4x4, Soil, TS3000, Reg+Fems, 1st Grow Seed to Harvest

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Is this light burn? This is about 24 hrs after I raised the light after first noticing the yellowing in the middle, and crispy looking leaf on one of my plants.


They look fine. Seedlings will have little mutations and whatnot.


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Developing root systems can often make the seedling look hungry or deficient.
No worries, LIFTA :+1:



Day 15 update:
Seems I have been overwatering.

It’s been about 15 days from seed, 12 days from sprout at this point. Watering with 6.5ph filtered water. One Pink Pineapples and my lone Urkle Lemons look like they are stunted a bit, im sure they will be fine if i just ltfa.

Shiloh Z looking pretty good though.


Day 21 Update: Everything looking pretty good. My lone Urkle Lemons is really the only one that is struggling a bit at this point, just looks totally frazzled. Pic attached. I think it was/is a PH Imbalance. I’ve just been watering with Brita Filtered 6.3 PH water as needed the last week+ and new growth is starting to look a little better. Anything else I can do to make sure it’s happy?

Noticed some branches forming this week on just about every plant which I thought were pre-flowers lol.

Added my inline fan last week to increase some air circulation. I am pretty dialed at this point. Temps are high 70s lights on, low 70s lights off. Humidity between 50 and 60. It’s great to know my setup is working pretty well.

I popped 2 more Ape Tranquilizer beans last week to try and get 1 more female before its too late. Sprouts are about a week old at this point and looking good.
Background: I initially tried popping 3 Urkle Lemons. Only 1 popped, so I tried one more, nothing. Tried two more, nothing. So I sent an email to Seeds Here Now where I purchased them from, said I was disappointed only 1 of my beans popped so far in the pack, compared to 100% from the other seeds I am running. They were nice enough to let me order a new pack of equal value, so I got another free pack of seeds on the way. Went for some Legend of Brulee (Legend of 91 x Lemon Brulee) from Covert Genetics, a Colorado local. So that was nice of them! Shout out to SHN for their customer service.

I am thinking about transplanting into 2gal fabric pots this weekend and feeding some nutes next week.

Wish me and my Urkle Lemons luck! Stay high my friends, and have a great day.


Looking good my friend! The frazzled plant may just be an odd ball. Could grow out of it, could stay weird and always seem to be mildly upset about something or other. My rule of thumb is if you’re treating a group similarly and only one appears to have issues it’s not worth going crazy over or changing much. Probably just the plant.

  • Day 28 update -

**Added Inline Exhaust Fan last week.
**Transplanted from Solo Cups to 2 Gal Fabric Pots about 4 days ago.

I haven’t really noticed any transplant shock at all which is great, new growth was still growing strong the next day. I transplanted into more of a mix of Ocean Forest, so I still haven’t added any nutes yet now that they have some fresh OF to get into. I might soon.

Day 14 on the two little Ape Tranquilizers and they are both looking fine.

I do have some questions at this point!

So I am at 6 nodes on all plants. Should I start topping them now? (my tent is 4x4x6, I would say the top foot is reserved for light and eventually filter. Planning on 4 females)
Do I need to supplement with Nitrogen or other amendments after topping? All plants are showing healthy growth at this point, the Urkle Lemons has really been the only one to struggle a bit along the way. But its getting better now.

when can I start doing this? I have some pretty mangled old growth on the Urkle Lemons that I would really like to remove (so it uses energy for healthy new growth instead of healing a mangled leaf?).

Since I added my exhaust fan, it’s been difficult to keep my humidity over 50. I keep my humidifier IN my tent, so it just gets sucked right out. I have to fill the reservoir every day now. Am I ok with a RH in the high 40s (or less in flower) throughout the rest of the grow? If not, is there anything else I can do?

Pinching? Supercropping? LST? Should I be doing any of these?

Anything else I should be doing at this point?

Also - in the 2nd image you can see a weird 8 leaf mutation in the center of a leaf on one of my Pink Pineapples. Kinda kewl.


I too want to see what the pros would reccomend. I do know now is a good time to top(seen others here top at 3rd and 4th node), shouldn’t have to nute since in fox farm soil, so I been told using the same, and if you do nute only use 1/4-1/2 strength. Don’t sweat the humidity youre in the 40-60 range. I’ve been in the 60-90 range and plants are growing like wild fire, but will be a problem during flower per my understanding.


If you are up for cloning… cutting them back to node 3 will give you great cuttings for making a clones. That will also force lateral branching.
I like training the node 3 branches out horizontal and then train four branches each off the two horizontals (this is called manifolding) there are some great tutorials around detailing this.

No problems, I like ‘as high as I can get it’ (check VPD charts) in veg and then back the RH off to 50% or less in flower (to avoid but rot)

You can start any time now. There is no ‘right answer’ I like to take a few off as required (opening up bud sites, improving air flow, structure etc). Sometimes the squat indicas need the bottom leaves removed for air flow (preventing mold etc).

They are looking good!
Have fun with them and they will teach you.



Great info re: manifolding, I was looking into that too.

I would love to take some clones but this is my only tent right now. I might add a smaller tent next go when I have some more funds for clones and mommas.

Thanks for your input! Appreciate ya

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This is what I went by for instructions my first time. :+1:



-Day 35 update-

Starting to see my first sign of a male on Pink Pineapples #2. It’s been about 4 days since it’s first “ball on a stick” and no others have shown any signs of sex. PP#1 is different in almost every way, so I’m hoping its a girl. Should I go ahead and remove this one from the garden at this point?

I did top the Urkle Lemons last week, and transplanted the Ape Tranquilizers (day 21) into 2 gal pots since they are cruising right along.

I think I am going to start feeding some nutes here this weekend.


Are you keeping the male?

I am not. Will probably start keeping cuttings next time


Good morrow!

Week 6 (day 42) is among us.

Day 42 - Group Shot.

Pink Pineapples:

Urkle Lemons - FIM issue

Urkle Lemons - closer shot of weird growth

Starting to see some odd growth after topping the Urkle Lemons. it looks like I may have FIM instead? One of the new main branches is healthy, then the other is totally stunted. It almost appears as if the plant is trying to grow a new - third- main stem, which might give me an additional cola? I dunno if this odd growth is even going to make it. It looks bad right now but I am hoping it works itself out in the end. The Urkle Lemons was just starting to look really good too.

Other than that, things are going pretty smoothly I think. Discarded PP#2, and PP#1 appears to be female - I would think I should know for sure by next week on PP#1.

Fed all plants half dose of Flora Series nutes, they seem to have responded well.
Also topped the Ape Tranquilizers last week, which are at day 28 or so themselves now.

I am tucking in fan leaves to open up space for secondary growth, and defoliating a few leaves here and there that aren’t really getting any light and just mucking up space.

How am I doing at this point? Anything else I should be doing?

Thanks for following along at this point! I plant to start flowering in 2-3 weeks, so the fun will start soon.


I am noticing some serious issues the last 24 hrs.

Please help me diagnose and come up with treatment.

Plants have quickly became lifeless and weak, drooping heavily. I suspect they were watered too frequently, last watering was 2 days ago with 6.3 ph filtered water. Runoff tested 6.5

What should I do?


Firstly, are you sure the pots aren’t light (dry). Medium, environment, and pot size will dictate watering frequency as opposed to an arbitrary, one size fits all schedule.