants


For the curling leave i have increased a bit the ec (1,33) and i will change the tank tomorrow we will see
if anyone have any advice its welcomed

Stay tuned for next update and if you have any question come ask :wink:

Stay safe grow hard :smiling_imp:


I would stay on the lower 5 as for pH… 5.4/5/3
just my 2 cents


Notice how in figure 16 and 17 the leaves curl upwards like they’re praying? They’re praying for Mg! The tips may also twist


Ok ty a lot Lemonadejoe and Dee.s73 for your feedback this why i loved overgrow always peeps to give some advice
Far better than snapchat instagrame and co where is only egotrippin
for the ph i usually stay between 5.8 and 6.3 and i have never noticed this kind of probleme but we will see i will try to lower around 5.5 and 5.8

For the deficience in Mg it seem legit when i look on picture 16 and 17 so i think changing my whole tank and increase the Ec will resolve yhe problem

I think increase around 1.5 what do you think about that ?

Anyway ty for tips and stay tuned :smiley:


Ok guys the tank is changed ph lowered i cross fingers we will seee what happen in few days
So there is litlle update at 38 days of flowering i hope you will enjoy it

First some new genetics i have received from a good friend (and old member of overgrow :wink:)

Look what i have find it should wake some memories :joy:

Ph ec



A lil update of day 39
The curly leave seem to not get worse so i hoping we are on the good way
I read in faq the mg can lockup because of a too hard water and too much calcium im thinking about invest into reverse osmoser
What u think about it ? Do u use it and do you think its a must have ?
Anyway stay tuned and feel free to comment :wink:

Stay safe grow hard


here where I live now , r/o is mandatory… ec is 1.0/1/1, pH is 8.5…
best 150€ spent… now we don’t have no more to carry home ,40 lt/ week of drinking water, hydro care is much Easter too… less fight to get right ec… as of now just the adv. hydro 3 part formula gets the pH right on itself…No more ph- to bother with…


Omg i cant imagine why did you get a so dirty tap water :cry:its a bit sad …i hope u dont drink it :wink:
Mine is not so bad around ph 7.5 and ec 0.55 / 0.60
But lot of Ca … for 150 buck i think i will look what i can get
Do you have some recommendation about r/O filter ?
i cant wait one week to have 40 liter … my next tank is 250 liter and this one 25

I went to the local equipment seller and bought the most common one… 5 stages with remineralisation and 16 l tank.

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How much time and water do u need for 100 liter of pure water ?

One thing to think about is a three stage charcoal filter. RO you lose a lot of water, I cant remember how much. (maybe a third) The filters might be all you need while saving lost water. This isn’t an answer just something to think about.

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